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Backpacker logo for a business called Carry Apparel. Edit

This bright blue background symbolizes the endless sky and brings a sense of serenity to the design that suits the image of a hiker making their way solo through a quiet forest. The backpack and tent indicate an outdoor brand, while the unique Staatliches typeface helps the brand name stand out and aids in brand memorability.

Backpacker logo for a business called Carry Apparel. Edit

The circular frame for this backpack icon resembles the points of a compass, hinting at travel and perhaps survivalist training. Green brings the refreshing quality of nature to mind, hinting at forests, grasslands, and fields. The Bree Serif typeface has a friendly appearance that suits the bright nature of this logo and welcomes all customers.

Backpacker logo for a business called Carry Apparel. Edit

The figure stands proudly on a peak, happy with the tools they have and the adventure they've been on. The typewritten appearance of the Averia Serif Libre typeface brings a vintage feel to the design that is aesthetically contrasted by the bright color palette. Blue and greens give the impression of health and vitality gained through exercise.

Backpacker logo for a business called Carry Apparel. Edit

This bright golden orange background stands out from the competition and conveys the enthusiasm and excitement backpackers will feel when using your brand. The wings on the sides of the backpack suggest the ability to travel anywhere in the world, going where the traveler desires and the geometric Blinker typeface encourages trust in customers.

Backpacker logo for a business called Carry Apparel. Edit

The duality of the Roboto Condensed typeface conveys the stability and trustworthiness of the mechanical with the personal touch of the human, creating a friendly brand message. The monochromatic dark brown color palette shows the strength, stability, and reliability of your brand, while the hiker calmly walking past a mountain indicates peace.

Backpacker logo for a business called Carry Apparel. Edit

A palm frond peaking out behind the backpack suggests communing with nature with sustainable and eco-friendly products. The gothic style of the Pirata One typeface strongly contrasts the soft natural look, creating a vibrant, interesting aesthetic. Meanwhile, soft gold and dark blue symbolize the quality and professionalism of your brand.

Backpacker logo for a business called Carry Apparel. Edit

Gray and dark blue are professional colors that convey a serious brand message of expertise and professionalism. This idea is complemented by the vintage Special Elite typeface, cementing the idea of an established brand. The simple yet geometric backpack creates an easily remembered picture of your products, helping customers find you quickly.

Backpacker logo for a business called Carry Apparel. Edit

The large letters of the Saira Condensed typeface carry weight and presence, bringing attention to your brand name. The figure rejoicing on a mountaintop conveys pride, achievement, and excellence, creating a fitting brand message for any backpacker business. The use of green promises growth and brings a sense of revitalization to body and mind.

Backpacker logo for a business called Carry Apparel. Edit

An upside-down triangle is the perfect symbol for a brand that is innovative and adventurous, which fits with the theme of travel and finding adventure. The triangle also leads the eye down to the brand name in the versatile Cuprum typeface, optimizing your logo for use across various marketing platforms. Dark blue shows expertise and loyalty.

Backpacker logo for a business called Carry Apparel. Edit

Black and white, when used in logos, demand attention and respect for your brand, highlighting your professionalism and excellence of service. The simple image of a hiker works well in this color palette, and highlights the brand's focus, while the minimalism of the Play typeface adds to the modern trend this logo follows, creating a timeless look.

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Where can I download backpacker logos for free?

You can create, edit, and download backpacker logo ideas for free by clicking on "Edit" below one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

How can I design the best backpacker logos?

  1. Get inspired by existing backpacker logo designs.
  2. List the colors, fonts, and icons you want to include in your logo.
  3. Use a free logo maker to generate ideas.
  4. Choose your favorite designs and ask your inner circle for their feedback.
  5. Refine the top choice based on the feedback and download it.

Where can I find great backpacker logo images?

Take a look at our collection of backpacker logos or check out new logo templates on Zarla's logo maker. If you see a design you like, click on it to explore different color combinations, fonts, and icons to create the perfect design for your brand for free.

  • Research your top competitors for inspiration.
  • Consider your business plan and brand message for design ideas.
  • Ask potential customers what they'd like to see in a brand logo.
  • Think about why you're starting this magazine and what it means to you.

Where can I download a backpacker logo in PNG format?

With Zarla's logo maker, you can create your backpacker logo and download it for free in PNG format. PNG images allow for versatile branding as they support transparent logos and can be placed on any surface or background.

Are there any backpacker logo templates?

Yes, Zarla offers a free AI-powered logo maker that generates hundreds of backpacker logo idea templates in seconds from just a few input keywords. Each template is fully customizable and can be downloaded for free.

What is a good backpacker logo font?

There is a display-style font called Backpacker that has an almost childlike, painterly quality. It is a fun, outgoing font style for a backpacker brand.

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