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Finance Logo Ideas:



Finance logo for a business called Loan Smart. Edit

Trees are synonymous with long-term growth and stability. It makes the perfect symbol for a financial firm, especially one that specializes in growing clients' money. The sharp edges of the Ramaraja typeface look smart and professional in dark green and are perfectly suited to a financial brand.

Finance logo for a business called Loan Smart. Edit

Lions are associated with strength. As such, using a lion in your logo imparts a sense of financial might and dominance in the market. The Bree Serif typeface is charming and has loads of personality, combining rounded curves and sharp edges. The light blue and dark blue combination inspires trust.

Finance logo for a business called Loan Smart. Edit

Blue evokes feelings of loyalty and trust. If you want to brand your financial business as an age-old, trustworthy institution, go with this color. Using the image of a bar chart signals analytics and diligent research, while the Cinzel typeface adds a professional boldness.

Finance logo for a business called Loan Smart. Edit

The icon of a calculator alludes to your business's financial prowess, while the curved lines suggest growth and movement. The pop of yellow symbolizes vibrancy and indicates efficient services. The sleek lines of the Poppins typeface, displayed in blue, pair well with the icon's blocky outline.

Finance logo for a business called Loan Smart. Edit

Merging the upwardly trending line graph with a book communicates the ideas of financial growth, research, and diligence. The Rubik typeface is neutral and professional, while the light and dark blue color palette projects intelligence, inspires trust, and is perceived as professional.

Finance logo for a business called Loan Smart. Edit

While this minimalist logo doesn't feature any imagery, it draws attention to the name of the business, which reads like a mantra or slogan. The dark blue color conveys trustworthiness and intelligence. The smart and unpretentious Poppins typeface helps create a clever logo.

Finance logo for a business called Loan Smart. Edit

The graphs and charts in the icon help to brand your finance company as analytical and data-driven and draw attention to the smart Josefin Sans typeface. Blue and orange contrast well; and, orange captures attention, while blue engenders trust and loyalty in the eyes of customers.

Finance logo for a business called Loan Smart. Edit

Not only is it the perfect visual metaphor for dollars, but green also has an ability to induce tranquility or calmness. The dark gray could convey stability. The combination of sharp corners and curves creates a sense of purposeful motion. The clean and well-spaced Rubik typeface is easy to read.

Finance logo for a business called Loan Smart. Edit

A logo with financial documents pairs well with a financial advisory service. They look like balance sheets or income statements and communicate a clear message to clients. Black and red communicate energy and confidence, while the Hind Madurai typeface anchors the design.

Finance logo for a business called Loan Smart. Edit

A bird made out of paper blends the symbols of money and mobility. This is a fitting image for a personal finance firm. It spells out "achieve social mobility by investing with us." The Saira Condensed typeface stands proud and prominent in this logo, and the blue inspires trust and conveys wisdom.

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Think about your customers and what they want from a financial firm. Be sure to combine different typefaces, colors, and iconography to create a striking but personal design. You can create, edit, and download free finance logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by using our logo maker.

An example of a cool finance logo is the image of a man going fishing, except he's just caught a dollar sign and he's reeling it in! You can browse our examples for inspiration.

How can I come up with a creative finance logo design?

The key to creativity is combining different elements to produce something new. Take what you know about the finance industry and blend it with some other aspect of your business. If you specialize in personal finance, try using a person climbing a ladder in a visually appealing way, for example.

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