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Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

This is a great logo for a health brand! The blue encourages trust in clients by conveying your business's knowledge and confidence. The raised hand showing the medical cross indicates care and healing, while the rigid Barlow typeface gives the design a governmental feel that says your business is an established healthcare provider.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

Dark gray is a good color to show your business's professionalism and ability to compromise and control any situation. The Nunito Sans typeface enhances this brand message with its clear legibility and geometric structure, providing the logo with a stable base. The hand cradling a seedling conveys the idea of potential as well as hope.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

The Freckle Face typeface brings a sense of fun and childlike wonder to any logo design. It is particularly fitting in this design, as the hands in a circle look like they've been printed there with finger paint, hinting at a child-focused business. Bright pink and soft blue also work for a child's brand, traditionally representing girls and boys.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

Hands cradling a window-like icon may hint at a home protection service, highlighting the business's care and compassion for the home. Dark blue symbolizes loyalty and trustworthiness, strengthening the brand message, and the geometric style of the Monda typeface suggests stability and strength, further encouraging trust in customers.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

A soft pink color palette conveys notions of compassion, warmth, and nurturing. This idea is emphasized by the small hand held within a larger hand, showing the care and love of a parent toward their child. The unique style of the Crushed typeface gives the logo a modern, fresh look that will appeal to potential customers.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

This realistic line drawing is modern and trendy, ensuring a lasting design that won't need a lot of updates over time. The hand holding a candle with a bright orange circle of light hints at a business focused on lighting a path for troubled clients and bringing hope, such as with a therapy business, and the Rubik typeface complements this warmth.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

Green and blue together symbolize vitality, strength, and professionalism — perfect for a health brand. The hands in the icon come together to form a cross, strengthening the medical theme and showing care and compassion. The rounded Barlow Semi Condensed typeface brings an institutional aesthetic to the logo, enhancing the professional style.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

The hand-lettered Ranchers typeface is funky and fun, adding a personal touch to your design. It is complemented by the joyful use of orange, which conveys the business's creativity and sociability. These themes are continued in the waving hand within the speech bubble, highlighting a business focused on communication and community.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

Hands swoop into a heart shape, conveying a message of comfort, care, and love for people, perhaps indicating a private nursing business. The use of cyan in the color palette creates a tranquil environment that promotes health and healing, while the Poppins typeface, with its geometric letterforms, gives the design a stable, trustworthy base.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

Hands framing an image is a classic symbol related to photography, and the outline of a camera in the negative space confirms the focus of this business. Tones of blue highlight the business's professionalism and expertise in the field, while the Noto Serif typeface has a classic style that hints at a brand with tradition and history.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

The strong Lato typeface gives this design a warm feel and adds a sense of seriousness that doesn't detract from the friendly aesthetic. A monochromatic cyan color palette highlights a soothing energy that feels youthful and tranquil, perhaps hinting at rejuvenation. Meanwhile, hands reaching to shake show confidence and friendliness.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

Dark blue creates a sense of reliability for your brand, while the touch of pink softens the strength of the blue with a suggestion of compassion and care. This message is reinforced by the gently cupped hands, offering customers a "helping hand." The Cardo typeface, on the other hand, offers a scholastic aesthetic that shows wisdom and knowledge.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

An intriguing icon with a hand as the branches of a tree, this logo will engage customers' interest and get them thinking about your brand. It also looks like a tree of life, suggesting spiritual guidance on offer. The rounded Nunito Sans typeface contributes to the welcoming effect, while sky blue symbolizes sensitivity and intuition.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

Hands molding a clay pot show skill and expertise, while the use of golden orange suggests superior products as well as the business's creativity and joy in creating. The hand-lettered script of the Sacramento typeface complements the artistic feel of this logo, completing the perfect design for an arty brand that creates one of a kind pieces.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

These two stylistic palms come together, forming a leaf shape, conveying life and growth as well as care and help, suggesting a counseling brand. The old style of the Cardo typeface hints at the quality of your services, while the use of teal promotes practical thinking, clarity, and open communication — perfect for a counseling business.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

