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Computer logo for a business called ITech. Edit

A contemporary Nico Moji typeface has been used to communicate the brand's identity in a modern way. This is highlighted by a sleek blue color scheme, which is great at conveying confidence, professionalism, and expertise. The computer icon hints at the transformative nature of the services offered.

Computer logo for a business called ITech. Edit

The square proportions of this logo's white Teko typeface convey a serious and focused edge. The bright green background emphasizes innovation and new approaches, while the use of high-impact symbolism in the form of a laptop, clearly markets this company's focus on computers.

Computer logo for a business called ITech. Edit

The colors red and blue have been used here to capture the essence of confidence in this dynamic computer business logo. The symmetrical abstract icon is attention-grabbing and memorable, with a strong Ubuntu typeface powerfully telling customers who you are and why they should choose you.

Computer logo for a business called ITech. Edit

This logo is calm and assertive. The easy-to-read and stylish Saira Condensed typeface gives this logo a professional and assured look. A descriptive laptop and computer chip icon is further enhanced by the use of navy blue which is associated with security, confidence, and reliability.

Computer logo for a business called ITech. Edit

This logo's dynamic design and blue color scheme convey reliability as well as a forward-thinking mentality. A square computer icon cut by a swish hints at operational speed and approach. The large size, bold format, and even spacing of the white Sen typeface superbly highlight the brand.

Computer logo for a business called ITech. Edit

A great choice that uses the Viga-Regular typeface to enhance this brand's appeal. The cubic icon can be viewed as either 3D or 2D, hinting at a multidimensional approach to computer services. The logo's use of bold lines and blue maximize impact, while also conveying security and surety.

Computer logo for a business called ITech. Edit

The compact Bebas Neue typeface is designed for headline use and complemented by the confident red and dark blue palette, which accentuates feelings of reliability and trust. A cubic icon brings in a 3D element of complexity and does a great job improving this logo's overall impact.

Computer logo for a business called ITech. Edit

This large and in charge design uses a commanding Viga-Regular typeface and descriptive computer icon to tell customers all about the business and its services. The orange and dark blue colors not only evoke warmth and professionalism, but also link the symbolism to the brand name.

Computer logo for a business called ITech. Edit

This logo effectively uses light and dark blue colors to break up the design, whilst conveying security, maturity, and confidence. The soft-edged Kodchasan typeface was chosen for its calm and straightforward design. The memorable abstract bird icon hints at the peace of mind you offer customers.

Computer logo for a business called ITech. Edit

Blue and turquoise were chosen for this logo because of their peaceful and trustworthy connotations. The Ubuntu typeface was originally inspired by precision and reliability, making it a good fit for the brand's image. A latticework-inspired icon adds to this by hinting at connection and strength.


What are some good computer logo designs?

We've put together a list of great computer logo designs that will guide you in making a unique brand image for your computer company. If you feel inspired, try out a computer logo generator to find more designs and tweak your best picks until you're happy with the end result.

How do I choose a computer logo for my business?

  • Try using a logo generator like Zarla to come up with ideas.
  • Test a few different colors, icons, fonts, and typeface combinations.
  • Add a slogan to your computer logo.
  • Share your best ideas with your friends, business partners, and family.
  • Listen to what they have to say and refine your logo design.

Do some research and see what everyone else has done so far. Are there symbols that have been overused by computer companies? Is there a font that other people haven't tried out yet? With Zarla, you can play around with different icons, fonts, typefaces, and color combinations. Take your time, try a lot of different combinations, and see if you can put one together that fits with your brand's vision.

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