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Boutique logo for a business called Pretty Store. Edit

The icon of a stylish dress on a hanger creates a sophisticated image that's suggestive of an elegant clothing boutique. The violet and purple color scheme convey luxury, which hints at your affluent clientele. The sharp terminals of the Philosopher typeface add to the design's refined look.

Boutique logo for a business called Pretty Store. Edit

The logo's bright yellow and purple color palette symbolizes vibrancy and is a great depiction of a boutique that stocks trendy, colorful purses and accessories. The icon's structured linework gives the design a geometric appearance, which is mirrored in the clean lines of the Righteous typeface.

Boutique logo for a business called Pretty Store. Edit

If your boutique has a minimalistic aesthetic, this logo will capture your brand beautifully. The icon of a woman in a beige swimsuit conveys a feeling of elegance, which is reflected in the sophisticated linework of the Parisienne typeface. It's the ideal logo choice for a swimwear boutique.

Boutique logo for a business called Pretty Store. Edit

The dark backdrop symbolizes finesse and professionalism, giving prominence to the icon of a crescent moon and a hanger. This could be indicative of a boutique that sells high-end, luxurious sleepwear. The narrow, tasteful appearance of the Cardo typeface completes the design's stylish appeal.

Boutique logo for a business called Pretty Store. Edit

The icon of a woman wearing a beautiful dress leaves a friendly and personable impression, suggesting that your boutique caters to fashionistas of all shapes, sizes, and budgets. The bold pink color conveys a feeling of fun and youthfulness, while the Playfair Display typeface adds a hint of charm.

Boutique logo for a business called Pretty Store. Edit

The icon's linework resembles a paintbrush stroke and creates a trendy, stylish design. The sea green color symbolizes revitalization and energy, which will suit a boutique that sells cool activewear. The strong lines of the Cormorant Unicase typeface accentuate the icon's curved linework.

Boutique logo for a business called Pretty Store. Edit

If your boutique procures vintage accessories, this logo will match your brand. The purple backdrop enhances the icon of a diamond and its intricate framework, conveying luxury. The Inria Serif typeface gives the design a polished look, which is sure to catch the eye of an affluent clientele.

Boutique logo for a business called Pretty Store. Edit

The soft pink and yellow color scheme brings a feeling of delicacy to the design, enhancing the minimalistic linework of the icon. The scrunchie and leafy accents give a nod to your boutique's selection of ethereal hair accessories. The Marcellus typeface builds on the logo's refined appearance.

Boutique logo for a business called Pretty Store. Edit

The bold Monoton typeface combines classic and contemporary elements to help this design stand out. The shirt and hanger icon speaks to the minimalistic nature of your clothing boutique, while the pop of red, paired with the black color, creates a strong logo that exudes a feeling of hipness.

Boutique logo for a business called Pretty Store. Edit

This design uses a dark backdrop to symbolize power and hints at a classy men's boutique. The icon of a triangle with wings in beige conveys an idea of exclusivity, suggesting high-quality clothing or accessories. The clean, narrow lines of the Inter typeface reiterate the design's modern appeal.

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How do I make a logo for my boutique?

  1. Think about your boutique's aesthetics, products, and target market.
  2. Consider which colors and icons will best represent your boutique.
  3. Use a logo maker to produce some unique logo ideas.
  4. Experiment with different color schemes, icons, and fonts to see what works well.
  5. Show your favorite designs to friends and family.
  6. Analyze their feedback and download the logo that's most unique to your brand.

What should my online boutique's logo look like?

Depending on your online boutique's style and the products you sell, you'll want a logo that's eye-catching, stylish, and on-brand. For a fun design, opt for a pink, blue, or red color paired with a bold typeface, like Monoton. Take a look at our examples for inspiration.

What are some good boutique logos?

We've created a collection of good boutique logos using Zarla's logo maker. If you find a logo you like, click on "Edit" beneath it to refine the design to your liking. You can then download it for free and use it to brand your boutique.

What does a fashion boutique logo look like?

A fashion boutique logo typically consists of a stylish icon, like a clothing item, a model, a clothes hanger, or a purse, depending on its product range. A refined typeface, such as Cardo or Inria Serif, is added to denote elegance, while colors like black, purple, or white are used to convey trendiness.

Where can I find the best boutique logos?

You can use Zarla to create, edit, and download the best boutique logos for free. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or use our logo maker.

What are some clothing boutique logo ideas?

To create a clothing boutique logo that's unique to your brand, use an icon that speaks to the nature of your products, such as a dress, a swimsuit, or a tux. Use a professional color, like black or blue, to convey a feeling of refinement. Round off the design with a strong typeface, like Cormorant Unicase or Inter.

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