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Hat logo for a business called Brim Style. Edit

The warm orange color palette of this logo pops, grabbing the attention of passersby. The fedora hat conveys ideas that your business has a sense of style, with trendy hats on offer. The rounded Poppins typeface in striking black has a broad and welcoming aesthetic, telling customers that there are hat styles to suit everyone's taste.

Hat logo for a business called Brim Style. Edit

A stylish hat as might be seen at a garden party or to the races, indicates hats made with flair, elegance, and style. The Josefin Sans typeface complements this idea, with its elegant, vintage letterforms. Meanwhile, a monochromatic dark brown color palette suits the vintage flair of this design and creates a stable, warm atmosphere.

Hat logo for a business called Brim Style. Edit

The rustic style of this hat hints at more affordable options, possibly meant for casual or sports use. Contrasting this idea is the Montserrat typeface with an urban, trendy style. This contrast creates a well-balanced visual that is enhanced by the bold red color palette, mimicking the heat of a summer day, when you might wear such a hat.

Hat logo for a business called Brim Style. Edit

The classic style of the Cardo typeface conveys a sense of quality to this design while the large character design ensures the business name stands out. Meanwhile, a baseball cap is a trendy, street style of headgear for a youthful audience, and the deep gray and white color palette complements this stylish choice with its timeless quality.

Hat logo for a business called Brim Style. Edit

This cowboy hat drawn in minimalistic lines projects a modern style that will appeal to a wide clientele. The flowing lines are contrasted by the strong, bold letters of the Ubuntu typeface, which conveys a sense of openness and welcome. Two tones of blue bring slightly opposing views, ranging from tranquility and youth to trust and knowledge.

Hat logo for a business called Brim Style. Edit

The luscious red color palette highlights a fashionable brand that aims for an energetic style to be a leader in the field of hats. The strong, trendy woman makes the perfect model for this brand, while the squared-off letters of the Blinker typeface provide a strong base for your business that hints at quality and structure.

Hat logo for a business called Brim Style. Edit

A top hat is often a symbol of sophistication, culture, and class, but may also be a satirical reference to the world of business. This idea seems to be supported by the monocle and mustache. The near-black coloring adds to the elegance of the top hat, while the casual Pacifico typeface connects to the satirical, almost comic effect of the icon.

Hat logo for a business called Brim Style. Edit

The airy letters of the Mitr typeface create a clearly legible brand name and hint at open spaces, perfect for an outdoor clothing piece like a hat. The wide brim of the cowboy hat bears out this idea, as it would provide great shade from the sun, and the blue color palette adds a cool feeling while suggesting that your brand is trustworthy.

Hat logo for a business called Brim Style. Edit

The playful pink color of the baseball cap creates a feeling of nostalgia, reminding customers of their childhood. The Elsie Swash Caps typeface is inspired by traditionally feminine energy, and in dark gray, provides the perfect balance of color and style while simultaneously enhancing the attractiveness of this design.

Hat logo for a business called Brim Style. Edit

The reddish-brown tone of this logo works well with the traditional cowboy hat, suggesting the leather or suede these hats are usually made from. The Josefin Sans typeface adds to the vintage style of the logo, complementing the idea of cowboys with their hats pulled low. This design creates a comforting, organic feel that customers will love.

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A good hat logo will attract potential customers' attention with a striking image and a strong color palette. The design should be trendy and timeless, using no more than three colors and a bold, clear typeface that complements the brand message, whether that's trendy, sophisticated, artsy, or traditional hats.

How do I design a logo for a hat business?

  1. Research competitor logos to get ideas.
  2. Review your brand message for suitable colors, typefaces, and icons.
  3. Try using hat images or abstract icons.
  4. Use a free logo maker to generate some ideas.
  5. Design a few options and ask friends and family for feedback.
  6. Choose the top-rated design, make any necessary tweaks, and download the final image.

Where can I download free hat logos?

You can create, edit, and download hat logos for free with Zarla's logo maker by clicking on the "Edit" button below one of our examples.

Where can I download hat logos in vector format?

With Zarla's logo maker, you can create numerous hat logos and download them for free in vector format. The vector files can be resized without any loss of quality and are ideal for large-scale branding.

How do you put a logo on a hat?

Use Zarla's logo maker to design your ideal hat logo and download it in PNG format. With this format, you can download your logo with a transparent logo, so it can be printed on sticker paper or as a decal that can then be transferred onto a hat.

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