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Logo for a Chinese restaurant called Mystic Hill Edit

Red in the Chinese culture symbolizes joy, happiness, and celebration — characteristics you want associated with your restaurant. The Autour One font used is casual and decorative and complements the playful icon. The yellow icon is very prominent against the red background and makes it stand out.

Logo for a Chinese restaurant called Mystic Hill Edit

Working with a white background is a safe option as you won't have difficulty getting your logo's color right. The yellow and red icon speaks of food grilled on a flame, while the chopsticks are indicative of the Chinese food culture. The Marko One font works best in medium to large print.

Logo for a Chinese restaurant called Mystic Hill Edit

The transparent background makes this logo ideal for a variety of materials. The playful red seafood and chili icon refers to the flavor and richness of the food customers can expect from your restaurant. The Krona One font is readable and full of personality. It works great in all font sizes.

Logo for a Chinese restaurant called Mystic Hill Edit

In Chinese culture, black represents strength and authority, which are great characteristics of your brand, while yellow and white represent serenity and richness. The simple linework in the icon is catchy, and its sense of playfulness is complemented by the flowing lines of the Redressed typeface.

Logo for a Chinese restaurant called Mystic Hill Edit

The icon of a Chinese take-out container on a cloud is a great choice for a restaurant that offers deliveries. The design is simple, yet impactful and the colors are typically associated with Chinese culture. The Marco One font is simple and smooth, yet eye-catching.

Logo for a Chinese restaurant called Mystic Hill Edit

Pandas embody good luck and positive thoughts in Chinese culture. The brown typeface represents earth and bamboo, both powerful symbols in China. The logo's design is simple and will work on all branding material. It creates calmness amidst the bright colors associated with Chinese restaurants.

Logo for a Chinese restaurant called Mystic Hill Edit

Traditional and understated, this minimalistic design combines a dark red backdrop with a beige tone to symbolize earthiness. This might suggest that your restaurant uses natural ingredients to create delicious bowls of comfort food, as depicted in the icon. The neat Denk Once font grounds the logo.

Logo for a Chinese restaurant called Mystic Hill Edit

By using a yellow icon, you associate your brand with power and prosperity. It is an imperial color and is representative of the earth. According to Chinese culture, it will attract good fortune to your business. This is emphasized by the use of a red font, which is a symbol of luck.

Logo for a Chinese restaurant called Mystic Hill Edit

Red is worn by some Chinese brides as it wards off evil. With a prominent logo like this, this symbol will be good for your restaurant. The yellow icon of a bowl of noodles showcases your type of restaurant, and the color represents power, royalty, and prosperity.

Logo for a Chinese restaurant called Mystic Hill Edit

The black and yellow color scheme denotes power and tradition — perfect for a restaurant grounded by family values. The stars may hint at your food's high quality, while the dumpling and chopsticks clearly depict what you'll be serving. The rounded Sniglet Regular font adds a fun touch.


How do you design a logo for a Chinese restaurant?

Think about the food you will serve in your restaurant and consider using icons that reflect the menu. You can also consider chopsticks or Chinese take-out boxes as icons. Ask yourself what your patrons should know about your restaurant. Experiment with our free Chinese restaurant logo generator and design a logo that works best with your brand.

What colors are good choices for Chinese restaurant logos?

  • Red: joy, luck, happiness, and vitality.
  • Yellow: power, royalty, and prosperity.
  • White: innocence and purity.
  • Blue: immortality and advancement.
  • Green: prosperity and the environment.
  • Gold: wealth.
  • Purple: divinity and immortality.

How will I know if I chose the right logo for my Chinese restaurant?

Before making a final decision, use the logo-maker Zarla to test your design on different marketing materials, such as T-shirts, websites, and menus. Also ask your friends, family, and potential customers what they think. If you designed more than one logo, ask them which is their favorite.

Where can I download free Chinese restaurant logos?

You can create, edit, and download free Chinese restaurant logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

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