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Hemp logo for a business called Purely Hemp. Edit

The all-natural color palette is an immediate reference to pure nature of your hemp products. This idea is linked in the icon, with the healthy hemp leaf highlighting the industry and the drop of oil symbolizing your business's position within the industry. The geometric Sen typeface offers a clean, friendly look for strong branding purposes.

Hemp logo for a business called Purely Hemp. Edit

This minimalist hemp leaf design is clean and crisp, bringing a modern characteristic to the design that is complemented by the stark black color. The use of black makes this design very fashionable and contemporary, and the Sansita typeface has elegant letters perfect for logos — ensuring your brand will stick in the memory for years to come.

Hemp logo for a business called Purely Hemp. Edit

The Lato typeface with it's thick black letters gives this brand a personality that is friendly yet formal while creating visual harmony. This brand message is complemented by the design of the hemp leaves rising from the horizon like the sun, while the vivid green color palette is everything that is peaceful, tranquil, and optimistic.

Hemp logo for a business called Purely Hemp. Edit

The serene face crowned with hemp leaves is symbolic of the calming and relaxing effects of hemp medications. This idea is contrasted by the energy exuded by the two tones of red, which bring a sense of passion and joy to the design, telling customers that you are dedicated to your craft. Meanwhile, the Kurale typeface adds eye-catching details.

Hemp logo for a business called Purely Hemp. Edit

The use of negative space in this icon is intriguing, seeming to represent a beacon of power radiating energy. The Bree Serif typeface adds a charming personality that will draw customers to your brand, while the dark green color palette conveys ideas of growth, health, and vitality — hinting at what clients can expect when using your products.

Hemp logo for a business called Purely Hemp. Edit

A verdant field with healthy growing leaves is a great symbol for a business that has a strong and well-stocked offering. The natural color palette is warm and hints at the harvest with strong fall colors. The rounded characters of the Dosis typeface complement the rounded style of the icon, which symbolizes inclusiveness and continuity.

Hemp logo for a business called Purely Hemp. Edit

The cool blue tones create a calming effect and encourage introspection in the viewer. The hemp leaf superimposed over the cross implies a company that makes and/or sells hemp-based medical products, while the Righteous typeface adds a visually pleasing counterpoint with its art deco letters that are easy to read in any sized ad.

Hemp logo for a business called Purely Hemp. Edit

The hemp leaves functioning as the blades of a windmill hint at the production of hemp products using traditional, sustainable practices. This sustainability theme is continued through the dark green color palette, which highlights the natural aesthetic of the design, while the low-contrast Krona One typeface creates a more modern look.

Hemp logo for a business called Purely Hemp. Edit

Using dark violet and yellow-green together creates a visually pleasing contrast that makes each color appear brighter. The strength of this logo is emphasized in the sharp, almost crystalized form of the hemp leaf, lending the brand a message of quality, while the smooth, rounded Maven Pro typeface provides another point of contrast.

Hemp logo for a business called Purely Hemp. Edit

The rounded stamp icon forms a great brand identifier that can be used on products, advertising, and in promotions. The display-style Bebas Neue typeface works perfectly with this branded mark and stands out in the beautiful teal color. The natural color palette is continued with the bright yellow-green icon, bringing a sense of joy to the logo.

Cannabis Logos

10 great logo ideas for your cannabis business.


Where can I find great hemp logo images?

Check out our hemp logo examples for some great hemp logo images or use our logo maker to create lots of logo templates for free.

Where can I download a hemp logo for free?

You can create, edit, and download a free hemp logo with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our logo examples, or by going to our logo maker.

Where can I download a hemp logo in vector format?

With Zarla, you can create and download hemp logos in vector format for free. Vector images are ideal for logos because they don't lose resolution when resized.

Can I download hemp logo ideas in PNG?

Yes, a hemp logo downloaded in PNG format can be downloaded with a transparent background, making it ideal for use in branding.

Are there hemp logo ideas for free?

Yes, Zarla is a free logo maker that provides hemp logo idea templates for free that users can edit to suit their own needs. Alternatively, we have provided a list of free logo ideas that you can use.

  1. Consider your business type and target market.
  2. Review existing hemp logos and identify popular design elements.
  3. Use a logo maker to generate logo ideas.
  4. Experiment with colors, icons, and typefaces.
  5. Get feedback from your inner circle on your top design options.
  6. Edit the best logo design as needed and download it.

Where can I find a hemp logo idea generator?

Try Zarla, a free AI-powered logo maker that generates hundreds of logo ideas from just a few input keywords. Each logo template is customizable and available for free download.

What makes a great hemp logo design?

Use natural colors such as beige, brown, and dark green in your hemp logo to symbolize the naturalness of your product. Your icon could resemble the products your business specializes in, or the hemp plant itself. You may also choose to have an abstract icon that will stick in customers' memories. For your typeface, a natural friendly look is the best bet.

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