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Pastry logo for a business called The Flakery. Edit

Fascinate Inline is an art-deco-inspired typeface that features geometric lines and a vintage charm, suiting a brand that wants to capture the timeless allure of the Roaring Twenties. The dark pink hue, cleverly intertwined with a strong brown tone, injects the design with sweetness and playfulness — ideas embodied by the fun and quirky donut icon.

Pastry logo for a business called The Flakery. Edit

The warm cup of brew in the center of the design builds on the brown tone's warmth, instantly creating an inviting ambiance that resonates with café culture. The pop of cyan blue enlivens the design, evoking contrasting ideas of tranquility and liveliness, while the subtle curves of the Baloo typeface add a playful character to the brand name.

Pastry logo for a business called The Flakery. Edit

The contrasting brown tones represent the warmth and richness associated with freshly-baked goods, while the delicious cupcake acts as the star of the show, immediately letting customers know your specialty. The Sarabun typeface, with its all capital letters and sturdy stems, commands attention, adding an authoritative touch to this sweet design.

Pastry logo for a business called The Flakery. Edit

Red and pink are lively colors that denote passion, sweetness, and a touch of confidence — all respected ideas that will improve your brand's approachability. The carefully folded pancake appears neat but delicate, hinting at a meticulous and skilled baker. With its distinctive and whimsy letters, the Amatica SC typeface adds a welcoming charm.

Pastry logo for a business called The Flakery. Edit

The effortless flow of the Pattaya typeface lends the design a romantic charm, allowing it to appear inviting and organic. The icon, which features various items found in a patisserie, appears formal and refined, contrasting with the youthful cyan-blue tone. The color palette is a refreshing addition that adds themes of energy and liveliness to get everyone excited.

Pastry logo for a business called The Flakery. Edit

The twin buns neatly stacked is a clever visual that spotlights your primary offerings — a design concept underlined by the solid circle frame. The Cinzel typeface carries an air of exclusivity, hinting at a high-end establishment, while the warm brown tones help ground the design with its earthy and reliable aesthetic.

Pastry logo for a business called The Flakery. Edit

Thanks to its inclusion of a baker's hat and five stars, which hints at traditionalism and quality treats, this clever design offers plenty of marketing potential. Fjalla One is a commanding typeface that does well to denote class and authority, while the soft terra-cota and gray tones help temper the intensity of the typeface and intricate icon.

Pastry logo for a business called The Flakery. Edit

The addition of a rolling pin creatively symbolizes the process of baking, while the donut conveys your pastry shop's specialty treat. With its classic charm and romantic flair, the Pattaya typeface adds some needed personality to the design. The contrasting shades of deep purple and sunny green instills ideas of creativity, excitement, and exclusivity.

Pastry logo for a business called The Flakery. Edit

The joy and excitement emanating from the intense orange hue steal the show in this brilliant design, which features a 2D folded pretzel that's both minimalistic and modern — matching a trendy brand identity. The icon's simple linework is complemented by the soft Amatica SC typeface, which comprises delicate but memorable characters.

Pastry logo for a business called The Flakery. Edit

A smiling baker is a welcoming sight that does well to humanize your design, leaving plenty of room to explore branding and mascot opportunities. By incorporating a darker monochromatic color scheme, the logo feels more mature and refined, while the Averia Serif Libre typeface's rustic letterforms lend a touch of old-school charm.

Patisserie Logos

10 appealing logo suggestions for your patisserie.


  1. Consider your competitors' logos to identify recurring design elements.
  2. Think about the type of pastry treats your business will specialize in.
  3. Use a logo maker to experiment with colors, icons, and typefaces.
  4. Show some logo ideas to trusted peers in exchange for honest feedback.
  5. Edit the logos with the best feedback and choose the best one.

Zarla allows you to generate, customize, and download pastry shop logos for free. To get started, simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or use our logo maker to create your own design.

A good pastry logo should be memorable and creative, featuring design elements that capture the essence of your pastry business. Showcasing your pastry business's various treats and pairing these with warm and inviting colors will help you stand out, while including a whimsical typeface, such as Pattaya or Amatica SC, adds character.

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