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Empanada logo for a business called Top Empanada. Edit

The golden orange color of this icon brings to mind the crisp, freshly made smell and taste of an empanada. The icon looks enticing, with the spots suggesting the crispy pastry of this freshly fried snack. The strong Sarabun typeface provides a stable base for your brand, sending the brand message that your empanadas are consistently delicious.

Empanada logo for a business called Top Empanada. Edit

This smiling empanada makes a good mascot for your brand, emphasizing a family friendly atmosphere with child friendly empanada sizes and flavors. Contrasting this friendly design, the black and white color palette shows that you want your brand to be respected. Meanwhile, the rounded Dosis typeface brings back the friendly quality.

Empanada logo for a business called Top Empanada. Edit

The handwritten Amatica SC typeface gives the design a personal touch and optimizes the logo for use both in print and online. The clean style also complements the simple, yet effective lines of the empanadas in the icon, creating a modern, timeless design. The use of a monochromatic dark gold color palette highlights the color of the pastry.

Empanada logo for a business called Top Empanada. Edit

The dark background allows the soft gold of the icon to shine, bringing to mind wheat waving in the sunshine before it's harvested for flour. The steam rising from the empanada creates an enticing icon, encouraging customers to try your fresh baked snacks, while the humanistic Sansation typeface hints at a small business with handmade empanadas.

Empanada logo for a business called Top Empanada. Edit

Bright red helps your logo to stand out and stimulates the appetite of the viewer, encouraging them to buy your empanadas. The fun Rum Raisin typeface adds a vintage quality to the design that speaks to traditional recipes and gives your logo a memorable trait. The crimped edges of an empanada are highlighted in the circle frame of the icon.

Empanada logo for a business called Top Empanada. Edit

The rounded Asap typeface is a good choice for a logo designed to be used online and in social media marketing. Dark gold and its association with wealth and luxury will catch the eye, stopping customers from scrolling past and highlighting the golden crust of the empanada. The knife and fork suggest customers will be excited to enjoy these snacks.

Empanada logo for a business called Top Empanada. Edit

A warm brown color palette brings a comforting sense of earthiness to the design, suggesting comfort food and possible organic ingredients. The viewer can just imagine the steam and delicious scent rising from the broken open empanada, enticing them to try your snacks, while the clean Miriam Libre typeface complements the modern design style.

Empanada logo for a business called Top Empanada. Edit

The eye-catching Marko One typeface portrays a brand message that is lively, friendly, and charming — creating a fiesta atmosphere that celebrates the culture empanadas come from. The wreaths surrounding the icon suggest a winning recipe with delicious flavors, while dark pink is unique in an empanada logo and shows the ambition of your brand.

Empanada logo for a business called Top Empanada. Edit

An empanada held up on a fork shows ready to eat treats. As it resembles a mushroom, this icon could also reference vegetarian fillings. The gentle Signika typeface is perfect for signage, letting customers know they've found the perfect empanada spot. Warm dark brown is reassuring and comforting, letting customers know they can trust your brand.

Empanada logo for a business called Top Empanada. Edit

Golden orange is a great color for an empanada business, bringing to mind the color of perfectly baked or fried pastries. The crown on top of the icon continues this idea, telling customers that your snacks reign supreme in the industry. Meanwhile, the Asap typeface complements the softness of this design and creates a strong marketing logo.

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What are some good empanada logo images?

An empanada logo should use an image of an empanada or a mascot enjoying an empanada to highlight the business focus. Check out our collection of empanada logo ideas for more image inspiration.

Why should my empanada logo be in PNG format?

PNG logos are ideal for branding because they support transparent backgrounds, so you can use your logo on a variety of materials. You can use Zarla's logo maker to create, edit, and download an empanada logo in PNG format for free.

How do I make an empanada logo design?

  1. Take a look at your competitors' logos for inspiration.
  2. Choose colors and images that reflect your brand image.
  3. Use a logo maker to generate ideas.
  4. Experiment with different colors, icons, and fonts.
  5. Ask potential customers for feedback on your favorite designs.
  6. Tweak and download the best empanada logo.

Where can I download an empanada logo for free?

You can use Zarla to create an empanada logo idea free download by clicking on "Edit" below one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

Where can I find an empanada logo idea template?

Try Zarla's free AI-powered logo maker to generate hundreds of logo templates in seconds from just a few input keywords. Each template is customizable and can be downloaded for free.

What are some empanada logo ideas for business?

Business logos usually use blue color palettes to show professionalism, skill, and experience; however, blue tones can suppress the appetite, so it's better to use warm tones like red for a food brand. Try a clear, minimalistic empanada or a friendly mascot for your icon, depending on the aesthetic you would like to portray to your customers. Lastly, round off your logo with an inviting, rounded typeface, such as Dosis or Asap.

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