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Florist Logo Ideas:



Florist logo for a business called Blossomed. Edit

This circular icon has a slick and distinctly modern appeal. The layers of pink petals are given dimensionality through the purple shadows and completed by the light blue outlines. The strong terminals and regal aesthetic of the Goudy Bookletter 1911 typeface adds the perfect touch of elegance.

Florist logo for a business called Blossomed. Edit

Red and green is a fresh color combination that mimics the shades of nature, making it ideal for a florist logo. The icon, with its curved stems, detailed leaves, and structured frame, suggests growth and abundance, while the dark brown Advent Pro typeface underscores the icon perfectly.

Florist logo for a business called Blossomed. Edit

This beautiful logo showcases a single, turquoise flower with petals and leaves. The flower is surrounded by what could either be tiny water droplets or a decorative element of the pattern, presented in a hexagonal frame. The slender Goudy Bookletter 1911 font matches the clean lines of the icon.

Florist logo for a business called Blossomed. Edit

The symmetrical lotus flower, together with the crossed chopsticks, may highlight your florist's eastern influences and specialty. The shades of pink add dimension to the design, contrasting nicely with the sea green text. The elegant curls of the Alice typeface add a subtle flair to the logo.

Florist logo for a business called Blossomed. Edit

An orange tulip with a green stem is a great icon for a florist that creates simple and classic flower arrangements. Tulips are known as symbols of love, making them great for a store specializing in bridal bouquets. The brown Clicker Script typeface, with its bouncy curls, adds an elegant appeal.

Florist logo for a business called Blossomed. Edit

This font has graceful flourishes and complements the icon of a pink, blossoming flower with a prominent yellow stamen. The Sacramento typeface is a mono-linear script, inspired by hand-lettering artist brochure work of the 1950s and 1960s, adding a playful yet elegant allure to the design.

Florist logo for a business called Blossomed. Edit

An attractive floral arrangement or bouquet forms the icon in this logo. The shades of green create a refreshing and earthy impression that keeps the design humble. The sharp lines of the Cormorant Garamond typeface form a pleasing contrast with the free-hand aesthetic of the floral arrangement.

Florist logo for a business called Blossomed. Edit

This quirky font contains decorative idiosyncrasies which create an interesting contrast with the highly geometric flower icon. The Elsie Swash Caps typeface is inspired by feminine energy, which is traditionally associated with flowers. The red color scheme adds passion and vibrancy to the design.

Florist logo for a business called Blossomed. Edit

The translucent, overlapping layers of pink petals in this design draw the eye to the green core and creates a striking and modern symbol for a florist. The radial floral icon is grounded by the black Amatica SC typeface, which has a handmade appeal that hints at your attention to detail.

Florist logo for a business called Blossomed. Edit

In this logo, the icon and the font are given equal prominence, making it well balanced. The purple background contributes a luxurious and authentic appeal to the design, allowing the green stem and flowers to glow. The white Sacramento typeface adds a soft and graceful touch completes the design.

Flower Logos

20 blossoming flower logo ideas for your business.


Where can I find a florist logo in vector format?

You can design your florist logo and download it in vector format on Zarla's logo maker for free. Vector graphics are great for printing because they can be enlarged without losing resolution

How do you make a creative logo for a florist shop?

Think about your customers and what they would like to find in a florist shop. A good place to start is by looking at different types of logos and establishing which of those appeal to you most. Take a look at our collection of florist logos for inspiration.

Think about flowers and what they represent to you and to others. Flowers symbolize love, courtship, good health, and purity of mind and heart — symbols that could play a role in your business name and logo. Try using a logo maker to create a range of logo templates.

Where can I download free florist logos?

You can create, edit, and download free florist logos with Zarla's logo maker by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples.

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