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Wedding logo for a business called Just Married. Edit

A rustic logo that would look amazing on promotional material. The delicate icon paired with the timeless Cinzel Decorative typeface creates a tasteful logo that's sure to draw attention. In advertising, the dark background signifies sophistication and power, while the pop of yellow adds some cheer.

Wedding logo for a business called Just Married. Edit

A clean logo design that beautifully combines the modest Noto Serif typeface with a delicious wedding cake as an icon. The modest color palette radiates class and sophistication, traits that will attract a mature clientele. The perfect logo for a business that specializes in elegant wedding cakes.

Wedding logo for a business called Just Married. Edit

The icon with a camera and a heart in place of the lens suggests that capturing lovely moments at weddings is your business's main focus. The simplicity of the white background and the rich gold text add a touch of class, while the Alata typeface adds a subtle hint of eccentricity.

Wedding logo for a business called Just Married. Edit

A simple and timeless logo that is perfect for a brand wanting to project refinement. The Playball typeface is a connecting script that adds a touch of familiarity and elegance, thanks to its handwritten appeal. The beautiful flowers in the icon look delicate and soft and, in gold, convey opulence.

Wedding logo for a business called Just Married. Edit

A suitable choice for a business that offers wedding tuxedos and other bridalwear. The contrast created by the golden-yellow and dark background leaves a memorable logo that has plenty of branding possibilities. The bold and brilliant El Messiri typeface looks regal in the pop of yellow.

Wedding logo for a business called Just Married. Edit

A stunning golden logo that demands attention and conveys quality. The subtle addition of the crown in the icon promises customers the royal treatment. Created for online use, the Vesper Libre font adds a modern appeal that will suit a business focused on digital branding strategies.

Wedding logo for a business called Just Married. Edit

The white frilly frame and three-tiered cake on a stand create an icon that exudes elegant mastery. Inspired by brush calligraphy, the Cookie Regular font adds a personalized touch. The color purple typically communicates luxury and quality, two great characteristics for a high-end wedding business.

Wedding logo for a business called Just Married. Edit

The combination of the glamorous and fashionable Elsie Swash Caps typeface and the abstract icon creates a unique logo that would suit a modern wedding business. The combination of gold, white, and brown looks warm and inviting, suggesting that customers will feel welcomed at all times.

Wedding logo for a business called Just Married. Edit

An elegant golden design that would suit a high-end wedding photography business. The icon cleverly transforms the camera's lens into an engagement ring, suggesting that you'll be there to capture every bridal moment. The eccentric Playball typeface was created for special occasions like weddings!

Wedding logo for a business called Just Married. Edit

The classic slope of the El Messiri typeface works well for creating a sophisticated and approachable brand. The recognizable engagement ring in gold against a dark backdrop will effortlessly attract your target market. Together, the icon and typeface formulate a stunning logo.

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  1. Review your branding strategy and get a clear idea of what message you want your logo to convey.
  2. Research your competitors and see what works for them.
  3. Use a wedding logo maker for inspiration.
  4. Customize your logo by playing around with icons, fonts, and placements.
  5. Ask potential customers for feedback and choose the logo with the best response.

Rustic wedding logos are simple, nature-inspired designs that emphasize the simple beauty of classic fonts and icons. The icons are generally flowers or intricate leaves that are joined by natural colors, such as brown, gold, and white. See our list of wedding logos for inspiration.

What makes a wedding logo creative?

A creative wedding logo combines colorful tones with bold fonts like Cinzel Decorative and Cookie Regular. These striking elements are often accompanied by wedding inspired-logos, such as wedding cakes, bridal gowns, and tuxedos.

Start by creating an effective marketing strategy that outlines your brand's style, core values, and message. This should give you an idea of what to incorporate into your logo design. Once you have a clear outline, try using Zarla's logo maker for inspiration.

How can I get a wedding logo in PNG format?

You can use Zarla — our free, intuitive wedding logo maker that allows users to create and download logos in PNG format. The PNG format is great for online use and colorful logo designs.

What are some common wedding logo images?

Wedding logos typically include images of engagement rings, wedding cakes, and bridalwear. However, to add a more rustic and/or vintage twist, many wedding logos now showcase images of delicate flowers and leaves.

How can I get a wedding logo in vector format?

You can use Zarla to create your wedding logo and download it in the SVG vector format for free. Vector graphics are perfect for printing, as they can be stretched to large sizes without losing their quality.

Where can I download free wedding logos?

You can create, edit, and download free wedding logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by going to our home page.

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