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Ice logo for a business called Go Glacial. Edit

A set of squares set against a dark blue frame could be seen as an abstract representation of ice, with the dark blue color adding a chilling element and portraying your business's professionalism and authority in the ice industry. The monolinear Arvo typeface complements the minimalist design, and is a good choice for an online business.

Ice logo for a business called Go Glacial. Edit

The handwritten swirls of the Pattaya typeface give this design a casual feel that is inviting and complements the hand drawn appearance of the icon. The simple circular icon resembles a snowflake, highlighting your business focus, while the blue tones enhance the sense of cold and also give the design a feeling of calm and peacefulness.

Ice logo for a business called Go Glacial. Edit

When you have a great typeface, an icon is not necessary to make a memorable logo — and the Frijole typeface does just that! The glitch effect of this typeface makes your business name look like it's shivering with cold, and the light sea green color complements this design with its connotations of nature and freshness.

Ice logo for a business called Go Glacial. Edit

These three interlocking squares mimic the ideal shape of ice blocks, highlighting your business focus while the minimalist design hints at a business that sells ice cubes in bulk. The italic letters of the Exo typeface convey a forward-thinking, future-focused business, while the ice blue color palette, symbolic of water, brings a calming effect.

Ice logo for a business called Go Glacial. Edit

The thick Bungee typeface gives this design an urban style and hints at thick ice sculptures used for fancy events. This idea is complemented by the intricate design of the icon, with the interconnected cubes suggesting ice cubes stacked on each other to create complex designs. Dark, monochromatic blue adds to the elegance of the design.

Ice logo for a business called Go Glacial. Edit

Purple is an unusual color choice for an ice business, but will help your brand to stand out from the competition. The delicate snow flake highlights the "ice" aspect of the business, complementing the color choice for an elegant, high-quality brand. Meanwhile, the slightly rounded corners of the Rubik typeface gives this logo a friendly aesthetic.

Ice logo for a business called Go Glacial. Edit

This strong icon hints at the freezing process of making ice, with the cool breeze blowing across the water drop. Sky blue enhances the chilly feel of the design and complements the water droplet while creating an overall relaxing image. Meanwhile, the Bebas Neue typeface brings focus to the business name — perfect for brand marketing.

Ice logo for a business called Go Glacial. Edit

This innovative icon creates an abstract cube design, suggesting a business with a brand message of out-of-the-box ideas and products. The dark blue color palette adds an elegance to this design that will appeal to wealthy event planners looking for sophisticated ice sculptures, while the bold Bungee typeface conveys a trendy design philosophy.

Ice logo for a business called Go Glacial. Edit

A dark blue color palette gives this design a serious aesthetic that puts your business a step above the rest, symbolizing your competence in the industry. The PT Sans Caption typeface adds a humanistic element that will attract customers, and is contrasted by the strong, geometric icon. This stack of cubes hints at a bulk ice wholesaler.

Ice logo for a business called Go Glacial. Edit

A large shaved ice icon is a clear indication of the type of ice you provide. The blue tones add a cold effect, but also hint at clear, clean ice suitable for eating. The Rubik typeface has a rounded design that adds a friendly, welcoming effect to this design that suits a dessert loved by young and old alike. All in all, this is a great, icy logo.

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How do I design an ice logo for my business?

  1. Think about the type of image you want to convey.
  2. Do some research and take inspiration from existing ice logos.
  3. Identify which colors, fonts, icons, and logo styles best represent your business.
  4. Experiment with a free logo maker to create the right design for your brand.
  5. Play with the customization options to design original ice logo ideas.
  6. Share them with potential customers and ask for their honest feedback.
  7. Choose the best logo.

Where can I download ice logos in PNG format?

You can create, edit, and download free ice logos with Zarla's logo maker in both PNG and vector formats. Simply click on "Edit" below one of our examples.

What does an ice for sale logo look like?

Ice logos can have different focuses: elegant sculptures for parties, raw materials for ice cream shops, bulk ice for events, and more. Therefore, your logo should include icons that exemplify your business line, as well as colors related to the cold.

If your business specializes in selling ice by the bag, then a bag of ice logo would work well. Use Zarla's free logo maker to find icons of ice bags that will suit your business.

What is an ice logo stamp?

An ice logo stamp is a tool that can be used to imprint or engrave a logo or other design onto ice. It is usually small enough to be used on ice cubes, however, you can also display your logo within the ice of an ice rink.

What is a great ice logo font?

A great font for an ice logo is the Frijole typeface. The glitched letters of this typeface make it look like it is shaking from the cold!

Where can I design an ice logo for gaming?

Zarla's free logo maker generates hundreds of logo suggestions in seconds. You can also use the editor to tweak any logo template to suit your needs, before downloading the logo in either PNG or vector format for free.

What should I include in my ice cube logo design?

Consider an out-of-the-box design for your ice cube logo and go with an abstract icon that will help your company stand out from the crowd while still referencing ice. Using cool colors like blue can help with that, while a strong geometric font can also look like ice cubes.

If you download your ice machine logo in PNG format, you will have a logo with a transparent background that can be printed as a sticker. Place this sticker on your ice machines to brand them as part of your brand.

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