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News logo for a business called Everywire. Edit

The spiral represents the ubiquity of information and depicts the flow of the modern news cycle. This is a suitable logo for a 24-hour news business that strives to keep its viewers in the know. Blue conveys professionalism and the gothic lettering of the Cinzel typeface gives the logo status.

News logo for a business called Everywire. Edit

The unraveling pencil expresses quality writing and speed of communication, suiting an award-winning journalistic brand. The dominant black color evokes class and sophistication, perhaps branding your company as erudite, while the Elsie Swash typeface is on-brand with its elegant loops and swirls.

News logo for a business called Everywire. Edit

Before the industrial era, birds such as ravens were used to distribute information. The wings and tail of the bird denote speed and accuracy, and its black color gives it prestige, mirroring the raven's skin. The Odibee typeface has sharp points and round curves that match the outline of the bird.

News logo for a business called Everywire. Edit

The speech bubble represents social networks, and the high-five denotes interaction and connection. This suits a news brand with a social component that lets its readers interact with journalists. Blue and green are fun and lively colors, and the Mitr typeface has a bold and authoritative presence.

News logo for a business called Everywire. Edit

The camera with an image of a connected globe is a fitting way of saying, "see every perspective," or "become a global citizen." The neutral brown color palette hints at serious content, such as current affairs, while the dripping blood effect of the Nosifer typeface foreshadows political conflict.

News logo for a business called Everywire. Edit

The "B" symbol represents Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, and the circle around it acts as a metaphor for complete coverage. This is a great way of saying "we cover financial markets." Green mimics the color of money, and the clean and precise lines of the Barlow typeface instills confidence.

News logo for a business called Everywire. Edit

The images that make up this icon depict finance, science, and current affairs. The circle around it represents coverage and suits a news company that provides holistic reporting. The neutral color palette conveys professionalism, and the Changa typeface has a heaviness that denotes importance.

News logo for a business called Everywire. Edit

This fun logo shows a delivery truck delivering what we can assume to be the newspaper. This nostalgic image will appeal to older generations, suiting a news business that specializes in print media. Black and red bring contrast, while the Libre Baskerville typeface is intricate and refined.

News logo for a business called Everywire. Edit

The kettlebell, flames, and swoosh come together to say "we are a dynamic sports news company." The swoosh creates dynamism and hints at breaking news, and its orange color is energizing and pairs nicely with the professional blue. The Righteous typeface has sharp, thin lines that suit a mobile app.

News logo for a business called Everywire. Edit

Not every typeface can hold the stage in a logo without its supporting cast of icons and arresting colors, but the Monoton typeface has enough visual candy to attract the eye. Its parallel lines resemble wires and project a sense of motion and dynamism that suits a fast-paced news brand.

Media Company Logos

10 modern logo ideas for your media company.


  1. Think about your news industry niche and unique brand qualities.
  2. Think of symbols that represent your company's offerings.
  3. Use a logo maker to come up with a few ideas for your news logo.
  4. Pick your favorites and tweak them until you're happy.
  5. Use the feedback of family and friends to narrow your final selection.
  6. Download your final selection.

See our collection of news logo ideas to get inspiration for your own news logo design. You can also use a logo generator like Zarla to create hundreds of news logo templates in just a few seconds, including trending news logos, local news logos, and more.

Where can I find a breaking news logo maker?

With Zarla, business owners can create their own breaking news logo, including a breaking news logo in 3D. Simply enter some keywords associated with breaking news, such as "current events," "politics," "sports" — or whatever is pertinent to your business — and let Zarla find the perfect match.

Where can I find a 3D news logo maker?

Use Zarla to customize your news logo to your liking. Choose from a wide array of colors, typefaces, and icons, including icons that have depth, height, or shadows, creating a 3D effect.

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