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Maze Logo Ideas:



Maze logo for a business called Mazest. Edit

The icon's hypnotism pulls clients in and simulates the feeling of getting lost in a maze. When paired with lively lime green, this design exudes excitement and fantasy — both admirable qualities. The Cormorant Unicase typeface's uppercase letters are bold but elegant, adding a refined final touch.

Maze logo for a business called Mazest. Edit

The dashing Cinzel Decorative typeface takes charge in this striking design, which relies on passionate colors and imagery to set the atmosphere of your maze. The icon's similarity to a maze of spiraling stairs hints at a corporate brand with big ambitions, themes stressed by the confident red tone.

Maze logo for a business called Mazest. Edit

While the stately appearance of the Marcellus SC typeface seems bold and admirable in deep red, the icon's outline of curving arrows adds to the logo's distinct personality. When combined with the gray tone, which denotes intellect and efficiency, the circular maze defines a brand with fresh ideas.

Maze logo for a business called Mazest. Edit

Orange is the color of joy and inventiveness, representing a company that aims to provide unforgettable client experiences. While the Pirata One typeface has dramatic, jagged strokes that evoke fear and intrigue, it's the icon's smart use of negative space and modernity that brings the maze to life.

Maze logo for a business called Mazest. Edit

In this exquisite design, the modern lines of the Monoton typeface serve to replicate the intricate pathways of a mysterious maze, forming a marketable brand identifier. While the midnight blue backdrop feels ominous and alluring, the white flames add an edgy flair that will intrigue adventurers.

Maze logo for a business called Mazest. Edit

In summer sky blue, the color of intellect and dependability, the maze's intricacies are accentuated and stand out as modest, matching a dynamic brand identity that wants to inspire trust. Rubik is a robust, angular typeface composed of bold letterforms that perfectly balance the shapes in the icon.

Maze logo for a business called Mazest. Edit

The slender, uppercase letters of the Marcellus SC typeface hold a strong presence in this modern design, providing a balanced visual identifier. Pink accents lend vibrancy and innovation to the design, while the bending maze has an abstract quality that would complement a variety of businesses.

Maze logo for a business called Mazest. Edit

The star of this logo is its color palette, which consists of spirited red and muted gold to project adventure and quality, traits that would suit a confident brand statement. While the Judson typeface's formality enhances the logo's premium feel, the icon's creative labyrinth adds personality.

Maze logo for a business called Mazest. Edit

The spiraling maze is a bewitching focal point that captures consumers' attention while promoting mystery and creativity. These alluring ideas are softened by the blue hue, which lends vibrancy and energy. The curve of the KoHo typeface contributes to the circular theme, adding a balanced finish.

Maze logo for a business called Mazest. Edit

While the icon's tribal appeal speaks to a company that appreciates culture and beautiful settings, a monochromatic color scheme improves brand visibility and implies accuracy. The practical writing of the Poppins typeface contrasts the elaborate linework, giving it a smooth and clean appearance.

Maze logo for a business called Mazest. Edit

With its creative reimagining of a crystal with contrasting colors, this design takes on a futuristic appeal perfect for a brand with fresh ideas. The hints of green imply growth and prosperity, while the prominent letters of the Play typeface allow your brand name to make a memorable impression.

Maze logo for a business called Mazest. Edit

The icon's circular accents mimic circuits, indicating a brand in the electrical or IT fields. The icon's abstract quality takes on a modern look when paired with its golden-orange tone, which exudes positivity and good energy. The Rubik typeface's mechanical look complements the logo's aesthetic.

Maze logo for a business called Mazest. Edit

The gently curved shape of the KoHo typeface is sleek and contemporary, harmonizing with the monochromatic color scheme. Green tones indicate safety and balance, while the icon's hexagonal design promotes accuracy and inventiveness, which are good qualities for a marketing or graphic design agency.

Maze logo for a business called Mazest. Edit

When combined with a midnight blue backdrop, the white details appear clean and sophisticated, suiting a prestigious club or society. While a floral design continues this theme of beauty and refinement, the complex strokes of the ZCOOL XiaoWei typeface mirror its minimalistic linework nicely.

Maze logo for a business called Mazest. Edit

Including space between each element in the icon creates good visual breathing room, a technique that will aid in identifying your brand. In confident blue, the Play typeface's letterforms appear neat and authoritative, adding distinction to your brand name, while the orange hue refreshes the logo.

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Where can I find a maze logo design in SVG format?

You can use Zarla to create and download maze logos in vector format. To get started, browse through our examples and select your favorite design, or use our logo maker.

  1. Research existing maze logo designs and identify design elements that work well together.
  2. Consider your brand and how you want to attract your target market.
  3. Use a logo maker and experiment with colors, icons, and typefaces.
  4. Show your ideas to trusted peers and ask for honest feedback.
  5. Choose the best logo design.

Where can I download maze logos in PNG format?

Zarla's logo maker allows you to download maze logos in PNG format. To work from a template, click "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or use our logo maker to start from scratch.

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