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Macaron logo for a business called Oui Merci. Edit

The semi-connected letters of the Playball typeface give this logo an elegant feel and hint at a high-end brand. This idea is complemented by the bright pink color of the macaron, which also enhances the idea of this sweet treat. The delicate frame of the macaron hints at a well-decorated and inviting macaron store that customers want to linger in.

Macaron logo for a business called Oui Merci. Edit

A macaron in the shape of a heart is a cute detail and hints at a business that specializes in macarons in fun shapes and sizes. Pastel pinks and blues enhance the youthful, almost innocent aesthetic that this logo exudes, while the bold Gothic A1 typeface brings attention to the business name, aiding in brand memorability.

Macaron logo for a business called Oui Merci. Edit

The golden orange in this logo stands out, conveying warmth, cheerfulness, and perhaps yummy citrus flavors. The rounded Nunito typeface suits the large, rounded macaron icon, as well as the friendly character highlighted by the color palette, while the crowning feature signals an industry leader that makes superlative macarons.

Macaron logo for a business called Oui Merci. Edit

A sea green color palette creates a serene atmosphere that will encourage a calm, relaxing environment — perfect for a small, intimate café that specializes in macarons, as seen in the icon. The leafy accents soften the strong geometric features of the icon, while the cartoon style of the Luckiest Guy typeface adds a youthful, trendy character.

Macaron logo for a business called Oui Merci. Edit

This soft peach and white color palette creates a vintage sweet shop vibe that brands your business as timeless and trendy. The urban style of the Montserrat typeface adds a contrasting contemporary vibe, enhancing this trend-setting aesthetic, while the large icon of a macaron leaves no doubt as to your company's products.

Macaron logo for a business called Oui Merci. Edit

A colorful pile of macarons may make the viewer feel like a kid in a candy store, surrounded by delicious macarons. The fun, soft color palette of red and blue may hint at delicious strawberry and blueberry flavors, while the carefree style of the Mali typeface, resembling a kid's handwriting, conveys a family-friendly macaron shop.

Macaron logo for a business called Oui Merci. Edit

A strong heart-shaped frame for this macaron indicates your business's passion for baking and perfecting French treats. The point of the heart leads the eye to the business name in the casual Pacifico typeface, helping customers to feel welcomed in your macaron store. Purple symbolizes the creativity and magic of your delicious treats.

Macaron logo for a business called Oui Merci. Edit

An earthy color palette may indicate a focus on chocolate flavors, and also conveys a brand message focused on providing customers with a sweet sanctuary. The well-balanced Gothic A1 typeface uses all the space in your logo, drawing attention to the business name, while the ring around the macarons suggests coffee is also served.

Macaron logo for a business called Oui Merci. Edit

Macarons arranged in a circle, together with the soft blue and pink color palette, creates the idea of an abstract icon —a sweet, romantic image that works well with this sweet treat that makes a great gift for a significant other. The hand drawn Amatica SC typeface tells customers they can expect a personal touch from you and your business.

Macaron logo for a business called Oui Merci. Edit

The bite taken out of this macaron icon hints at the deliciousness of your creations! A strong red color palette highlights your passion for creating unique macaron flavors that will leave your customers longing for more. The rounded Poppins typeface complements the geometric icon perfectly for a friendly, welcoming character.

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  1. Think about your brand image and your target audience.
  2. Consider your macaron range for design inspiration.
  3. Research existing macaron logos to ensure yours is unique.
  4. Use a logo maker to generate macaron logo ideas.
  5. Ask friends and family for feedback on your top 10 designs.
  6. Tweak and download the favorite choice.

Where can I find the best macaron logo ideas?

Check out our macaron logo examples for some great design inspiration. Alternatively, use our logo maker to design, edit, and download a macaron logo for free.

Where can I download a macaron logo in vector format?

With Zarla, you can design and download macaron logos in vector format for free. Vector logos are ideal for advertising because they can be resized without loss of resolution.

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