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Home services logo for a business called Helpful Fix. Edit

Orange combined with dark blue creates a vibrant color palette and highlights the creativity and professionalism of your business. The various tools in and around the house conveys the fix-it focus of your home services business, while the contemporary style of the Kanit typeface complements the simple lines of the icon, creating a modern look.

Home services logo for a business called Helpful Fix. Edit

The strong structure of the Lato typeface provides this business with a sense of stability and seriousness, providing a professional base for your brand that is complemented by the cool blue tones. This color palette also hints at cleanliness and freshness, working well with the image of pressure washers used to clean houses.

Home services logo for a business called Helpful Fix. Edit

Brown gives your brand a sense of reliability and dependability — perfect for a trustworthy and skilled home services business. The dynamic icon creates a slightly humorous effect of tools swooping in to save the day, hinting at a call-out service for quick repairs. The Days One typeface's wide letters give your business name a headlining quality.

Home services logo for a business called Helpful Fix. Edit

The line of the plug forming the house is a creative depiction for a home electrical service, attracting customers looking for an electrician. The strong Grenze typeface stands out, aiding in brand memorability, while the glow of this bright orange icon links to the idea of electricity by bringing to mind images of lamps lit to push back the dark.

Home services logo for a business called Helpful Fix. Edit

Red draws attention to your brand while gray conveys professionalism and skill. The variety of tools within the house shaped icon indicates a home services business with a range of services on offer, and the strong, clean Oswald typeface completes a logo that can be used in both online and print marketing to draw customers to your business.

Home services logo for a business called Helpful Fix. Edit

The negative space within the house reassembles a water drop and, combined with the wrench, suggests a plumbing service. The blue tones complement this idea of water and highlight the skill of your business, while the geometric Sen typeface softens the design with a friendly aesthetic, encouraging customers to try out your services.

Home services logo for a business called Helpful Fix. Edit

The hammer speeding in to repair the house is a fun, creative icon for a quick home repair and maintenance service. Combined with the soft green color palette, this design promises safe and secure repairs. Meanwhile, the vintage Alata typeface brings a sense of tradition to the design, creating an aesthetic that is serious but a little eccentric.

Home services logo for a business called Helpful Fix. Edit

The contemporary style of the PT Sans Caption typeface sets the scene for this modern, timeless design. It is complemented by the thick, simple lines of the icon, using a wrench within a shield to convey a well-established, skilled home maintenance business, while shades of orange showcase your business's ambition and creativity.

Home services logo for a business called Helpful Fix. Edit

The curve of the wrench makes this house icon look like it's smiling, creating a family friendly mascot for your business. The humanistic Sansation typeface complements the idea of a personal touch conveyed by the icon, while the bright color palette complements the family aspect of this design — a great logo for a family home services business.

Home services logo for a business called Helpful Fix. Edit

The monolinear Poppins typeface hints at precision and excellence — a great brand message for any home services business. A paint roller and hammer above the house suggests that your services are varied and aimed at home improvement and maintenance, while dark blue conveys professionalism and green indicates safe and secure repairs.

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Where can I find home services logo images?

Using Zarla's logo maker, we've created a collection of home services logo ideas with different images for you to browse and use. You can also go directly to the Zarla logo maker to find a wide variety of customizable home services logo idea templates.

How do I create the best home services logos?

  1. Read through your business plan and brand message for design ideas.
  2. Research competitors' logos to identify popular design elements.
  3. Use a logo maker to experiment with different icons, colors, and typefaces.
  4. Create a few logo options and ask for feedback from colleagues.
  5. Edit the top design as needed and download the final version.

Where can I find a home services logo free download?

You can create, edit, and download free home services logos on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" below one of our examples or by using our logo maker to create your own.

Where can I download a home services logo in PNG format?

Zarla's logo maker allows you to download home services logos in PNG format for free. PNG files can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds, making them an ideal option for branding promotional items.

Where can I find inspiration for my home service logo design?

  • Read through your business plan.
  • Consider the particular service you specialize in.
  • Research your competitors' logos.
  • Consider color theory.
  • Think about why you want to start your business.
  • Think about what home services mean to you.

What is a good example of a home services logo font?

Try clear and concise typefaces, such as Poppins, PT Sans Caption, and Sen to highlight the professional nature of your business and provide a stable base to build your brand on.

What are some simple home services logo ideas?

Use your specialization as inspiration for your logo icon. For example, if you specialize in repairs, use tools in your icon; cleaning supplies can indicate a home cleaning and maintenance service; a lock can indicate home security, etc. Combine your icon with a color palette that matches your service, such as blue tones for a cleaning business, and a strong, geometric typeface to highlight professional business services.

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