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IT Logo Ideas:



IT logo for a business called Smartware. Edit

Nico Moji is an agile, digitalized typeface that sets the tone for this futuristic design. Featuring a dynamic icon, which does well to highlight your innovative mindset, the logo transforms into a bold and imaginative design, with the rich red hue injecting passion, courage, and confidence — marketable themes that elevate your brand's distinction.

IT logo for a business called Smartware. Edit

Your company's global aspirations are accentuated by the clever icon, suiting an IT business looking to become a powerhouse in the field. Steeped in a vibrant green hue, often used to communicate ideas of prosperity and sustainability, the icon's presence is bolstered, while the Monda typeface's firm, commanding letters lend a strong finish.

IT logo for a business called Smartware. Edit

The icon's intriguing artwork and generous visual breathing room accentuates the logo's marketing appeal, while its gentle pink hue softens the design, denoting notions of creativity and comfort. The geometric Rubik typeface offers a strong contrast in black, with its round, all-capital letters exuding calm authority.

IT logo for a business called Smartware. Edit

The microchip's linework seamlessly directs the eye towards the central star, symbolizing happiness and transformation. These themes reflect your love for IT and your commitment to innovation. These ideas are bolstered by the orange hue, often used to add creativity, while the petite Saira typeface reinforces the design's modern aesthetic.

IT logo for a business called Smartware. Edit

The hexagon symbolizes stability and balance, communicating the idea that your IT business is smart and dependable. While the timeless white and black color palette does well to accentuate these ideas, the Nico Moji typeface, with its smooth and distinct characters, lend the brand name some personality.

IT logo for a business called Smartware. Edit

By bathing the icon in two distinct colors, its dynamic design comes to life, defining the logo's details and abstract quality. The refreshing blue and green tones coat the design with marketable ideas of trust, prosperity, and professionalism, while the KoHo typeface's slim but well-defined letterforms build on the logo's modern aesthetic.

IT logo for a business called Smartware. Edit

The icon's themes of connection and symmetry mirror your business's best qualities, and it makes for an interesting visual to attract those looking for something distinct. Red is an eye-catching color often used to grab attention and instill a sense of confidence, themes that mirror the Cairo typeface's bold letterforms.

IT logo for a business called Smartware. Edit

The icon, an imaginative triangle that communicates stability, draws the eye in with its continuous linework and interesting design. Both black and red are bold colors that denote strength and confidence, complementing one another well, while the elegant Cormorant Unicase typeface lends a smart and sophisticated finish.

IT logo for a business called Smartware. Edit

The Aref Ruqaa typeface comprises unique, sharp letterforms that enhance your brand's individuality. The dynamic icon is prominent and imaginative, branding your business as a leader in IT innovation, while the blend of dark gray and green denotes success, safety, and formality — concepts that boost your busness's attractive qualities.

IT logo for a business called Smartware. Edit

Saira Condensed is a proud, lofty typeface that exudes confidence, giving your brand name a respectable edge. While the shield at the core of the design reflects your IT business's focus on protective technology, the radiant orange hue enriches the design with positivity, evoking infectious feelings of joy and enthusiasm.

IT logo for a business called Smartware. Edit

A monochromatic color scheme modernizes the design, with the dark blue hue imbuing power and integrity, both memorable brand messages. The rocket blasting off adds a striking visual identifier that represents your boundless creativity, while the Staatliches typeface, with its broad, muscular letters, creates a solid foundation for this design.

IT logo for a business called Smartware. Edit

While a green and white color scheme offers a refreshing and energetic contrast that's bursting with personality, the Audiowide typeface's futuristic characters lend a touch of contemporary elegance. The icon's unique and almost abstract design celebrates your creativity and leaves plenty of room for business expansion.

IT logo for a business called Smartware. Edit

A cursor encircled by dynamic linework spotlights your area of expertise nicely, while the pale gray hue offers balance and represents knowledge — themes that will improve your brand's reputable appeal. Presented in the elegant Cormorant Unicase typeface, the brand name appears prominent and stylish, allowing it to stand out on all platforms.

IT logo for a business called Smartware. Edit

Innovation is the driving theme of this memorable icon, comprising sharp angles and distinct artwork that captures your out-of-the-box services. The Marcellus SC typeface, with its understated elegance, offsets the icon's bold features, which include a vibrant red and black color palette that exudes strength and confidence.

IT logo for a business called Smartware. Edit

KoHo is a smart typeface that still manages to appear sleek and trendy, complementing the icon's recognition and marketing appeal. The sharp angles of the cursor highlight your business's precision and contrast the circular frame perfectly, while a dusty green tone calms the logo, denoting hope, safety, and growth.

Technology Logos

10 cool logo suggestions for your technology business.


What is a good logo for an IT company?

A good logo for an IT company should be innovative, memorable, and relevant to the technology industry. We've created a list of logo ideas for you to browse and customize. To get started, click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or use our logo maker.

Where can I download IT logos for free?

You can create, edit, and download IT logos for free with Zarla's logo maker. To work from a template, click on "Edit" beneath one of our logo examples, or navigate to our logo maker to create your own from scratch.

What are some good information technology logo ideas?

Abstract and nondescript iconography can give your logo a strong visual identity that's adaptable to the changes and advancements in technology. Minimalist designs capture the sleek and streamlined nature of technology. Opt for one or two simple colors for a sophisticated look, or try a striking white logo against a bright background.

  1. Consider your business's specialty, target market, and branding strategy.
  2. Research your competitors' logos and branding to identify common design elements.
  3. Use a logo maker to experiment with icons, colors, and typefaces.
  4. Share your logo ideas with trusted peers and ask for honest feedback.
  5. Tweak the logos with positive feedback and download the best one.

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