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Carpentry logo for a business called True Handcraft. Edit

The combination of a square, saw, and hammer — all common woodworking tools — makes you think of carpentry and building. The Zilla Slab typeface was chosen because of its smooth curves and capitalized design, which gives the logo a strong, industrial look that is also approachable.

Carpentry logo for a business called True Handcraft. Edit

The Staatliches typeface is a great choice for this design because of its unconventional yet charming appearance. Combined with the reassuring dark-blue color and a down-to-earth icon that immediately conjures up images of carpentry, this logo embodies the idea of handcrafted perfection.

Carpentry logo for a business called True Handcraft. Edit

The centerpiece of this logo is the decorative wood grain lines that are complemented by the clean Averia Libre typeface. The overall effect isn't overbearing, with the contrasting black and white colors making this design great for businesses that create handmade furniture or antiques.

Carpentry logo for a business called True Handcraft. Edit

This brown-colored logo is confident and unassuming. A Zilla Slab typeface, with its smooth curves and industrial charm, has been used to balance and ground the prominent iconography. The large saw blade and plane tool are great at telling customers just what this business does.

Carpentry logo for a business called True Handcraft. Edit

Crossed over woodwork chisels and a saw blade give this logo an element of symmetry. This is further enhanced by the bold red color scheme, which elicits excitement and energy. The calm and collected Josefin Sans typeface tempers the look by bringing a sense of geometric elegance to the design.

Carpentry logo for a business called True Handcraft. Edit

The Cinzel typeface is elegant, vintage, and inspired by classically proportioned fonts. The eye-catching combination of a wood plane and log cut in half effectively captures the idea of turning raw material into new creations. The modern black color scheme is sophisticated and attention-grabbing.

Carpentry logo for a business called True Handcraft. Edit

Straightforward and noticeable, the combination of geometric planks and a cross-cutting saw symbolism gives this design an ordered and purposeful feel. The Sen typeface adds an element of precision, while the dark brown and white color scheme complements the logo's crafted appearance.

Carpentry logo for a business called True Handcraft. Edit

Dark blue is associated with trust, power, and calmness, working well in this design to convey the skilled work that this business does. The use of the Averia Libre typeface, with its slightly smudged appearance, makes this logo easy to read and adaptable to different advertising mediums.

Carpentry logo for a business called True Handcraft. Edit

This logo uses red to create a brand identity that is bold, memorable, and striking. The Changa typefaces weighted design and rounded edges match the hexagonal backdrop of this logo's symbolism extremely well. The choice of a chisel, hammer, and saw represent woodwork and carpentry to a tee.

Carpentry logo for a business called True Handcraft. Edit

A dark blue color scheme gives this logo a reassuring, confident, and calm appearance. The hammer and saw icons are symbolic of building and creating wooden masterpieces. The effect of the circular border is reminiscent of a stamp of approval, while the Zilla Slab typeface adds a touch of elegance.

Woodworking Logos

10 chiseled logo suggestions for your woodworking business.


How do I create a logo for my carpentry business?

  1. Start by writing down why you began your business and what makes you different from other carpentry companies.
  2. Choose two to three colors to represent your brand to clients.
  3. Pick a symbol or a few symbols that stand out and tell customers about your services and approach to business.
  4. Use a logo maker to generate a few ideas and save them.
  5. Share your designs with friends, colleagues, and family.
  6. Take their suggestions into account and choose the best one.

What are some tips for creating joinery logos?

Just like carpentry businesses, joinery businesses want to convey elements of strength, reliability, skill, and knowledge to their clients. This can be achieved by using a bold typeface, such as Josefin Sans, and using colors that evoke confident feelings, such as blue, red, and black.

How do I come up with vintage woodworking logos for my business?

Along with using authentic, classically inspired colors and typefaces, vintage woodworking logos should have a unique element or layout that sets them apart from other woodworking brands. Combining classical tools, blueprints, or designs can do wonders for bringing out the vintage charm that you want your logo to have.

Where can I find a carpenter logo template?

Try Zarla — an AI-driven logo maker that can create hundreds of carpenter logo templates for your business. You can edit and adjust symbols, colors, and typefaces for free.

Where can I download free carpentry logos?

You can create, edit, and download free carpentry logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by going to our home page.

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