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Medical logo for a business called MediUnit Edit

The cross is a culturally significant symbol that represents health, which would suit a range of medical businesses. The dark purple background denotes power and stability, suggesting that your clinic will take good care of patients. The large lettering of the Poppins Bold font is eye-catching.

Medical logo for a business called MediUnit Edit

The blue and green color scheme of the geometric icon symbolizes growth and harmony, suggesting that your business will help improve the health of patients with revitalizing treatments. The dark lettering of the Kodcahsan typeface contrasts well with the light icon, and balances the design.

Medical logo for a business called MediUnit Edit

The stethoscope icon is heart-shaped, which suggests that you will take good care of your patients. The yellow and blue color scheme is superhero-esque, which could indicate that your medical business saves and protects patients. The Rosarivo typeface adds a touch of elegance to the design.

Medical logo for a business called MediUnit Edit

The bold cross and check icon inspires notions of health and wellness, suggesting that clients will check the right box when choosing to use your medical services. The Cinzel typeface demands attention with large, bold lettering, which is accentuated by the dark blue color scheme.

Medical logo for a business called MediUnit Edit

The blue color scheme symbolizes calmness and tranquility, suggesting that you'll put nervous patients at ease. The joyous icon adds to the idea that your business creates a safe, happy environment for patients. The curved shape of the icon is balanced by the sharp Rosarivo typeface.

Medical logo for a business called MediUnit Edit

The eye and clustered crosses suggest that your medical eye clinic will put a sparkle back in the eyes of your patients. The bold Cinzel typeface is a sophisticated addition to the logo, and contrasts with the smoothness of the icon. The blue and red color scheme denotes trust and strength.

Medical logo for a business called MediUnit Edit

The hands holding the heart suggest that patients are in good hands at your medical business. The legible Poppins typeface complements the smooth lines of the icon, which symbolizes healing and strength. It also pairs well with the shades of blue and black, denoting power and authenticity.

Medical logo for a business called MediUnit Edit

This icon depicts hands holding a body, suggesting that your business specializes in the physical therapy of patients. The dark color scheme symbolizes prestige and formality, which accentuates the authoritative Kodchasan typeface. The hint of pink suggests that your business caters to women.

Medical logo for a business called MediUnit Edit

The icon features a male glyph combined with the caduceus, which is an international symbol of health. This powerful image suggests that your medical business caters to men. The thin lines of the Cinzel typeface complement the minimalistic shape of the icon, and the shades of blue denote calmness.

Medical logo for a business called MediUnit Edit

The hand holding a heart suggests that your medical business specializes in heart health. This concept is boosted by the heart rate line. The blue color scheme denotes vitality and integrity, which highlights the smooth, clean lines of the Sen Bold font that will suit a friendly, approachable brand.


To create a unique medical logo, you could start by researching your competitors to see what logo designs already exist. Brainstorm some ideas and think about your brand message. You can then use a medical logo maker for inspiration. Mix and match a few icons, colors, and typefaces to create a logo that feels authentic to your brand.

Where can I make a medical logo for free?

You can create, edit, and download free medical logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

What is a creative medical logo design?

A creative medical logo will include a bold font and a fun color palette that exudes style and trendiness. Icons such as hearts, hands, or medical symbols will also add a unique touch to your logo. See our collection of creative logo suggestions to spark your imagination.

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