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Hiking logo for a business called Wanderlust. Edit

The icon depicting a hiker heading up a mountain within a round window provides a sneak peek at the trailblazing adventures your business organizes. The commanding Staatliches typeface conveys stability and reliability, while the vibrant green color gives the design an energizing feel.

Hiking logo for a business called Wanderlust. Edit

The dark blue backdrop makes a solid and reliable impression, suggesting your hiking gear is of excellent, durable quality. The light sky blue of the attractive icon, a simplified outline of a compass containing a mountain scene, draws the eye. The Special Elite typeface adds a creative retro vibe.

Hiking logo for a business called Wanderlust. Edit

The silhouette of a hiker standing on a mountain summit and taking in the view down below instantly associates your business with hiking. The shades of orange forming a backdrop in the icon imitate warm rays of sunshine coloring the sky. The funky but neat Krona One typeface adds personality.

Hiking logo for a business called Wanderlust. Edit

The dark cerulean color of this logo gives it a calm, soothing, and confident character. In combination with the icon of a picturesque mountain scene, the color evokes feelings of peace and tranquility in nature. The decorative Rye typeface further enhances the theme of the wild outdoors.

Hiking logo for a business called Wanderlust. Edit

This logo employs a simple but impactful color scheme. The black strengthens the solid and sophisticated tone of the traditional-looking Cardo typeface, while the striking bright red of the icon, a scene displaying a hiker against the backdrop of a mountain, evokes feelings of fierce passion.

Hiking logo for a business called Wanderlust. Edit

The deep blue backdrop is reminiscent of a cloudless night sky and gives the golden-beige icon a radiant glow. The tiny stars in the icon reinforce the idea of a nighttime scene, with a triumphant figure atop a summit also introducing the idea of success. The Blinker typeface looks bold but neat.

Hiking logo for a business called Wanderlust. Edit

The geometric lines of the icon convey a sense of natural simplicity, which aligns brilliantly with the scene it depicts — camping in the shadow of a mountain. The fresh green reinforces the connection to nature, and the neat Roboto typeface complements the icon's geometric design.

Hiking logo for a business called Wanderlust. Edit

The gray and blue color scheme gives this logo a cool, calming feel as well as an easy elegance, making it suitable for an upmarket hiking brand. The icon depicts a peaceful scene of a stag against a mountainous background. The tidy Bebas Neue typeface underlines the icon neatly.

Hiking logo for a business called Wanderlust. Edit

The tomato red color of the icon adds a dash of fun and excitement to this logo. The icon, a clever combination of a compass and a forest scene, brings to mind images of breathtaking forest trails. The Averia Serif Libre typeface has a warm and familiar feel, enhancing the logo's affable quality.

Hiking logo for a business called Wanderlust. Edit

In this logo, the color white conveys a sense of peacefulness and simplicity, contrasting well with the calm and contemplative feel of the deep blue backdrop. The icon, a hiker making their way up a mountain, suggests a hiking brand, with the fun Candal typeface adding a playful, creative spirit.

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Where can I download free hiking logos?

You can create, edit, and download free hiking logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

  1. Consider the character, look, and feel of your hiking brand.
  2. Research fonts and colors, making a list of those that align with your hiking brand.
  3. Use a logo maker to create customized logo designs.
  4. Pick your favorite design and download it.

What is a good hiking icon?

A good idea for a hiking icon is to use the silhouette of a hiker. Whether the design is very intricate or a simple stick figure will depend on the look and feel you are going for.

How do I create a hiking logo in black and white?

You can use a logo maker like Zarla to generate hiking logo designs and then customize the colors of your preferred design to black and white.

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