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Art logo for a business called Candid Brush. Edit

This classically styled logo features a bright green and pink color scheme, denoting freshness and fun. The Lusitana typeface is inspired by old world lettering, adding a vintage touch to the logo. The depiction of an artistic pot and paintbrush captures the essence of your art business.

Art logo for a business called Candid Brush. Edit

This decorative logo features the Sacramento typeface, inspired by artist brochure work from the 1950s, which adds a vintage style to the design. The geometric floral icon is a soft and classically feminine addition to the design, while the navy blue color scheme denotes elegance and style.

Art logo for a business called Candid Brush. Edit

Tones of pink and blue are complementary colors that attrack the eye. The large arrow symbol adds a dynamic element that indicates a forward thinking art business. The Averia Serif Libre typeface creates balance with this heavy icon and ensures the business name is clear and legible.

Art logo for a business called Candid Brush. Edit

The fun pencil icon has curved lines and depicts a creative scribble on a page, while the yellow and white color scheme feels cheerful and fresh. The bold Cinzel typeface represents elegance and professionalism, which contrasts well with the dark background. This logo will suit a pencil art studio.

Art logo for a business called Candid Brush. Edit

This delightfully animated logo design features a dark frame and flower vase, which resembles a decorative painting. The Lusitana typeface demands attention with large and bold lettering, while the blue color scheme of the design represents tranquility and dependability.

Art logo for a business called Candid Brush. Edit

The colorful icon is reminiscent of a child's hand in a paint splatter, giving this logo design a playful edge. The bold lines of the Averia Serif Libre typeface are accentuated by the dark blue color scheme, which denotes professionalism. A great logo choice for a children's art studio.

Art logo for a business called Candid Brush. Edit

This spiraling icon resembles sweeps of paint and adds a dynamic element to the design that captures attention. The Atma typeface is a great choice for this design as it complements the icon with its fun, casual style. The soft red color adds a dreamy effect that symbolizes the scope of art.

Art logo for a business called Candid Brush. Edit

This earthy color palette is complemented by the off-white background, creating a grounded, nurturing effect that is suitable for a business that offers art classes. The paint palette and brushes indicate the focus of your business, while the Pacifico typeface conveys a sense of calm and relaxation.

Art logo for a business called Candid Brush. Edit

The delicate script of the Sacramento typeface is a beautiful choice for a decorative art business logo, and the pink color scheme adds to the romanticism of the text. The icon is reminiscent of an origami bird in flight, adding a sense of flow and movement to the design.

Art logo for a business called Candid Brush. Edit

The geometric diamond-shaped icon is a stylish addition above the classic Cinzel typeface, while the dark pink and navy blue color palette symbolizes professionalism and elegance. The modern design of the logo will speak to a sophisticated audience that is interested in refined art products.

Creative Design Logos

10 uncommon and bold creative design logo ideas.


  1. Try using a logo maker to get some ideas.
  2. Choose a creative icon to represent your business.
  3. Match a variety of typefaces to your chosen icon.
  4. Change your color scheme to see which works best.
  5. Select your favorite logo and get feedback from friends and family.

There are various symbols and icons that you can use for your art logo. Depending on the services you provide, icons such as pencils, paint brushes, paint cans, fine art or home décor designs could work for an art logo. Try a few out and see which conveys your brand message best.

You could try interchanging typefaces on your art logo design to see which one works best, like Cookie or Poppins. Look at icons that emphasize the fun side of your products, like paint splatters, glitter or brushstrokes.

A logo for an art gallery should tell customers what to expect from your business, such as sophistication, elegance, or a vintage style. It will also display the creative side of your gallery with a fun color scheme, a unique icon, and complementary typeface that exudes professionalism. For inspiration, see our collection of art logos.

Where can I download free art logos?

You can create, edit, and download free art logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by going to our home page.

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