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Community logo for a community called Get Moving Edit

The icon is reminiscent of a ship or even the Ark, which could represent support, safety, and purpose. The two green tones together are more visually appealing than if the icon were a single tone and conveys a sense of balance. The lettering is in a calming, easy-to-read font.

Community logo for a community called Get Moving Edit

Blue is associated with tranquility. The darker blue background represents knowledge and integrity. The lighter blue tree represents healing and trust. This alone confirms a commitment to growth, development, and perseverance. Altogether, these frame and enhance the Libre Baskerville font.

Community logo for a community called Get Moving Edit

Eye-catching and memorable, this logo uses a minimalistic approach to convey the ideas of unity and motion. The icon's unique, organic shape is alluring and interesting. The orange represents enthusiasm and determination, while the white speaks of clarity. The Hind Madurai font is very easy to read.

Community logo for a community called Get Moving Edit

Charming and friendly, this logo uses an icon that is reminiscent of people celebrating in a circle, a flower blooming, or even an atom. The message it conveys is one of unity, growth, and common purpose. The blue helps draw the eye and represents healing, tranquility, and gentleness.

Community logo for a community called Get Moving Edit

The unconventional color scheme in this logo makes it intriguing and memorable. The icon is reminiscent of people joining together in a circle to plan or celebrate. The transparent background helps to make this logo versatile. It can be used in a variety of ways.

Community logo for a community called Get Moving Edit

Simple and memorable, this logo will be easily recognized and can be used in many different ways without any fuss. The purple of the icon and text create a feeling of authenticity and quality. The icon gives the impression of motion, which relates well with the community name.

Community logo for a community called Get Moving Edit

The olive green tones of the icon represent peace and harmony. The figures in the circle, like people around a table, also form a sort of blooming flower. This could convey ideas of growth and fulfillment. The gentle blue-green lettering adds to the overall note of serenity.

Community logo for a community called Get Moving Edit

The unequal spacing between the leaves on the tree give the illusion of movement, which correlates with the brand's identity. Trees are symbols of life and growth, very positive associations. The soft edges of the typeface and the organic shape of the tree make the logo seem inviting and friendly.

Community logo for a community called Get Moving Edit

The use of white space in the logo brings balance to the overall look and feel and makes for an uncluttered, harmonious design. This helps to catch the eye. The icon, which has a soft, organic shape, is full of motion and joy. The blue and green colors represent trust, duty, and nature.

Community logo for a community called Get Moving Edit

The equal weight given to the text and to the icon creates balance and is visually appealing. The illusion of motion is created in the icon by the shifting of the green tones from olive to light. This also represents the idea of a journey. The soft shape of the icon portrays hope.


Zarla is an AI-powered logo maker that will source the appropriate images for your logo design based on your business's name and industry.

What makes for a good community logo design?

  • It is simple and easy to recognize.
  • It is memorable.
  • It is original and doesn't follow a trend too closely.
  • There is a balance between all the elements in the design.
  • The shapes of the icon and the character of the typography relate to the brand's identity.
  • The design reflects the community's work and core values.
  • The design can be used across a range of materials and sizes.

Where can I find a community logo in PNG format?

You can design your community logo on Zarla and then download it for free in PNG format. PNG graphics are versatile and maintain a high quality.

How can I come up with community logo ideas?

  • Study the logos of other communities and companies.
  • Allow your core values to guide your thinking around typography, color, and imagery.
  • Use a logo maker to generate ideas.
  • Think of metaphors to describe the work your community does.
  • Collect symbols that relate to your brand's identity and purpose.

Where can I find a community logo in vector format?

You can design and download your community logo in vector format for free on Zarla. Vector graphics can be enlarged without losing quality and clarity.

Where can I get community logo design inspiration?

  • Your core values and purpose are a great source of inspiration.
  • Studying the logos of big and small businesses, new and old, will help with ideas.
  • Spending time on a logo maker experimenting with color, typography, space, imagery, and balance will spark your imagination.

Where can I get a community logo for free?

You can create, edit, and download free community logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

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