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Greek Logo Ideas:



Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

The bulky lettering of the Bungee typeface is muscular in appearance and denotes strength. It makes a great companion to the Spartan helmet, whose qualities of power, skill, and glory transfer to your business. In blue, it displays a reliable and sturdy character that people trust.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

The sculpted figure of this sprinting man is reminiscent of famous Greek Olympians, making a great emblem for an athletics brand. The parallel lines of the Monoton typeface mimic lanes on a racetrack, and the bold red color embodies the qualities of intensity, passion, and ambition.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

A Doric column is the product of ancient Greece and carries with it a sense of nobility and prestige. If your brand wants to associate with these qualities, this logo will do. The Jomolhari typeface has fine serifs that denote a conservative brand, and the maroon color gives it a royal finish.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

In Ancient Greece, wreaths were used to crown Olympians, making a great symbol for a gym that promises muscular bodies of Olympic proportions. Sky blue conveys idealism and optimism, telling patrons to imagine their ideal selves, while the Audiowide typeface has the personality of an alpha male.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

Artemis, goddess of the moon and the hunt, makes a great emblem for a business that wants to associate with the qualities of leadership, ambition, and female empowerment. Dark gray suits a serious and professional brand, while the KoHo typeface has a heaviness that suggests importance.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

The scales of justice evoke feelings of fairness, equality, and protection. This makes it a fitting emblem for an NGO with a bold mission statement of effecting change by delivering justice. Blue conveys trust and reliability, while the handwritten Gabriela typeface induces familiarity.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

Cerise is a vibrant color that stands out in a sea of advertisements and brands your business as plush and exciting. Cutlery that forms an Ionic column tells people that authentic Greek food is to be found here, and the playful serifs on the Autour One typeface give your name some personality.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

The sharp, refined lettering of the Lusitana typeface has the regal qualities of style and grace, pairing nicely with the icon of a queen and her crown. She resembles Hera, the Greek goddess and queen of all gods. Teal evokes feelings of youth and dreams, suiting a brand that promotes ambition.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

This icon cleverly brands your coffee shop as Greek by making the rising steam resemble Ionic columns in the classical Greek design. The dominant black color suggests a classy establishment, and the straight lines of the Poppins typeface contrast the column swirls in a visually pleasing way.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

This icon humorously suggests that patrons will be eating on Doric columns instead of tables. It is a clever way of branding your restaurant as Greek and hints at authentic Greek cuisine. Light blue links good food and idealism, while the Rum Raisin typeface has distinctive lines that are brandable.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

The Quando typeface has letters that are evenly spaced, creating visual breathing room that is pleasing to the eye and gives your business name power. The icon resembles the Cretan Bull of Greek mythology, which symbolizes power and beauty. Its claylike terracotta color conveys natural qualities.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

Wreaths are associated with Greek clothing, and "premium menswear" is what this icon says to customers. Royal blue and soft gold show quality and luxury, making a great design for a high-end Greek fashion brand or tailor. The bold, sleek lines of the Alata typeface make your business name pop.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

Pottery is ubiquitous in Greek culture and is a symbol of art and creative expression. This icon makes a great emblem for a pottery class or shop. The brown color mimics the color of clay or mud and establishes a link with nature, while the Mitr typeface has sleek lines that show precision.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

A Corinthian column made to resemble a fork is a funny image that says "we make authentic Greek food," suiting a Greek restaurant. Green suggests that you cater to vegans or that you use sustainably sourced ingredients, while the plain Poppins typeface does not compete with the busy icon.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

Pairing a Greek column with the nib of a pen says "power to the pen," and hints at Greek literature or arts. Blue is the color of a professional, trustworthy brand, suiting a respected bookstore or magazine. The lowercase letters of the Gothic A1 typeface makes your company approachable.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

The abstract image framed by wreaths prompts questions about its meaning and forces people to engage with it, aiding in memorability. Wreaths celebrate achievement, giving your business status. Its teal color inspires creativity, and the Cardo typeface has sharp serifs that denote a premium brand.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

The four images in a circular layout resemble a story circle and tell the story of your company. It says "a premium Greek dining experience," and the dark gray color amplifies the premium and professional atmosphere. The business name in the strong Fjalla One typeface projects confidence.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

Zeus, god of thunder, is synonymous with power, respect, and leadership. If you want your brand to be a leader in its space, borrowing from this Greek god is a great start. Gray and orange convey professionalism and energy, while the sharp lines of the Cinzel typeface look great on business cards.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

The Spartan archer is an image of precision, discipline, and reliability. His stately demeanor pairs well with a conservative brand, making a fantastic mascot. Gold bathes him in luxury and prestige, suiting a premium service, while the Viga typeface blends bold strokes with friendly curves.

Greek logo for a business called AgoraCo. Edit

If you want your catchy business name to stand out in your branding, you might consider a text-only logo that centers your name. The blue and white color scheme mirrors the Greek flag, branding your business as proudly Greek, and the round letters of the Fredoka One typeface set a friendly tone.

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A great Greek logo draws from the deep pool of Greek culture and mythology to elevate a business's status. Icons that depict Greek gods, monuments, or attire can bestow prestigious and mighty qualities onto your business and breathe new life into it.

Where can I download free Greek logos?

You can create, edit, and download Greek logos for free with Zarla's logo maker by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples.

  1. Think about your business niche and what associates it with Greece, be it food, clothing, Greek mythology, or more.
  2. Think of symbols that represent your company's offerings.
  3. Use a free logo maker to come up with some Greek logos.
  4. Use feedback from family and friends to narrow your final selection.
  5. Pick your best Greek logo ideas and tweak them until you're happy.
  6. Download the best logo.

Greek mythology features 12 Greek gods, each one representing different qualities. Think about the main qualities of your business, then try and associate with a Greek god that best matches those qualities. If you want to be synonymous with leadership and authority, use icons that depict Zeus. If you are a nautical brand, go with Poseidon.

Why should my Greek logo be in PNG or vector format?

If you save a logo or any other image in a PNG format, it can be used on a variety of digital platforms. Unlike JPEG images, PNG images can be saved with a transparent background, making them ideal for online use. Vector files allow for easy resizing without any resolution loss. You can use Zarla's logo maker to create your ancient Greek logo design and download it in PNG or SVG format for free.

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