Psychiatrist Logo Ideas:



Psychiatrist logo for a business called Kind Minds. Edit

Dark blue reassures clients of your psychiatrists' expertise and knowledge helping to build trust in your brand. The icon shows two figures face to face, showing your business focus and how psychiatrists work one-on-one, while the geometric Sen typeface provides a stable base that is sensible yet still friendly and welcoming to patients.

Psychiatrist logo for a business called Kind Minds. Edit

Butterflies are symbolic of transformation, rebirth, and hope, and the figures rejoicing in the many butterflies show how your clients will feel after sessions with you. The well-balanced Nunito Sans typeface balances the busy icon and draws attention to the business name. Blue shows reliability and encourages trust in customers.

Psychiatrist logo for a business called Kind Minds. Edit

This is a joyful logo with rays of light coming from the figure's mind indicating the healing that can occur with regular psychiatric sessions. This theme is enhanced by the positivity-radiating orange in the center of the logo, drawing the eye straight into the logo. The classic Cinzel typeface adds a sense of tradition and professionalism.

Psychiatrist logo for a business called Kind Minds. Edit

The old-style Cardo typeface suggests a high-quality service, an idea complemented and enhanced by the blue tones, which convey the reliability, knowledge, and skill of your business. The head icon made up of puzzle pieces is a good description of how psychiatry works — working hard to create and see the bigger picture.

Psychiatrist logo for a business called Kind Minds. Edit

A black-and-white color palette demands respect for your brand and shows the authority and professionalism of your business. The smooth Arya typeface flows with the icon, developing pathways that the eye can follow and creating a soothing, tranquil atmosphere. The trinity knot that forms the figure symbolizes hope for eternal health.

Psychiatrist logo for a business called Kind Minds. Edit

A tree weaving its branches through the brain is a beautifully evocative image of mental health and growth — highlighting your brand message. The earthy brown color palette gives clients a feeling of security in your business's sincerity and empathy, while the rounded Nunito Sans typeface brings a sense of openness and welcome.

Psychiatrist logo for a business called Kind Minds. Edit

The rounded Rubik typeface sets the stage for a brand message of welcome, understanding, and empathy — great traits for a psychiatrist. The two profiles suggest that you walk side by side with your clients through their journey of healing. In contrast, the serious, solemn character of the dark gray color palette conveys your professionalism.

Psychiatrist logo for a business called Kind Minds. Edit

Green creates a soothing, relaxing color palette to put your clients at ease and subtly references health and healing. This theme is complemented by the growing twig with leaves forming the outline of a brain, emphasizing the focus on mental health and well-being. Meanwhile, the Lusitana typeface has an epic quality that aids brand memorability.

Psychiatrist logo for a business called Kind Minds. Edit

This interesting design references the inner workings of the mind and works well with the touch of green to hint at the healing process of talking to a psychiatrist. The dark blue background conveys your business expertise and knowledge in your field, while the Laila typeface provides a soft, comforting aesthetic to reassure clients.

Psychiatrist logo for a business called Kind Minds. Edit

The combination of blue and gray works well together to create a soothing atmosphere that is professional and trustworthy. The geometric Poppins typeface complements this message of stability and loyalty to the client, while the interesting floral motif conveys both support for your clients and celebration of their accomplishments.

Counseling Logos

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  1. Think about your area of expertise and your business values.
  2. Study the logos of your top competitors for inspiration.
  3. Use a free logo maker to experiment with different colors, icons, and fonts.
  4. Show your top designs to colleagues and ask for feedback.
  5. Edit the best logo as needed and download the final version.

Where can I get psychiatrist logos for free?

You can create, edit, and download psychiatrist logos for free with Zarla's logo maker by clicking on "Edit" below one of our examples.

What are some good psychiatrist logos images?

Consider images that reference health and healing, such as nature icons or medical crosses. You could also look at images that hint at the nature of your business, such as two faces or brain scans. Take a look at our collection of psychiatrist logo ideas for inspiration.

Where can I download a psychiatrist logo in PNG format?

Zarla's logo maker allows you to create, edit, and download psychiatrist logos in PNG format for free. PNG images can be downloaded with a transparent background, making them ideal options for branding.

What should my neuropsychiatry logo look like?

A neuropsychiatry logo should have a more medical-focused approach. Try a realistic image of a brain combined with a blue or green color palette, and completed with a structured, geometric typeface, such as Nunito Sans, to show the professionalism of your brand.

Is there a psychiatrist logo template?

Zarla's free logo maker generates hundreds of logo templates in seconds from just a few input keywords. Each template is customizable and can be downloaded for free in both PNG and vector formats.

Where can I find a great mental health psychiatrist logo idea?

  • Go through your business plan for design ideas.
  • Consider your background and why you got into psychiatry.
  • Think about what mental health means to you.
  • Research your top competitors and take a look at their logos for ideas.

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