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Food logo for a business called Fried Cafe. Edit

This funky logo pops and instantly draws attention wherever you put it. The bold Slackey typeface is optimized for screens but works great for other advertising too. A flaming pizza slice adds impact and character to the design, showcasing your melting-hot pizzas to potential customers.

Food logo for a business called Fried Cafe. Edit

The curved lines of the fish in a bowl with chopsticks work to advertise your seafood food business to a wider audience. The rounded Dosis typeface is fresh and contemporary, enhanced by the bright red color. It's a great logo choice for eye-catching display adverts and menus.

Food logo for a business called Fried Cafe. Edit

This cool design uses a dark backdrop to convey ideas of style and authenticity, letting patrons know your BBQ business creates delicious and Instagram-worthy dishes. The pop of yellow symbolizes vibrancy, while the abstract lines of the Unlock typeface add a sense of whimsy to the logo.

Food logo for a business called Fried Cafe. Edit

The round and well-proportioned Poppins typeface is a solid choice for this logo's branding. The text rounds off this playful design and also complements the fish and chef's hat icon. Red and white colors are excellent for a food business as they represent energy, passion, and excitement.

Food logo for a business called Fried Cafe. Edit

The design's soft pink backdrop, combined with the coffee cup and cream swirl icon, conjures images of sweet treats and intimate coffee dates. The black color creates an eye-catching visual, while the refined letterforms of the Forum typeface add a touch of elegance.

Food logo for a business called Fried Cafe. Edit

This minimalistic design is a refined take on contemporary food business branding. The black and red color palette begs to be noticed but does not feel overbearing. A charcuterie board icon sets out the business offerings and is enhanced by the elegant, bold style of the Josefin Sans typeface.

Food logo for a business called Fried Cafe. Edit

A noodle bowl in a bamboo forest is a fun way of advertising your Asian food business. It adds impact to your brand and also complements the black and red color scheme by making the black bowl stand out. The stamped and textured Averia Serif Libre typeface has an unassuming appeal.

Food logo for a business called Fried Cafe. Edit

This logo is a playful choice that uses color, shape, and font to bring this brand to life. Orange is a great color for communicating warmth and lends the donut icon a whimsical appeal. The gray, brushwork-inspired Pacifico typeface adds an energetic undertone to the design.

Food logo for a business called Fried Cafe. Edit

This classy design has loads of style and sophistication. The classical-inspired Forum typeface pairs elegantly with a descriptive icon that utilizes negative space to convey ideas of cooking, expertise, and eating. A consistent dark brown color palette makes this logo perfect for a niche business.

Food logo for a business called Fried Cafe. Edit

This trendy logo uses vertical lines to convey activity and movement. The thick line-drawn food icon and Barlow typeface's slightly rounded corners give the design a funky and modern feel. Red is a popular choice for food-related businesses because it is attention-grabbing and energetic.

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Take a look at our top picks for food logo ideas that will inspire you to create your own outstanding logo design. You can also try a logo maker, like Zarla, which will make the process of finding your next logo easy and fun.

  • Try to attach your business name to a noticeable symbol or color scheme.
  • Red and yellow colors are great for food logos.
  • Keep your business name short and simple.
  • Ask your family and friends for advice on your current ideas.
  • Try using a logo generator to help you come up with different designs.

How can I create my own food logo design?

  1. Round up your food logo ideas.
  2. Pick your favorite ones.
  3. Ask others, including members of your target market, to share their thoughts on each design.
  4. Review your feedback to pinpoint the crowd favorites.
  5. Check to see if there are similar logos out there.
  6. Trademark your logo so that it can't be copied by other companies.

Where can I download free food logos?

Try using Zarla to create, edit, and download a multitude of food logos for free. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or go to our home page to design your own logo.

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