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Pet store logo for a business called Purrfect Pets. Edit

A dark gray-brown color palette symbolizes the dependability of your store, highlighting the security and safety of your pet supplies. The bird within a cage suggests a pet store that provides supplies for the care and housing of pets, while the Hind Madurai typeface's monolinear strokes complement the geometric frame of the icon.

Pet store logo for a business called Purrfect Pets. Edit

The blocks that represent different pets make a great icon for a pet shop that caters both to pet care and offers various pets for purchase. The Art Deco Righteous typeface tells customers they can expect colorful, creative toys, blankets, and leads, while green and blue suggest customers can trust your products to help their pets grow.

Pet store logo for a business called Purrfect Pets. Edit

The warm chocolate brown background creates a brand message of comfort, support, and stability, emphasizing the feelings owning pets brings to animal lovers. The range of pets in the icon shows the different pet care items that customers can expect, while the friendly Mitr typeface welcomes all customers and their pets to your store.

Pet store logo for a business called Purrfect Pets. Edit

The rounded Asap typeface is a good choice for a brand that does a lot of online marketing — perfect for a pet store that takes online orders and ships. Bright orange suggests a brand message of creativity and sociability, hinting that this store brings pet owners together. Meanwhile, the icon conveys a store that sells home aquarium supplies.

Pet store logo for a business called Purrfect Pets. Edit

A vivid orange background draws attention to your brand, conveying positivity and ambition to succeed and be the best in the pet care industry. The retro Concert One typeface hints at a brand tradition that customers can trust in, while the cartoon depiction of a cat and dog creates an appealing family-friendly atmosphere.

Pet store logo for a business called Purrfect Pets. Edit

A near-black color palette creates a clean, contemporary design, highlighting a professional brand. The seriousness of the color is contrasted by the playful animals in the icon, suggesting a pet store where children can play with the animals for sale. The Sarabun typeface complements the modern black, reinforcing the professional appeal.

Pet store logo for a business called Purrfect Pets. Edit

The large paw above a classic bone symbol can be used to indicate a pet store that focuses on providing a range of foods for your pets. Bright yellow-green adds a happy, lively energy to this design that links your food products with pets' happiness and health, while the rounded Poppins typeface complements the positivity and welcome of the logo.

Pet store logo for a business called Purrfect Pets. Edit

The symmetry and balance achieved in this design is visually pleasing, aiding in brand memorability. Tones of green give the design a sense of tranquility and peace, suiting the image of love birds, and also suggests a store that helps pets thrive. Meanwhile, the strong Gothic A1 typeface complements the design's balance with well-spaced letters.

Pet store logo for a business called Purrfect Pets. Edit

The teenaged handwriting style of the Gochi Hand typeface gives this design a casual, family friendly appeal. The large paw makes good use of negative space, outlining a cat and dog silhouette to show the focus of your pet store, while bright pink stands out from the competition and sends a brand message of care and compassion.

Pet store logo for a business called Purrfect Pets. Edit

The fish tank on a shopping cart is a clear symbol for the focus of your business, leaving customers with little doubt what your business offers and helping them to remember your brand. Bright orange shows the creativity of your aquarium offerings, while the rounded Sniglet typeface helps the brand name stand out and grab attention.

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How do I come up with pet store logo ideas?

  1. Review your business plan and brand message for design ideas.
  2. Define what sets you apart from other companies and how best to convey that in your design.
  3. Research your top competition for inspiration.
  4. Use logo maker to create interesting logo ideas.
  5. Experiment with different icons, colors, and typefaces to create up to 10 designs.
  6. Show your top designs to friends and family for feedback.
  7. Use the feedback to tweak the top design and download it.

Where can I find cute pet store logos?

You can create, edit, and download pet store logo ideas for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by using our logo maker.

What should a modern pet shop logo look like?

A modern design focuses on minimalism and simplicity to create a timeless look. Therefore, you should try a simple line drawing for your logo, complemented with a monochromatic color palette and a clean, geometric typeface. You should also consider trying some of the current design trends, such as funky typefaces, 80s revival, or animated logos.

Where can I download a pet shop logo design for free?

Try Zarla's free AI-powered logo maker to create hundreds of logo designs in seconds from just a few input keywords. Each template is fully customizable and can be downloaded for free.

Why should my pet shop logo be in PNG format?

Logos in PNG format are ideal for branding as they can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds, making them perfect for transfer onto a variety of marketing materials and promotional items.

Is there a pet store logo font?

There are various pet-themed fonts that would be perfect for a pet shop, such as Cute Meow, Paw Wow, Corgy Puppy, and Oriental Cats.

Where can I find a pet store logo template?

We have created a collection of pet store logo templates for you to browse and use. Alternatively, go to our logo maker to create your own template from scratch.

What should my pet supplies logo look like?

Try an icon that suggests food or nutrition, along with an animal or paw print so customers don't get confused. You can combine your icon with an earthy color palette, or bright red which stimulates the appetite, and an appealing, handwritten typeface to convey that all clients are welcome and your pet food is priced to suit all budgets.

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