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Cake logo for a business called Cake Boutique Edit

This excellent logo is simple, elegant, and clean. The toned-down color palette and classic, old-style Cardo font add a sense of refinement. The shape of the icon is reminiscent of old stamps or seals. The use of negative space creates balance and is visually appealing.

Cake logo for a business called Cake Boutique Edit

The font is unique and interesting, and is reminiscent of patterns found on cake icing. The pink cake sparks feelings of joy. The colors play off each other well to create a striking and memorable logo. The transparent background will allow you to use this logo across a wide range of mediums.

Cake logo for a business called Cake Boutique Edit

A simple, classic logo for an elegant brand. The Sacramento typeface strikes the perfect note between formal and casual. The black coloring represents sophistication and stateliness. The transparent background means the logo can be easily applied across a range of mediums.

Cake logo for a business called Cake Boutique Edit

A fun, exuberant logo that will look best when enlarged, like on a sign, mural, or poster. The colors are striking yet inviting. The deep red represents excitement and strength. The pink conveys warmth. The crown on the icon says "we're the cream of the crop," and the lettering screams 1950s fun.

Cake logo for a business called Cake Boutique Edit

A friendly logo that makes use of a simple icon, inviting colors, and a typeface designed to feel familiar and kind. The white icing on the cupcake really pops. The pinkish background is rather trendy and conveys a sense of nurturing. This logo is visually interesting and memorable.

Cake logo for a business called Cake Boutique Edit

The logo is made memorable by the contrast between the quirky, futuristic, cosmic cookie with its planetary ring and the classic, old-style Cardo font. The minimalistic design and color scheme create a memorable effect. The transparent background and simple design make the logo very versatile.

Cake logo for a business called Cake Boutique Edit

A stylish, classy logo that conveys a sense of lighthearted elegance. The antique feel of the writing, paired with the tiered cake icon, adds a feeling of refinement. The small cherries on the cake are a sweet detail that reveals a passion for fine detail and elegance.

Cake logo for a business called Cake Boutique Edit

Boisterous! The icon is a playful trick on the eye. Is it a cake on a plate? Is it a cake hat? While a little absurd, the icon helps to establish a fun, warm brand. The Cookie typeface is reminiscent of the decorative calligraphy of 1950s pin-ups. The colors are down-to-earth and inviting.

Cake logo for a business called Cake Boutique Edit

Using vibrant, youthful colors and a smiley face on the cookie, this logo speaks directly to those in the market for themed and children's cakes. The transparent background ensures that this logo will look great on labels, boxes, aprons, and just about anything you can think to put it on.

Cake logo for a business called Cake Boutique Edit

The logo makes use of a simple icon that mimics a wax seal and a formal typeface. The circular design conveys refinement and authenticity. The beautiful lettering instills a sense of grace and elegance. Perfect for a business that produces classic cakes with traditional charm.


How do I make a logo for my cake business?

A cake logo maker will allow you to experiment with various font, icon, and color combinations to create the perfect logo. Be sure to consult your business plan and market research to ensure that your chosen logo is congruent with your business's identity.

How do I come up with cake logo ideas?

  1. Write down the qualities you want your logo to communicate.
  2. Add your business's core values to the list.
  3. Look for images and symbols that capture these qualities and values.
  4. Study the logos you like to understand your preferences.
  5. Try interesting fonts that resonate with your brand.
  6. Use a logo maker to further explore and refine your ideas.

What is a modern cake logo design?

A modern cake logo design is one that uses colors, symbols, and typefaces that resonate with modern consumers and follow modern trends.

The logo's colors, typeface, and images will work together in a way that clearly communicates the qualities associated with homemade products. These could be things like high-quality ingredients, generous portions, tradition, etc.

You can create, edit, and download free cake logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

You can use Zarla to create a range of cake logos, from 3D to minimalistic ones.

The icon, font, and colors of the birthday cake logo should all communicate ideas and qualities associated with birthdays. While you don't have to include a picture of a cake, the logo should comprise vibrant colors, as well as lettering that conveys happiness and celebration.

When making a cake logo, start with what you want it to say about your business and target market. Pay attention to how icons, typefaces, and colors work together to create feelings and communicate a message. Use our cake logo generator to explore and finetune your ideas.

How can I get a cake logo in PNG format?

You can design your cake logo and download it in PNG format on Zarla for free. PNG format is good for logos because it doesn't lose quality when you compress it and it allows for transparent backgrounds.

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