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Logo Idea


Logo for a company called The Panda Box. Edit

A happy, smiling panda will draw in customers of all ages with its cute demeanor. The colors in this logo reflect those used in the Chinese flag, making it perfect for a Chinese restaurant. The icon of a Chinese takeout box complements this perfectly. The Biryani typeface is casual and inviting.

Logo for a company called Cupcake Emporium. Edit

The hot pink color used in this logo demands attention, adding to the fun connotation of cupcakes. The spatulas, whisks, and cupcake used in the icon indicate that you may specialize in artisanal baked goods. The Crushed typeface is bold but whimsical, calling customer in with its charm.

Logo for a company called Optimus . Edit

The icon in this logo is drawn simply but stands out clearly against the dark blue circle. The pillar can be a symbol for the law, stability, or architecture. The color used suggests that your business is serious and values integrity, while the Cormorant Infant typeface adds a sense of authority.

Logo for a company called The Scoop. Edit

Baby pink is often considered a youthful and fun color, complementing the nature of ice cream. The Chela One typeface is chunky and curved, combining playfulness with a dash of elegance. The light blue text adds a wonderful pop of color that complements the light pink of the ice cream icon.

Logo for a company called The Dumpling Den. Edit

The icon of a dumpling under a tent-like structure made of chopsticks adds character to any dumpling restaurant. The five stars below the dumpling hint at quality, while the yellow background inspires happiness. The Pridi typeface is both friendly and professional, which complements the design.

Logo for a company called Veritas Law. Edit

The use of gold in this logo makes your business seem regal and exclusive, while the icon of scales shows that you are in the legal field. The Cormorant Infant typeface is clear and authoritative, making a statement about the personality of your business. This logo asserts confidence and power.

Logo for a company called The Bean Bar. Edit

The icon of a coffee mug instantly informs customers that you are a cafe or coffee supplier, while the red background inspires feelings of confidence and passion. The off-white icon sets off the dark background well, while the Odibee Sans typeface creates a bold. geometric design.

Logo for a company called Family Farms. Edit

Green plays a prominent role in this logo, as it is strongly associated with nature, while is depicted in the icon. As such, this logo would work well for a produce company, nursery, or recycling business. The Pridi typeface is bold but casual thanks to its curved lines.

Logo for a company called Friends and Flora. Edit

The icon of a plant surrounded by a water droplet tells customers that your business is involved in agriculture, while the color yellow creates a positive connotation. The Overpass typeface has slim, curved lines that add a touch of delicacy to this logo, showing a love for and care of plants.

Logo for a company called Noodle King. Edit

The red background used in this logo makes it stand out, while the blue and cream colors pop brilliantly. The icon of noodles in a takeout box makes your product clear, and the Biryani typeface is the perfect meeting of professional and casual, making your business approachable.

Logo for a company called The Car Guys.. Edit

The orange of the icon and text stand out well against the black background, creating a color scheme that is bold, assertive, and luxurious. The Sen typeface demands attention with its solid, straight lines, asserting confidence and energy, which reflects the connotations of a sports car.

Logo for a company called Evergreen Escape. Edit

This logo's main focus is the large green trees in the foreground, suggesting that your business puts nature first. The addition of clouds makes this logo more peaceful and idyllic, suggesting that your business is good for the environment. The Overpass typeface is simple and modern.

Logo for a company called Mother's Arms. Edit

Purple conveys devotion, pride, and peace, so this logo would be ideal for a product aimed at new mothers. The icon of a baby cradled by its mother's hand suggests that your business is related to infant care. The Crushed typeface is gentle and fresh, complementing the aesthetic of the design.

Logo for a company called Just for You. Edit

The color yellow is often associated with happiness. By that logic, a yellow gift will make customers excited about your products and eager to buy them. The DM Serif Text typeface adds a touch of sophistication, while the color brown grounds the otherwise light color scheme of the logo.

Logo for a company called Bird and Bea. Edit

The color green has strong ties to nature and the earth, so this logo conveys an eco-friendly brand message. The playful icon of two birds may suggest that your business specializes in children's clothing or eco-friendly toys. The Denk One typeface is irregular in a childish, charming way.

Logo for a company called St Nick's Outpost. Edit

The color brown is seen as warm and comforting, capturing the essence of Christmas. The decorated Christmas tree icon with its circular frame of twinkle lights suggest a welcoming store that sells Christmas decorations. The Hind Madurai typeface is tidy and traditional, befitting a Christmas logo.

Logo for a company called Hip Hip Hooray. Edit

The yellow-orange background in this logo suggests excitement and fun. The cake, balloons, and sparkles in the icon are celebratory and hint at a business that is related to birthdays in some way. The Montserrat typeface's thick curves make a bold and boisterous statement.

Logo for a company called Pencil Knights.. Edit

The icon in this logo is striking in color and concept. A pencil suggests that your business is related to writing or publishing, while the dark pink colors have connotations of fun and creativity. The Special Elite typeface resembles typewriten text, making this logo nostalgic and authentic.

Logo for a company called Pestel & Poultice.. Edit

The golden yellow in this logo is striking, grabbing attention, while a bowl and flower suggests that your business is related to holistic medicine or homeopathy. The black border creates a sense of stability that is complemented by the simple lines of the Vesper Libre typeface.

Logo for a company called Celeritas. Edit

The icon of a shoe strongly locates your business in the footwear or fitness industries. The color blue is considered a corporate color, and highlights a business that is an expert in their field. The Cinzel typeface is refined and classy, complementing the brand and suiting mature clients.

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Where can I find branding inspiration?

You can find branding inspiration from your competitors, or by looking at our list of logo ideas.

What is the best free logo maker?

Zarla has an excellent logo maker that uses AI technology to create stylish and industry-relevant logos. You can design, edit, and download your logo at no charge.

You can find inspiration for your logo by looking at the logos used by the most influential companies in the world. This should provide insight into what enterprise-level companies are paying thousands of dollars for. You should also look at logos used by your competitors to see what works and what doesn't.

A good logo makes use of colors that relate to the ethos of the business, as well as a memorable icon. The icon could relate to your industry or your business name. Use a typeface that is easy to read but still unique in some way, such as Cormorant Infant, Biryani, and Cinzel.

You can design a logo in Microsoft Word or use our free logo maker to easily find a design you like.

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