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Cabinetry logo for a business called Closets & More. Edit

The arrangement of these cabinets suggests a business that specializes in maximizing storage space while still keeping the space aesthetically pleasing. Dark blue symbolizes the knowledge and skill of your business and workers, helping the customer to trust in your brand, while the strong Public Sans typeface works well with the bold icon.

Cabinetry logo for a business called Closets & More. Edit

Brown is a great color for a cabinetry logo as it references the wood cabinets are usually made of, while also conveying the safety and stability of your products. The art deco style of the Righteous typeface adds a visual point of interest that hints at creativity and artistry, an idea echoed by the unusual shape of the cabinetry in the icon.

Cabinetry logo for a business called Closets & More. Edit

The large stately wardrobe dominates the design and draws attention to a specialty in free-standing cabinetry and storage furniture. The Oswald typeface stands out in blue and, with its gothic letterforms, holds its own against the tall icon. The use of gray, meanwhile, adds a professional element that reassures customers of your integrity.

Cabinetry logo for a business called Closets & More. Edit

The geometric part of the Roboto Slab typeface works well with the geometric icon, and the open curves of the letters softens the logo and adds a friendly aesthetic. Red shows a passion for the work, brown hints at stability, and the two different furniture pieces convey a business that can produce any type of cabinetry.

Cabinetry logo for a business called Closets & More. Edit

This clever icon uses visual clues to suggest a business specializing in nightstands and other bedroom cabinetry. Dark midnight blue suits the night and bedroom theme, with soft gold adding elegance and sophistication. The rounded Nunito Sans typeface complements the curve of the moon and suggests that all are welcome in your store.

Cabinetry logo for a business called Closets & More. Edit

The sheer simplicity of this design, created by a few simple lines, is a great example of the modern minimalist trend — a timeless design trend that will ensure your logo sticks in customers' minds. Bright orange adds a sense of youthful energy to the design, which the Lato typeface, with its sunny personality, perfectly suits for a young brand.

Cabinetry logo for a business called Closets & More. Edit

Shades of blue create a trustworthy brand message by conveying the skill and expertise of your brand. The large section of cabinetry in this icon, almost resembling a fridge, may hint at a specialization in kitchen cabinetry building and installation, while the Sarabun typeface adds a more serious, professional air to the logo.

Cabinetry logo for a business called Closets & More. Edit

A dash of purple highlights a business that focuses on luxury, elegance, and wealth — hinting at a cabinetry business that caters to the wealthy and influential. The interesting shape of the cabinets in the icon indicates a wide range of products and styles available, while the Roboto Condensed typeface's geometric letters add a natural rhythm.

Cabinetry logo for a business called Closets & More. Edit

The Ubuntu typeface creates a welcoming, friendly brand message that says all comers are welcome at this cabinetry business. The unusual shape of the icon is contemporary and funky, invoking a modern design style that will appeal to the trendy youth looking to furnish their first homes. The use of cyan adds to the youthful energy of this design.

Cabinetry logo for a business called Closets & More. Edit

Soft orange creates a joyful atmosphere that will draw in potential customers. An elegantly put together cabinet highlights your business's skill and serves as a great advertisement for the business. Meanwhile, the Gothic A1 typeface has visually pleasing spacing that takes up space in the logo and draws the eye to the business name.

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How can I create the best cabinetry logos?

  1. Review existing cabinetry logos to identify popular design elements.
  2. Review your business plan and think about your target market.
  3. Use a logo maker to generate different design options.
  4. Show your five favorite designs to your inner circle and get feedback.
  5. Edit the designs as needed and download the best one.

Where can I get cabinetry logos for free?

You can create, edit, and download cabinetry logos for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" below one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

Where can I download a cabinet logo in PNG format?

You can create and download cabinet logos in PNG format for free on Zarla. PNG images are ideal for branding because they support transparent backgrounds.

What does a good cabinetry logo design look like?

A good cabinetry logo depends on your design style, specialization, and target audience. For a modern style, try clean, simple lines and a geometric typeface. A youthful vibe would benefit from bright, joyful colors, and a business specializing in antiques could use intricate, vintage styles.

What are some good cabinetry logo images?

The best image for your cabinetry logo is a piece of furniture or cabinet. Another option is to use a brand mascot as your logo image.

Where can I find a cabinetry logo template?

Take a look at our cabinetry logo ideas for a great template that you can edit and customize to your preferences.

Are there any cabinetry logo ideas for free?

Yes, Zarla is an AI-powered logo maker that generates hundreds of logo templates in seconds. Users can edit these logo ideas for free to suit their needs.

What are some interesting kitchen cabinetry logo ideas?

Kitchen cabinetry can make a great icon for your logo, but be careful to keep the logo from becoming cluttered or over-detailed. Cool colors, such as blue, would work well for a kitchen cabinet logo, combined with a geometric typeface.

Where can I find a modern cabinetry logo idea?

Take a look at our cabinetry logo ideas for modern logo examples, or use Zarla to design your own modern cabinetry logo from scratch.

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