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Hanger logo for a business called Hanger Banger. Edit

Light blue is the color of optimism and idealism and, when paired with a bow tie, asks viewers to imagine their ideal selves in splendid garments. Stars denote quality service, suiting a brand that specializes in fancy attire. The refined letters of the Marcellus typeface are apt for a fancy brand.

Hanger logo for a business called Hanger Banger. Edit

Black and gold offer gorgeous contrast that draws in the eye and holds attention. Both colors convey distinction and sophistication and pair nicely with the icon of an elegant dress. The monolinear Alata typeface has a conservative style that balances the sophisticated icon and color palette.

Hanger logo for a business called Hanger Banger. Edit

A leaf suspended on a hanger hints at the freshness and vitality you feel after having your clothing cleaned. Purple evokes the magical feeling of new clothes, and the jagged lines of the Cardo typeface match the veins of the leaves, creating a design consistency that is pleasing to look at.

Hanger logo for a business called Hanger Banger. Edit

A hanger being sewn together makes a clever emblem for a tailoring service. The fine lines of the Marcellus typeface match the sharp instrument and demonstrate precision and diligence in your work. The dark blue color makes for a respected and dependable tailoring service that people trust.

Hanger logo for a business called Hanger Banger. Edit

The Clicker Script typeface has a vibrant personality that takes the spotlight in this logo. Its funky linework breathes new life into your business name, giving it character. This is amplified by the charming tie and hanger, and the brown and teal pairing blends natural qualities with idealism.

Hanger logo for a business called Hanger Banger. Edit

The Playball typeface has the appearance of handwriting, which creates feelings of familiarity that strengthens ties between brand and customer. When paired with the icon of a washing machine, it suits a laundromat that serves a small community. Red catches the eye to make a striking design.

Hanger logo for a business called Hanger Banger. Edit

The moon and stars suspended from a hanger is a brilliant metaphor for eveningwear and suits a laundry service that specializes in the upkeep of expensive clothing. Blue and gold project professionalism and luxury, while the thin, sleek lines of the Noto Serif typeface look great on business cards.

Hanger logo for a business called Hanger Banger. Edit

Bubbles adorning a hanger hint at fresh and clean clothing and pairs nicely with a laundry service. Its gray color paints a professional service that takes care of your prized possessions and cleans them thoroughly, while the angular linework of the Sansation typeface resemble hangers.

Hanger logo for a business called Hanger Banger. Edit

A gold hanger logo is perfect for a premium clothing retailer that stocks luxury clothing or linen. The soft gold color bathes the logo in luxury and refinement, and the sharp edges of the Cardo typeface show attention to detail that reassures customers of your level of care.

Hanger logo for a business called Hanger Banger. Edit

The t-shirt that soars through the sky with a cape resembles a superhero and, when draped on a hanger, says "we restore your clothing and give them new powers." Black befits a classy and professional service, and the elegant swirls of the Parisienne typeface denote a premium service.

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A good hanger logo will communicate a business niche in clear visual terms. Hangers holding fancy clothing signal a premium clothing retailer or laundromat, while bright colors and friendly typefaces differentiate a low-key clothing brand from an upmarket one.

  1. Think about your business niche, be it a clothing retailer, a cleaning and ironing service, a clothing brand, or more.
  2. Think of symbols that represent your company's offerings, or words that associate with freshness, renewal, and quality.
  3. Use a hanger logo maker to come up with some hanger ideas.
  4. Use feedback from family and friends to narrow your final selection.
  5. Pick your best hanger logo ideas and tweak them until you're happy.
  6. Download the best hanger logo design.

Where can I download free hanger logos?

You can create, edit, and download hanger logo templates for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

Why should my hanger logo be in PNG or vector format?

If you save a logo or any other image in a PNG or vector format, it can be used on a variety of digital platforms. Unlike JPEG images, PNG images can be saved with a transparent background, making them ideal for online use. You can use Zarla to create your hanger design and download it in PNG format for free.

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