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Gym logo for a business called Go Gym. Edit

The Black Ops One typeface is inspired by military stencil lettering and gives this logo a strong and authoritative presence. This is reinforced by the solid black background, which has associations of power and sophistication. The monochromatic design is clean and creates a professional impression.

Gym logo for a business called Go Gym. Edit

The cool blue color palette is refreshing and has connotations of competence and professionalism. The flexing silhouette of a strong man in flames is a clear and powerful image for a gym, and creates a sense of energy and motivation. The icon is grounded by the casual but stylish Russo One typeface.

Gym logo for a business called Go Gym. Edit

The Trojan helmet iconography conveys a sense of strength and quality. This is complemented by the golden-yellow color set against the solid black background, denoting success and power, respectively. The urban-styled Bungee typeface was designed for strong signage applications.

Gym logo for a business called Go Gym. Edit

This logo uses a barbell icon to create a clear and striking visual identity for a gym. The center weight infers a target, evoking themes of determination and achievement. The gray tones are mature and sophisticated, while the Paytone One typeface adds a contrasting casual appearance.

Gym logo for a business called Go Gym. Edit

The shocking pink background creates a contrast through the soft and nurturing color associations and the bright and energetic feeling conveyed through the saturation. The circular icon is calming and elegant, and pairs well with the rounded and clean Poppins typeface.

Gym logo for a business called Go Gym. Edit

The bull icon is a clear symbol of strength and power. The target-like weight above its head conveys determination and aim at the "bulls-eye." The navy blue and gray color palette is mature and professional, reinforced by the black Bungee typeface in all caps, creating a clean and versatile design.

Gym logo for a business called Go Gym. Edit

The crossed barbells and symmetrical stars encircled by a chain convey a sense of strength, professionalism, and excellence. The golden color continues this sense of quality and success. The black background gives this design a professional look, and allows the bold Changa typeface to stand out.

Gym logo for a business called Go Gym. Edit

This traditionally masculine color palette is contrasted with the silhouetted female weightlifter, making for a refreshing and punchy unisex design. The Saira Condensed typeface is blocky and stimulating, giving a sense of energy, strength, and power to the logo that will be reflected in the brand.

Gym logo for a business called Go Gym. Edit

This angular punching icon conveys strength, motivation, and achievement. This is reinforced by the five stars above the hand and the golden-brown color that communicates excellence and success. The edgy illustration is balanced by the rounded K2D typeface, which is professional and clean.

Gym logo for a business called Go Gym. Edit

The wreathed silhouette of a flexing bodybuilder is a strong gym icon that denotes excellence and achievement. The green color choice is refreshing, and evokes a sense of growth. The black, all caps Changa typeface gives this design a weight and presence that balances the lighter icon.

Fitness Logos

10 invigorating logo suggestions for your fitness business.


  1. Consider the type of services your gym will offer and who your customers will be.
  2. Research existing gym logos for inspiration.
  3. Experiment with a logo maker.
  4. Try out different colors, compositions, typefaces, and imagery.
  5. Create several options and ask friends and family for advice.
  6. Download the option that best represents your brand.

Your design could balance elements that have traditionally been considered feminine or masculine. For example, colors such as black, white, reds, and blues are typically considered masculine. These colors can be contrasted with rounded fonts that generally portray a more feminine idea. A blocky typeface can also be juxtaposed with a color palette that would traditionally be considered feminine, such as shocking pinks, softer greens, and warm tones.

Classic gym imagery is drawn from equipment such as barbells, treadmills, and skipping ropes. For a more subtle icon, explore themes of strength, fitness, and motivation. For example, the bull is a classic icon of strength and power. Wreaths, targets, and stars communicate an image of motivation, achievement, and reward.

Where can I download free gym logos?

You can create, edit, and download free gym logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by going to our home page.

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