What should a life coach website look like?

Life coach websites should look professional, inviting, and confident. There should be easily identifiable links for qualifications, bookings, reviews/testimonials, and a dedicated page about the coach and what they have to offer.

How do I start a life coach website?

Use Zarla's life coach website builder to create a professional, stylish, and SEO-optimized website in minutes.

What are some life coach website examples?

See our curated collection of professional life coach websites with a review of the desktop and mobile experience. Our favorite examples include DreamWithDan and Navigate Life Coaching.

What do the best life coaching websites include?

  • High-quality images of the coach or coaching team.
  • A detailed page about the type of coaching on offer.
  • An "About Me" page describing their journey to becoming a life coach, with qualifications.
  • A call-to-action button(s) on the home page directing readers to introductory courses or free consultations.
  • A testimonials page with detailed reviews from satisfied clients.

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