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Lamp logo for a business called Sunburst. Edit

The smooth rounded letters of the Comfortaa typeface give this logo an appealing aesthetic that is friendly and welcoming. The bright yellow-orange continues this positivity with excitement and enthusiasm for your brand focus, which is highlighted by the string of lights around a traditional table lamp, hinting at the wide variety you offer.

Lamp logo for a business called Sunburst. Edit

Hand-drawn circles symbolize the way light pushes back the dark and the softness that appears on that edge between light and dark. The Sarabun typeface gives your brand name a stand-out quality and conveys professionalism that is complemented by the blue tones, showing the skill and experience of your business and encouraging trust in customers.

Lamp logo for a business called Sunburst. Edit

The use of bright yellow references the warm light that spills from your lamps, illuminating the area and bringing joy and confidence to the user. The standing lamp in the icon indicates your business's specialty, while the circle shows a range of products and styles. The retro Libre Franklin typeface suits the vintage lamp style and color palette.

Lamp logo for a business called Sunburst. Edit

Gray highlights a professional brand while purple conveys a sense of luxury that hints at a boutique lamp business for the high-end market. The crown above the lamp enhances this idea, telling customers that your brand is superior and beats the competition. Meanwhile, the balanced Nunito Sans typeface perfectly complements the symmetrical icon.

Lamp logo for a business called Sunburst. Edit

This modern lamp design sheds light on the brand name in the friendly Sansation typeface, encouraging customers to try out your lamp brand and aiding in brand memorability. The dark blue background tells customers that they can trust in the effectiveness and lasting quality of your lamp designs, while soft gold complements the modern design style.

Lamp logo for a business called Sunburst. Edit

The Poppins typeface has a monolinear, geometric style that provides a stable base to build your brand on. It provides a clean visual contrast to the delicate details and swirls in the icon, which may be used to indicate a more vintage style of lamp design. The use of brown complements this logo design, with warmth, security, and comfort.

Lamp logo for a business called Sunburst. Edit

Dark blue immediately conveys the reliability and expertise of your brand, while the touch of yellow-orange shows your lamps illuminating the house. The simple line sketch creates a contemporary, timeless design that hints at modern lamps on offer, and the clean appearance of the Miriam Libre typeface continues this modern theme.

Lamp logo for a business called Sunburst. Edit

The stars on this lampshade suggest a children's lamp brand specializing in night lights and themed lamps. The official-looking Sarabun typeface reassures parents that your brand can be trusted and won't be a fire or safety hazard for their children, and dark blue enhances this trustworthy quality, conveying your expertise and knowledge.

Lamp logo for a business called Sunburst. Edit

Bright yellow-orange shines against the black background, visually representing the strength of your lamps to light up the dark and bring hope to customers. The two sizes of lamps indicate a store that stocks a wide variety, while the rounded Barlow Semi Condensed typeface brings a sense of welcome, reassurance, and professionalism.

Lamp logo for a business called Sunburst. Edit

This intriguing icon is creative and innovative, hinting at an "ah-ha!" moment that tells a person they need a new lamp, so they should come to your store. The unique KoHo typeface complements the theme of the logo and suggests personal service through the handwritten style of the letters. Meanwhile, green symbolizes the revitalization of your home.

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How do I create a lamp logo design?

  1. Think about your brand identity and target market.
  2. Study competitors' logos to identify popular design elements.
  3. Use a free logo maker to experiment with icons, colors, and fonts.
  4. Choose your top designs and ask friends and family for feedback.
  5. Edit the best design and download it.

Where can I download lamp logos for free?

You can create, edit, and download lamp logo ideas for free by clicking on "Edit" below one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

Where can I find examples of vintage lamp logos?

Zarla offers a free AI-powered logo maker that generates hundreds of logo templates in seconds from just a few input keywords. Use Zarla's logo maker to create your vintage lamp logo and download it for free.

What should table lamp logos look like?

Use an image of a table lamp to clearly define your brand with a warm color palette, such as yellows and oranges. Complete your table lamp logo with a strong, clear typeface to act as the table the lamp is resting on.

What are some ideas for lamp logo images?

  • Different types of lamps.
  • Nightlights for children.
  • A mascot.
  • An abstract symbol that conveys light.

How can I design modern lamp logos?

  • Consider modern logo design trends.
  • Use a simple, clean image and typeface with only one color.
  • Try a black-and-white logo.
  • Use a logo maker to design modern lamp logos.

Why should my lamp logo be in PNG format?

PNG logos support transparent backgrounds, making them an ideal option for branding. Use Zarla's free logo maker to download your lamp logo in PNG format now.

Where can I find a simple lamp logo idea?

  • Review your business plan and brand message for ideas.
  • Research your top competitors for inspiration.
  • Ask friends and family for ideas.
  • Look at the types of lamps you design.

Where can I find a lamp logo idea template?

Try Zarla's free AI-powered logo maker. It generates hundreds of customizable lamp logo templates that can be edited and downloaded for free.

What are some LED lamp logo ideas?

The LED lamp logo you design can depend on the type of LED lamps you make or sell and what they're used for. For example, LED lamps for nails can have a more ornate, fashion-forward design, while an LED lamp for the home would have a more simple, clean design.

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