A monochromatic purple color palette shows the wisdom, creativity, and ambition of your brand, while the hands reaching for stars indicate the willingness to reach for a goal and the encouragement to succeed at difficult tasks. The elegant Josefin Sans typeface adds a contrasting vintage feel to this otherwise modern, educational design.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

A fist is often a show of aggression and strength, and the addition of the dragon in flames strengthens this powerful image. The condensed Kanit typeface balances the off-center design for a visually aesthetic logo, and blue and gray both highlight the business's professionalism and confidence. This is a strong brand image for any business.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

The contemporary Zilla Slab typeface gives this logo an industrially sophisticated, yet friendly look that is unique and trendy. A pair of hands cupping a sun show a dedication to clarity and education that is complemented by the intelligence of blue and the light and warmth of orange. This is a great logo for an educational brand.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

A hand gently offering a heart expresses care and feelings of love, perhaps indicating a business that deals in relationship advice or a dating service. The use of bright pink seems to back up this idea, suggesting love, passion, and even lust. The brush strokes of the El Messiri typeface add a complementary beauty and elegance to this design.

Hand logo for a business called Magic Touch. Edit

Eater is an interesting typeface that creates an ominous feel with the look of tendrils spreading out into the background. This idea is complemented by the rock 'n roll symbol, giving this logo a hard rock or metal aesthetic that brings to mind tattooed rock stars and head-banging music. The softer colors strongly contrast this logo for interest.

Charity Logos

10 inspiring logo ideas for your charity.


  1. Think about your business values, target market, and mission.
  2. Review existing hand logos for inspiration.
  3. Choose icons, colors, and fonts that reflect your brand identity.
  4. Use a free logo maker to generate unique design options.
  5. Get feedback from your community on your favorite designs.
  6. Download the best logo.

Where can I find hand logos for free?

You can create, edit, and download unique hand logo ideas for free by clicking on "Edit" below one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

What do hands symbolize in logos?

A hand logo can mean various things depending on the context in which it is used. The hand icon often symbolizes benevolence, support, care, and guidance. It can also be used to express skill in a design. For this reason, hand logos are often chosen by health, education, counseling, or charity organizations.

Why should my hand logo be in PNG format?

PNG images are ideal for branding as they can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds and can be used on a variety of surfaces. Use Zarla's free logo maker to download your hand logo in PNG format.

Where can I download hand logos in vector format for free?

Zarla's logo maker allows you to download hand logos in vector format for free. Vector graphics can be resized without loss of quality. This makes them an ideal option for large-scale branding.

What are some examples of famous hand logos?

  • Nokia.
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America.
  • Randall Museum.
  • American Humane Association.
  • Luveko.

How do I come up with a hand logo brand?

You should first determine if a hand logo suits your brand, but some simple hand logo ideas are to use open palms to represent generosity and order, an open hand for greeting and friendship, a fist for power and strength, or clasped hands to show giving aid.

What are some good hand logo images?

Your hand logo design depends on the brand message you want to convey, whether that is generosity, care, or strength. An additional symbol can be added to the hand image to highlight your business niche. Take a look at our hand logo idea templates for inspiration.

Where can I find a hand-in-hand logo design?

Try Zarla's intuitive AI-powered logo maker to design your own hand-in-hand logo. All of Zarla's logo templates can be edited and downloaded for free.

Yes, Zarla's logo maker creates only high-definition designs that are available in both vector and PNG formats. The vector format is particularly useful, as these logos can be resized without losing their definition.

What does the two open hands logo mean?

Two open hands used in a logo represent openness, friendliness, and a willingness to engage with others.

What does the hand with a leaf logo mean?

A logo that uses hands with leaves, whether throwing the leaves or holding them, generally indicates environmental awareness, nature conservation, and hope.

Are there any real hand logos?

Logos with realistic images of hands are not very common. However, we have included one in our hand logo examples that you can edit to suit your needs and download for free.

What does a logo with hands together mean?

Hands together can have different meanings depending on the posture. One hand on top of the other is generally seen as a symbol of confidence or of nervousness. Hands clasped together with the fingers interlaced may represent fear and insecurity or sometimes respect and awe. Palms pressed together are generally a symbol of prayer, supplication, and devotion.

Where can I do a hand logo design free download?

You can create, edit, and download hand logos with Zarla's logo maker for free.

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