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Tax service logo for a business called Up Tax. Edit

A scale and pen have been used in this design to represent balance and the practice of accounting. The Jomolhari typeface is a great match for the thin lines above and gives the overall brand a refined and recognizable appearance. Navy blue evokes ideas of elegance, loyalty, and power.

Tax service logo for a business called Up Tax. Edit

The Poppins Bold font in this design complements the dark, heavy coin-inspired ring. The inclusion of a green chart with a white arrow heading upwards is descriptive of the savings clients will make. Green is a great choice for this design as it is associated with positivity, wealth, and money.

Tax service logo for a business called Up Tax. Edit

The off-center image of a calculator creates a sense of movement in an otherwise static, stable logo, giving the impression that you are flexible and adaptable. The blue and orange color palette is professional yet welcoming, while the Cardo typeface complements the businesslike atmosphere.

Tax service logo for a business called Up Tax. Edit

This logo's Hind Madurai typeface is an easy-reading, personable choice that complements the dynamic imagery and icon above. Using orange to convey a lively, energetic feeling, the stack of papers with dollar signs do a great job of highlighting your business's expertise in tax services.

Tax service logo for a business called Up Tax. Edit

The Cinzel typeface, with its professional air, sets the standard for this design. With a light blue and black color palette, this logo conveys the expertise and experience of your business while encouraging clients to trust you. The stacked coins and check mark imply perfectly balanced accounts.

Tax service logo for a business called Up Tax. Edit

Caudex is a contemporary typeface designed to represent older styled texts, and works to convey an established, authoritative feeling. The color violet, associated with high-end quality, gives this logo a reassuring demeanor, with the quill icon alluding to the idea of signing off on tax documents.

Tax service logo for a business called Up Tax. Edit

Bright red is a call-to-action and indicates the passion of your business. A trio of squares highlight the dependability of your tax service business, while the dark, highly legible Poppins typeface highlights your business name and keeps it front and center of customers' minds.

Tax service logo for a business called Up Tax. Edit

Angular and informative, this design uses accounting symbols, such as a percentage sign, an upward angled arrow, and a graph, to advertise your tax services. The capitalized Sen typeface adds a friendly, confident tone, while a blue color palette evokes feelings of strength and elegance.

Tax service logo for a business called Up Tax. Edit

A deep crimson backdrop and white lettering give this logo a regal but approachable feeling. The Jomolhari typeface's evenly-spaced, fine lines add to this design's readability and overall appeal. This shade of red adds energy and action to the design and is associated with courage and power.

Tax service logo for a business called Up Tax. Edit

This logo's Rubik typeface is prominent but also approachable, using slightly rounded corners and medium weight to draw attention to the name of this brand. A light green icon that consists of a stack of papers and a graph with a positive trajectory, gives clients insight into the services offered.

Finance Logos

10 striking logo suggestions for your finance business.


  1. Start by defining your brand and the services you offer your clients.
  2. Then, take a look at what other small, medium, and large tax service businesses are doing with their logos and brands.
  3. See if there are common colors and symbols being used by competitors.
  4. Come up with a few ideas using a logo generator and pick the style and type of designs that appeal to you the most.
  5. Show your friends and family your list and get feedback on your choices.
  6. Download the best logo.
  • Use symbols that inspire confidence and assurance in clients or are descriptive of your services and specialty.
  • Avoid colors such as pink, brown, and yellow, and instead go for tones of blue, red, black, and gray as these are seen as professional and traditional.
  • Use typefaces that are confident and commanding, such as Rubik, Sen, or Josefin Sans.
  • Consider the emotions you want to evoke in your clients when creating your brand's visual identity.
  • Ensure that your brand name is not overpowered by the symbol you choose in your logo.

Where can I find tax company logo ideas for my business?

We've put together a list of tax service logos to help you find the right logo for your business. You can click on a design you like and change the colors, typeface, and symbol. You can also use Zarla to generate and customize logos for free.

What symbols should I use in a logo for a tax consultant company?

Choosing the right symbol to represent your brand is crucial to conveying reliability, expertise, and making a solid first impression. Icons of money, compasses, and sundials, or even powerful animals such as lions, eagles, and soaring birds, are usually associated with confidence, wisdom, or strength.

Where can I download free tax service logos?

You can create, edit, and download free tax service logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by going to our home page.

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