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Marketing logo for a business called Good Rocket Edit

Simple and compelling, the red paper jet flying through a ring creates the illusion of motion and stimulates a feeling of adventure and progress. It will be recognized easily. The rounded typeface balances well with the ring of the icon. Red represents energy and determination.

Marketing logo for a business called Good Rocket Edit

Negative space has been used in the icon to create the illusion of speed and flight. The clean, slight font is both tidy and compelling. It reads well. Orange represents creativity, enthusiasm, and success. The simplistic design of the logo ensures its versatility.

Marketing logo for a business called Good Rocket Edit

The logo is interesting because the icon seems to tell a story. A rocket is soaring off into space. The orange circle represents a planet of energy, joy, and success. The rounded Alata typeface mirrors the circular shape of the icon in its lettering. This is a unique and original design.

Marketing logo for a business called Good Rocket Edit

The icon in this logo includes a star, a lightbulb, and a swooping line. The star represents uniqueness and success. The lightbulb represents ideas. The swoop hints at the image of a rocket blasting into orbit. The futuristic icon works well with the old style font, adding to the logo's appeal.

Marketing logo for a business called Good Rocket Edit

Originality is a powerful principle in logo design and this logo has taken a route that avoids cliché. The icon is reminiscent of old computer graphics and it can be argued to represent a rocket blipping by. As a shape, it is memorable and interesting.

Marketing logo for a business called Good Rocket Edit

This logo's simplicity allows it to be used across a range of materials and sizes. The icon uses red and pink to draw the eye into the geometric image. The rich red represents passion, power, and determination. The pink softens this a bit with its friendliness. The font is clean and modern.

Marketing logo for a business called Good Rocket Edit

This logo has an infectious whimsy to it. The icon is a new and original take on the infinity symbol. The Alice typeface, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, is eclectic and old-fashioned. Together, the icon and logo create a quaint playfulness that is ideal for a brand that is youthful and fun.

Marketing logo for a business called Good Rocket Edit

With the right typeface, a logo doesn't need anything else. Here we see a typeface that is quaint and eclectic with its rounded features and playful serif. It conveys much about the brand's identity: the brand is creative, energetic, and daring, but also thoughtful and measured.

Marketing logo for a business called Good Rocket Edit

While globes are a cliché, this one is used in an interesting and memorable way. The use of negative space is evocative and compelling. The flourish of what seems like pixelated flame or bubbles adds exuberance. The orange, black, and white complement each other well and instill a sense of joy.

Marketing logo for a business called Good Rocket Edit

Circular shapes in logo design are reminiscent of stamps, and here the stamp is reimagined and reinvigorated. The icon looks like multiple rockets zooming toward a single goal, and, in so doing, has created a bloom or blazing sun. This is a compelling image that speaks of energy and longevity.


A marketing logo is a small design using various elements such as color, typography, and imagery that is meant to represent a marketing company and its products and services.

Zarla is an AI-powered logo maker that you can use for free to generate, customize, and download your own marketing logo.

  1. Simplicity.
  2. Originality.
  3. Recognizability.
  4. Versatility.
  5. Longevity.

Your marketing company's logo represents your business. It conveys to the world your company's purpose, vision, and character. It acts as a point of identification and is used by others to recognize your brand.

Is there a marketing logo maker?

You can use Zarla to make a logo for your marketing business. Combining AI with designs created by real and gifted designers, Zarla will generate thousands of logos for you.

How can I get a marketing logo design for free?

You can create, edit, and download free marketing logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

Where can I find marketing logo inspiration?

  • Study the logos of other businesses.
  • Research the principles of design, the psychology of color, and the meanings of shapes.
  • Read through your core values and vision statement.
  • Look around for metaphors and symbols that capture your unique values and qualities.
  • Use a logo maker to generate ideas and experiment with typography, color, and shape.

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