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Cycling Logo Ideas:



Cycling logo for a business called Pedal Squad. Edit

The striking icon, which includes a dramatic lightning bolt, conveys notions of speed and energy, aligning with a brand that wants to attract professional cyclists. The splash of orange warms up the design with its positive connotations, contrasting the dark blue tone's formal qualities, while the sleek Krona One typeface delivers a modern finish.

Cycling logo for a business called Pedal Squad. Edit

Showcased in the Bruno Ace SC typeface, the brand name exudes a sense of agility and modernity — themes echoed in the icon's dynamic linework. While the icon of a cyclist allows customers to envision themselves on your cycling equipment, the various shades of orange provide dynamism and a touch of excitement, balancing the dark setting's intensity.

Cycling logo for a business called Pedal Squad. Edit

Blue and red are traditional colors that complement a brand looking to convey messages of power and professionalism. These ideas are bolstered by the winged emblem, which is also used to denote freedom and movement. Known for its simple and legible letters, the Days One typeface strikes a balance between style and modesty.

Cycling logo for a business called Pedal Squad. Edit

Framed by the sharp landscape of a mountain range, the icon's message and your brand's niche are unmistakable, resulting in a marketable logo that pops on promotional material. The contrasting shades of blue provide depth and dynamism, while the smart and evenly-spaced Staatliches typeface adds great visual breathing room.

Cycling logo for a business called Pedal Squad. Edit

The gear above the bicycle mimics a rising sun, creating a captivating visual that's both timeless and whimsical. The bold Stardos Stencil typeface is distinct and confident, complementing a brand that wants to leave a lasting impression. The blend of gold and dark gray brings together themes of prestige and seriousness.

Cycling logo for a business called Pedal Squad. Edit

This brilliant design opts for a more unique approach to cycling logos, with the simple image of a gear providing room for brand expansion. The dark monochromatic color scheme is both sleek and contemporary, contrasting the more formal Oswald typeface nicely. Together, these elements form a polished design that retains a sense of sophistication.

Cycling logo for a business called Pedal Squad. Edit

The dynamic duo of cherry pink and vibrant green in this design makes a bold statement while also creating a sense of excitement. While the modern reimagining of a bicycle makes no secret of your brand's specialty and main export, the slanted Exo typeface lends some dynamism and movement — both marketable attributes for a cycling class.

Cycling logo for a business called Pedal Squad. Edit

The warm color scheme offers an earthy but exciting aesthetic that shines on promotional material. Steeped in a trustworthy white hue, the Sansation typeface appears well-defined and polished. These formal themes are contrasted by the compelling icon, which offers a cartoonish aesthetic that's both youthful and imaginative.

Cycling logo for a business called Pedal Squad. Edit

Speed and power are the core themes of this exciting design, which includes a monochromatic color scheme that's both soothing and commanding. The lines protruding from the rear of the bike symbolize movement and immediately transform the icon, with the slightly slanted Exo typeface reinforcing the theme of speed perfectly.

Cycling logo for a business called Pedal Squad. Edit

Pacifico is a personalized typeface that instantly humanizes your brand name, allowing it to appear casual and approachable. The icon's use of continuous linework is both imaginative and visually captivating, while the intense orange hue instills notions of joy, excitement, and adventure — themes that effortlessly capture the cycling experience.

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Where can I find the best cycling logos?

With Zarla's logo maker, you can generate and download the best cycling logos for free. To work from a template, click on "Edit" beneath one of our logo examples, or navigate to our logo maker to start from scratch.

Where can I download a cycling logo in vector format?

Try using Zarla's free logo maker. It allows you to generate, customize, and download cycling logos in vector format. To get started, simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or go to our free logo maker.

How do I create funny cycling logos?

  1. Do some research to find some funny cycling design elements that you like.
  2. Draw inspiration from the types of products that you sell.
  3. Use a logo maker to create a range of design options.
  4. Pick your favorite design and request some feedback from family and friends.
  5. Refine the design based on the feedback and download it.

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