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Crystal logo for a business called Crystallized. Edit

This simple design uses a confident golden color scheme that is associated with success, knowledge, and high quality. The Rosarivo typeface was designed for use in letterpress printing and has a luxurious appeal and elegant details, while the trio of geometric gems suggest variety and expertise.

Crystal logo for a business called Crystallized. Edit

The contemporary white on aqua design evokes feelings of rejuvenation, clarity, and dreaminess. The sharp diamond shape creates a sense of precision and strength. The faceted linework details in the icon pick up on the neat character forms of the Questrial typeface, creating a coherent composition.

Crystal logo for a business called Crystallized. Edit

This logo forgoes the use of an icon to create a minimalist text design that foregrounds your business name. Blue has connotations of precision and professionalism, while the Josefin typeface is geometric and elegant. Its neat letters and subtle curves will give your brand a sophisticated appeal.

Crystal logo for a business called Crystallized. Edit

The golden-brown icon and the dark background give this design an earthy but luxurious feel. Inspired by first-century Roman inscriptions, the Cinzel Decorative typeface reinforces this sense of quality. The symmetrical jewel icon radiates crystalline shards, making for a powerful symbol.

Crystal logo for a business called Crystallized. Edit

The circular icon containing the moon, a gem, and a star, creates a sense of mysticism and intrigue. The eclectic Alice typeface reinforces the enchanting appeal with its graceful curved details and rounded features, while the golden color scheme creates an impression of sophistication and elegance.

Crystal logo for a business called Crystallized. Edit

The various crystals in this icon seem to sparkle under the rim of the moon, creating a magical impression. The midnight blue background reinforces this sense of enchantment and allows the white text and lighter blue icon to pop. The timeless Poppins typeface is clear and helps to ground the design.

Crystal logo for a business called Crystallized. Edit

The heart shape icon and tones of light and dark pink convey a sense of warmth and softness, giving this faceted symbol a sense of dimensionality. The dark blue color and delicate features of the DM Serif Text typeface complement and balance the warmer tones and sharp details in the icon.

Crystal logo for a business called Crystallized. Edit

This delicate icon juxtaposes soft floral lines with sharp geometric edges, creating a dynamic and nuanced symbol. The deep maroon background conveys success, luxury, and quality. The delicate linework in the icon is contrasted with the prominent and sophisticated Cormorant Unicase typeface.

Crystal logo for a business called Crystallized. Edit

This mandala icon evokes a sense of detail and wonder. The green symbol is calming and brings in a sense of nature and security. The gray Philosopher typeface adds professionalism to the design, while maintaining an air of mystery and energy through the intriguing curves and charming characters.

Crystal logo for a business called Crystallized. Edit

The crowned ring icon conjures notions of opulence and luxury. The black backdrop roots the design with connotations of strength and sophistication that are complemented by the white and gray elements, evoking a sense of simplicity and peace. The Pridi typeface adds a solid foundation to the design.

Mystical Logos

20 enchanting logo ideas for your business.


  1. Consider the type of products or services that your business will offer and who your target market will be.
  2. Have a look at other brands' logos to spark ideas.
  3. Do some research and make a list of intriguing symbols, imagery, and colors.
  4. Use a logo maker to craft your ideas and create the perfect logo for your crystal company.

Where can I download free crystal logos?

You can create, edit, and download free crystal logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by going to our home page.

Opt for classic typefaces like Rosarivo, Cinzel Decorative, and Cormorant Unicase to complement the style and grace of your brand name. Simple linework icons are understated and highlight the fine elegance of your products. Crisp and contrasting color choices will give your logo the clean and sparkly pop that grabs your customers' attention.

Crystals are characterized by angular geometry and sharp form. Use this as inspiration to create a facetted icon design that will clearly capture the essence of your business. Abstract designs can highlight the more mystical nature of crystals. Experiment with symmetrical mandala designs or juxtapose curved lines with deliberately edgy forms.

For a more understated look, go for earthy tones like golds and charcoals. A monochromatic color palette is crisp, versatile, and attention-grabbing. Try adding a splash of color to make your grayscale design pop. For a bolder brand, experiment with a white design against a bright and present background color.

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