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Esports logo for a team called EverGame Edit

The dark blue color scheme of the logo is a common one in esports, but the futuristic typeface and stylized ninja icon work well to create a unique and compelling whole. The logo suggests superiority, mastery, and power. There is a touch of ruthlessness in the ninja's eyes, too.

Esports logo for a team called EverGame Edit

The black backdrop accentuates the white lettering and yellow icon. The icon uses negative space to create the controller, which creates a unique and interesting visual element. The yellow represents energy and optimism, and is often used in digital industries. The typeface is clear and commanding.

Esports logo for a team called EverGame Edit

The visual appeal in this logo is created by the font, reminiscent of urban signage, and the icon, which recalls a shield on a coat of arms. Black and yellow go very well together. The subtle, unexaggerated lion in the shield speaks to a sense of quiet strength, fortitude, and discipline.

Esports logo for a team called EverGame Edit

With logos, it is generally true that less is more. The simplicity in this logo proves that. When stripping all other elements away, the choice of typography becomes pivotal. The Teko typeface used here works exceptionally well because of its low stroke contrast, square proportions, and simplicity.

Esports logo for a team called EverGame Edit

Of all the icons there are to choose from, this deep red wolf with one eye has to be the coolest. It represents the battle-worn warrior, benevolent ruler, and gives a nod to Norse mythology. The dark, rich red implies vigor, courage, and rage.

Esports logo for a team called EverGame Edit

Another example of where simplicity is compelling and memorable. The choice of font here conveys an affinity to all things gaming. The curving edges of the font imply efficiency and the blue-black color represents a mix of power, sophistication, intelligence, and duty.

Esports logo for a team called EverGame Edit

All the elements in this logo are in perfect harmony. A balance is struck between the weight given to the lettering and that given to the icon. The sharp, vertical lines of the typeface suggest superiority. The soft sweeps of the icon convey freedom, while the red and white grabs your attention.

Esports logo for a team called EverGame Edit

Compelling and memorable, this logo seems to warn competitors. The rich red icon represents both power and danger. The design of the icon, with its skull in the crosshairs, is perfect for teams playing war games. The company name is stated in bold black letters, which conveys strength.

Esports logo for a team called EverGame Edit

All the elements in this logo convey the notions of supremacy, wealth, and independence. The ogre's sharp, edgy features represent ambition and precision. The purple backdrop accentuates the other elements. In this case, purple is associated with creativity, mystery, and magic.

Esports logo for a team called EverGame Edit

The name of the business is mirrored metaphorically in the infinity symbol used for the icon. This balanced and simple design celebrates gaming through the inclusion of the controller. This controller acts as a primer for recognition because of its universality. The black font is simple yet bold.


  1. Study the logos of your competition and of brands you admire.
  2. Decide on what elements you think work best in those logos.
  3. Revisit your team's vision and core values.
  4. Select a couple of team characteristics you want your logo to reflect.
  5. Find symbols and metaphors to describe your values, characteristics, and vision.
  6. Determine which colors speak most to your brand identity.
  7. Using all of this, experiment with Zarla, our powerful logo maker.

The AI-powered logo maker, Zarla, automatically creates a vector graphic for you to download for free. Simply click "Edit" on one of the examples above or go to our home page.

It is unnecessary to have specialist design software if you are only going to be designing a logo for your esports team. Try out a logo maker.

Does my esports logo need to have text?

Typography is an essential element of logo design. Including the name of your esports team improves recognition and boosts brand awareness.

Is there an esports logo maker?

Yes, Zarla allows you to create, edit, and download free esports logos.

Where can I get an esports logo for free?

You can design and download an esports logo for free on Zarla, an AI-powered logo maker.

Where can I find an esports logo in PNG format?

You can design your esports logo on Zarla and then download it for free in PNG format. PNG graphics are versatile and retain their high quality.

Where can I download an esports logo template?

Zarla is an AI-powered logo maker that generates thousands of esports logos, which you can use as templates for experimenting with colors, shapes, imagery, etc.

Where can I get an esports logo download?

You can download an esports logo on Zarla for free.

The font or typeface you decide on ultimately depends on what you want the typography in your logo to convey. Some fonts feel powerful and established, others feel more friendly and youthful. Apart from that, you want a font that is legible regardless of size and that relates well to the other elements in your design.

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