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Motorcycle logo for a business called Hog Heroes. Edit

Bright red is a passionate, sexy color that will draw attention to your brand and have customers coveting one of your motorbikes. The realistic icon shows your business's attention to detail and the skill you bring to manufacturing, repairing, or selling the bikes. The techno Bruno Ace SC typeface, inspired by cars, is perfect for this brand.

Motorcycle logo for a business called Hog Heroes. Edit

This biker zooming off on a motorbike may inspire feelings of envy, desire, and hopes for the future, encouraging customers to dream of owning their own motorcycle. The Days One typeface brings a headlining quality to your brand name, showing that your business is newsworthy, while the dark color palette shows a grungy, professional aesthetic.

Motorcycle logo for a business called Hog Heroes. Edit

The techno-futuristic Audiowide typeface brings a cool, retro gothic style to your logo that hints at skilled, dedicated riding clubs. The wings on the back of the motorcycle complement this idea, hinting at the Hells Angels Corporation. Meanwhile, the monochromatic bright red color palette shows dedication to and passion for motorcycle life.

Motorcycle logo for a business called Hog Heroes. Edit

Yellow-orange will shine amongst the competition, bringing attention to your brand, and conveying a warm and excited energy. The dark Exo typeface aids in brand name memorability, while the slant of the letters adds a feeling of motion that underscores the side view of the motorcycle, making it seem as if the bike is riding off into the sunset.

Motorcycle logo for a business called Hog Heroes. Edit

Motion lines behind the motorcycle and rider convey a dynamic energy that will appeal to dedicated bikers. The black color palette shows the professionalism of your business but also the power and elegance of a good motorcycle. Meanwhile, the contemporary Monda typeface optimizes this logo for use in online and social media marketing.

Motorcycle logo for a business called Hog Heroes. Edit

The clean lines of the Miriam Libre typeface create a modern logo design with a minimalistic style that will appeal to a trend-setting target market. The almost cartoon style of the icon continues this modern theme, highlighting a softer, more approachable aesthetic, and the monochromatic red stimulates customers to act now and buy a motorcycle.

Motorcycle logo for a business called Hog Heroes. Edit

An earthy brown color palette conveys ideas of safety and stability, hinting at a store that sells safety gear for bikers, or perhaps a motorcycle repair shop. The detailed, yet clean image of a bike hints at precision and attention to detail, while the original Russo One typeface complements the stylish, casual feel of this design.

Motorcycle logo for a business called Hog Heroes. Edit

The futuristic style of the Rajdhani typeface complements a brand that is innovative and forward-thinking when it comes to new motorcycle designs and features. The use of negative space in the icon almost gives the bike the appearance of a face, making a great mascot for your brand, while tones of blue encourage trust in your customers.

Motorcycle logo for a business called Hog Heroes. Edit

The shadow under one wheel and the motion lines create the impression of a motorcycle landing after a jump, like in dirt bike racing. The brown tone seems to encourage this theme, suggesting a motorcycle business specializing in dirt bikes, while the Roboto Condensed typeface offers both a mechanical structure and an open welcome to customers.

Motorcycle logo for a business called Hog Heroes. Edit

Dark blue conveys the skill and experience of your motorcycle brand, encouraging customers to trust your products. The softly rounded Sansation typeface hints at personal interactions in your business dealings, suggesting all customers will find their perfect motorcycle. The wings make a fantastic emblem that would look great on a jacket.

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Where can I find motorcycle logos with names?

Go to NameSnack's free business name generator to come up with a unique business name then head on over to Zarla and use our free logo maker to generate a customizable logo design using your business name.

Are there any motorcycle logos with wings?

We have created a collection of motorcycle logo examples for you to browse and use. A few of our examples include wings, and you can customize any of our templates to include wings in your design.

How do I come up with motorcycle logo designs?

  1. Review your business plan for design inspiration.
  2. Research your top competitors' logos to ensure your design will be unique.
  3. Use a logo maker to generate some ideas and experiment with different icons, colors, and typefaces.
  4. Create a few logos and ask friends, family, and potential customers for feedback.
  5. Use the feedback to tweak the best option and download it.

What is the purpose of old motorcycle logos?

A vintage or emblematic style logo gives your motorcycle brand a sense of prestige and tradition, telling customers that your brand is established, legitimate, and trustworthy.

What are some famous motorcycle logos?

  • Honda.
  • Harley-Davidson.
  • BMW.
  • Yamaha.
  • Suzuki.
  • Ducati.

Where can I download a motorcycle logo for free?

You can create, edit, and download motorcycle logos for free with Zarla's logo maker by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by going to our logo maker.

Why should my motorcycle logo be in PNG format?

PNG logos are useful branding tools because they can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds, meaning your motorcycle logo can be used on any surface and on promotional materials.

How can I find ideas for my motorcycle logo brand?

  • Review your business plan.
  • Consider what motorcycles and the biker's life mean to you.
  • Think about why you are starting your business.
  • Evoke a strong emotion in your design.
  • Research your top competitors to see what works and what doesn't.
  • Research color theory for inspiration.

What motorcycle logo images should I use?

  • A stylized motorcycle.
  • Wings.
  • A helmet.
  • A leather jacket with a biker's emblem.
  • An emblem.
  • A hog's head.

Where can I find motorcycle logo ideas for Instagram?

Zarla's logo maker offers users customizable logo templates and free downloads in a variety of preset sizes, including one perfect for social media like Instagram.

What are some cool motorcycle logo ideas?

Introduce dynamic energy into your motorcycle logo through motion lines, slanted typography, and the placement of your icon. A bright red color palette adds a sexy, passionate quality while a black color palette conveys the power of a motorcycle. Complete your cool motorcycle logo with a techno-futuristic typeface such as Audiowide.

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