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Home store logo for a store called Dwell Edit

This clean logo, like a well-decorated room, has harmony between space and object. This welcomes the eye and depicts neat, well-organized spaces. The icon celebrates the four household objects in white and the Monserrat typeface commands attention. Blue is popular in household retail marketing.

Home store logo for a store called Dwell Edit

The star of this logo is the endlessly alluring Odibee Sans Regular display font. Its effortless lines and soft edges are very visually pleasing. The minimalism here conveys a practical and soulful elegance. The orange-red tone of the font is not often seen in a retail setting, making it stand out.

Home store logo for a store called Dwell Edit

The white color of the frame around the house is mirrored in the lettering to create harmony between the two elements. The monochromatic color palette conveys simplicity and sophistication. The stencil-style icon is uncluttered and memorable, while the Pridi typeface strikes an exotic note.

Home store logo for a store called Dwell Edit

Not all logos need icons. Here is a logo that is more compelling and expressive precisely because it has no icon. The eye is drawn into the flowing, curving flourishes of the calligraphy-inspired Monsieur La Doulaise script typeface. The black represents sophistication, and the red, stateliness.

Home store logo for a store called Dwell Edit

The softened edges of the icon and the Odibee Sans Regular font make the logo less intimidating than if the edges were sharp and jutted out at you. The coloring is done tastefully with the two white elements separated by a gentle gray. The small household objects create curiosity.

Home store logo for a store called Dwell Edit

The Monsieur La Doulaise script typeface flows and curls like smoke beneath the well-designed icon. The side table and other objects in the icon represent the types of things one will find at "Dwell." There is an appealing relationship between the elegant typeface and the playful and cute icon.

Home store logo for a store called Dwell Edit

Squares represent stability, intelligence, and power, and this logo uses squares with softened corners that feel less forceful and more cool. The Odibee Sans Regular display font, with its soft edges, adds to this feeling. A well-balanced icon and pleasing color palette create an attractive logo.

Home store logo for a store called Dwell Edit

When it comes to logos, simple often is best. This logo is proof of that. The minimalistic icon uses space to suggest form and motion while the bold, easy-to-read typeface adds a touch of class. A memorable option that will look superb across a range of mediums.

Home store logo for a store called Dwell Edit

What more do you actually need? The charming comic tattoo-inspired Ribeye typeface creates the perfect logo. Its playful breaking of traditions and its edgy attitude would speak volumes for a brand that likes to shake things up and maybe not fall too neatly into any categories. Simplicity wins!

Home store logo for a store called Dwell Edit

A subdued color palette is soft on the eye and commands attention the way a whisper makes you want to prick up an ear. The orange, blue, and green convey a sense of refined, earthy energy. This works nicely with the clean and sophisticated black Overpass font, which is also very easy to read.


Where can I download a home store logo as a vector file?

You can design your home store logo and download it as a vector file on Zarla for free. Vector graphics are great for printing because they can be enlarged without losing resolution. You can use these logos on anything, from your business cards to promotional banners. Zarla uses the .svg vector file type.

  • A great color palette, suitable typeface, and icons that convey class and refinement.
  • No more than two or three colors; simple black on white is always a crowd-pleaser.
  • A bold font or calligraphy-inspired typeface.
  • Minimalistic icons that are highly recognizable.
  • Study the logos of other home stores to find out what you like and dislike about them.
  • Choose a color palette of no more than three colors.
  • Pick a font that further conveys your business values. For example, if you import exotic furniture, a Thai-inspired typeface like Pridi would work.
  • Choose a distinctive symbol as your icon.

Where can I download free home store logos?

You can create, edit, and download free home store logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

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