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Home renovation logo for a business called Project Change. Edit

Dark blue highlights the business's expertise in the industry, while the pop of orange suggests creativity. The use of the hammer and paint roller within the house icon points to the fullness of the services offered by your home renovation business, while the geometric Poppins typeface emphasizes the professionalism of the brand.

Home renovation logo for a business called Project Change. Edit

A hammer rising over the house like a chimney is a fun addition that will aid in brand memorability. The Oswald typeface offers digitized letterforms that optimize the logo for use in online marketing and branding, and the bright blue background will stand out and create a positive, soothing atmosphere that will encourage customers to trust in you.

Home renovation logo for a business called Project Change. Edit

Green is a great color for this logo, promising the revitalization and renewal of your home. The clean look of the Miriam Libre typeface works well with the simple lines of the icon to convey a home renovation business that focuses on modern lines and current trends, to create homes that shine with timeless simplicity and stylish choices.

Home renovation logo for a business called Project Change. Edit

The Lato typeface has a strong structure that conveys stability and seriousness — a good metaphor for your brand. Blue emphasizes the message of professionalism, skill, and trustworthiness. The hammer outlined in the negative space on the roof hints at the fix-it capabilities of your team and a pop of orange shows their creativity in home reno.

Home renovation logo for a business called Project Change. Edit

Bright red brings attention to your brand and encourages customers to act now and call your business for a home renovation. The hammer and nail forming the roof of a house is a fun, creative idea that conveys the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking and skill of your business, while the Oxanium typeface gives the logo a futuristic, trendy look.

Home renovation logo for a business called Project Change. Edit

The near black-and-white color palette conveys a strong presence that demands respect for the business's skill and professionalism. The bold, strong icon reinforces this aesthetic with sharp corners and precise lines, hinting at your industry skill and knowledge, while the geometric Poppins typeface complements the brand message.

Home renovation logo for a business called Project Change. Edit

Orange and blue are contrasting colors that strengthen each other and make the color palette appear brighter. Orange also symbolizes the creativity and positivity of your brand. The three panels in the icon complement the creativity of the design and add a pop-art effect, while the rounded Rubik typeface adds to the friendliness of the design.

Home renovation logo for a business called Project Change. Edit

The green color of this design can show the stability and endurance of your home renovation business's builds. The Roboto Condensed typeface complements the brand message while also creating a sense of welcome and friendliness. Meanwhile, the speed lines behind the hammer hint at speedy and efficient services in home renovation.

Home renovation logo for a business called Project Change. Edit

The open letterforms of the Hind Madurai typeface make the business name easy to read and optimize the logo for online branding and marketing. The busy icon grabs attention and keeps the customers' eyes on your logo while suggesting that your home renovation business can handle multiple projects easily. Soft gold shows excellence and quality.

Home renovation logo for a business called Project Change. Edit

Tones of blue convey a business's loyalty and reliability, helping to build trust with your customers. The Cardo typeface gives the design an old-style feel that creates the impression of an old, established business, complementing the trustworthiness of the blue color palette. Meanwhile, the creativity of the icon adds some levity to the icon.

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Where can I do a home renovation logo free download?

You can create, edit, and download free home renovation logos with Zarla's logo maker. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples.

Where can I find some good home renovation logo images?

We've created some great logo examples for you to browse. Alternatively, you can use Zarla's free logo maker to find hundreds of home renovation logo templates that you can customize and download for free.

What are some unique home renovation logos?

Many home renovation logos use images of buildings and tools to show the business focus. A unique take may be to use an abstract image that represents a feeling or brand message, or a mascot for your business.

Can I download a renovation logo for free?

Yes, Zarla is a free, AI-powered logo maker that allows the user to create and download their own renovation logo design for free.

How do I create funny home renovation logos?

  1. Think about the nature of your business and your brand message.
  2. Study the logos of your top competitors for inspiration.
  3. Choose icons, colors, and fonts that fit your brand.
  4. Use a logo maker to generate unique design options.
  5. Ask your colleagues for feedback on your favorite designs.
  6. Edit and download the best logo.

Where can I find the best home renovation logos?

Try Zarla's free logo maker which generates hundreds of home renovation logo templates in seconds from a few input keywords.

What are some good home renovation logo ideas?

A strong home renovation logo combines a fix-it theme icon, such as tools, with a cool, trust-inspiring color palette, such as blues or black. Complete your logo with a strong, stable, and geometric typeface, such as Lato or Oswald.

Why should my renovation logo be in PNG format?

When you download an image or a logo in PNG format, you can use it on various platforms. PNG logos are ideal for branding because they support transparent backgrounds. You can use Zarla's logo maker to download your home renovation logo in PNG format for free.

Where can I find small home renovation logo ideas?

  • Try a simple home renovation logo idea like clean lines constructing a house.
  • Go through your business plan for design ideas.
  • Research your top competitors for inspiration.
  • Try a logo maker for template ideas.
  • Think about why you got into home reno.

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