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CBD logo for a business called BloomDrip. Edit

A modern and eye-catching logo that instantly attracts attention due to the playfulness of the Monoton font. The use of yellow helps to brighten the logo by exuding happiness and optimism, while the hint of brown adds some definition to the icon. This logo will pop on labels and stationery.

CBD logo for a business called BloomDrip. Edit

The icon of cannabis tablets creates a dynamic image that's ideal for a business that specializes in medicinal CBD products. The shades of green symbolize wellness and let clients know exactly what your brand is about. The refined Crimson Text typeface contrasts well with the icon's shape.

CBD logo for a business called BloomDrip. Edit

A simple but marketable logo design that still manages to look unique and trendy, thanks to the incorporation of a natural green and brown color scheme. The modest design leaves plenty of room for your business to expand. The structured Staatliches typeface adds a modern appeal to the logo.

CBD logo for a business called BloomDrip. Edit

The smart combination of the cannabis leaf and the Zilla Slab typeface creates a contemporary design that will be a marketing dream, especially if you're offering promotional material. The white and green palette suits a business that focuses on the healing qualities of CBD.

CBD logo for a business called BloomDrip. Edit

This logo design combines a dark green background with a light and timeless typeface, Playfair Display, to create a stylish and modern logo. These subtle details, paired with the aquamarine Buddhist-inspired icon, help create a majestic image that will leave a lasting impression.

CBD logo for a business called BloomDrip. Edit

An alluring logo that immediately demands attention with its prominent windmill-inspired icon and organic green and brown colors. The intricate icon is cleverly topped with some cannabis leaves, giving it a rustic feel that will attract those looking for organic and 100% natural CBD products.

CBD logo for a business called BloomDrip. Edit

Neat and timeless — the perfect combination for a brand that stocks CBD products for healing purposes. The simple Noto Serif typeface adds an air of finesse, promising top-quality service and products. The shades of green are a clever addition, as it's often used to communicate health.

CBD logo for a business called BloomDrip. Edit

A great choice for those looking to start a reputable brand. The bold Ranchers typeface and dazzling, crown-inspired icon hint that you stock the royal standard. With its vibrant green color palette and design, this logo will shine on posters, labels, merchandise, and other promotional material.

CBD logo for a business called BloomDrip. Edit

The best logo for a CBD oil business, thanks to the teardrop shape of the icon. The calming green and brown tones incorporated in the icon grab attention, drawing the eye to the business name to create a lasting image. The playful Ribeye typeface adds intrigue to help lure customers in.

CBD logo for a business called BloomDrip. Edit

A bright and warm logo that'll be a dream to market! This fresh and fun design exudes a modern charm with its intricate brown cannabis leaf icon and vibrant yellow text. The handwritten-style Pattaya typeface adds a personal touch, evoking a sense of familiarity and trust that customers will love.

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Where can I find a free CBD logo design?

Zarla allows you to design, customize, and download a CBD logo for free. If you're stuck for ideas, see our collection of brandable CBD logos.

If you want to choose a medical logo for your CBD business, consider modest designs that emphasize the cannabis leaf and its healing qualities. Colors such as blue, green, and white are closely associated with health and wellness, making them ideal for a medical CBD logo.

  1. Think about the message you want your logo to communicate.
  2. Use a CBD logo maker for inspiration.
  3. Customize your logo by playing around with different fonts, icons, colors, and layouts.
  4. Incorporate popular symbols and colors, such as the cannabis leaf and the Rastafarian colors of red, green, and gold.
  5. Pick your favorite logo and download it.

A good medical CBD business logo should draw inspiration directly from the cannabis plant. This often means incorporating natural shades of green, blue, and/or brown, which represent health, nature, and wellness.

How do I choose a logo for my CBD business?

  1. Review your marketing plans to identify your brand message.
  2. Use a CBD logo maker such as Zarla for inspiration.
  3. Experiment with different colors, icons, fonts, and placements.
  4. Ask potential customers and trusted peers for their feedback.
  5. Identify the crowd favorites and download the logo that best resonates with your business.

Popular CBD logos include nature-inspired icons that stem from the cannabis plant or its history. These are often represented through the cannabis leaf or the figure of the late musician Bob Marley.

Where can I find a CBD logo in vector files?

You can create and download a CBD logo in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) for free with Zarla. SVG logos suit businesses looking to print promotional signs and leverage online banners, as they support interactivity and animation.

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