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Counseling logo for a business called Humanistic. Edit

The hand sweeping in creates a visually dynamic icon that's brimming with positive energy. This idea is bolstered by the vibrant orange hue, which is often used to symbolize joy, optimism, and excitement — themes that will foster trust in your services. The Alatsi typeface, characterized by its sharp and distinct letters, adds a touch of modernity.

Counseling logo for a business called Humanistic. Edit

The Alata typeface's delicate characters add a minimalistic foundation, but it's the boldness and sheer confidence of the black setting that's truly captivating. The icon, a figure reaching for a star, is an inspiring visual, especially when paired with the ascending bar graphs, which do well to visualize your patients' positive progress.

Counseling logo for a business called Humanistic. Edit

The little leaves sprouting from the fingertips form an intricate and visually appealing logo that tells a story of growth. Bathed in a warm, terra-cotta hue, the icon's intricate details burst to life, while the cool gray tone offers balance and a touch of formality. Presented in the gentle Poppins typeface, the brand name exudes casual elegance.

Counseling logo for a business called Humanistic. Edit

If your counseling business offers couples or group sessions, envision this imaginative design, which artfully incorporates earthy elements to highlight your soothing and nurturing qualities. While green and blue are calming colors that build on your icon's natural themes, the modest letters of the Montserrat typeface provide a polished finish.

Counseling logo for a business called Humanistic. Edit

Known for its clean aesthetic and great readability, the Proza Libre typeface pairs seamlessly with the classic white hue. Coupled with a vibrant blue tone, often used to evoke serenity and ideas of professionalism, the visual of hands reaching for the stars is enhanced. The sprinkle of stars adds a whimsical touch that highlights your personality.

Counseling logo for a business called Humanistic. Edit

Opting for a vibrant color combination of orange and purple is perfect for a counseling service aiming to highlight its creativity and originality. Nestled within a heart, the figure exudes a joyful energy that can instantly soothe anxious patients. The Public Sans typeface's humble aesthetic allows the icon to shine prominently on promoted items.

Counseling logo for a business called Humanistic. Edit

While green is a versatile color that instills themes of hope, harmony, and optimism, the solid design of a medical cross calls to patients looking for care and comfort. With its all-capital letters and sharp strokes, the SeoulHangang typeface commands attention nicely. Together, these elements form a timeless design full of marketing potential.

Counseling logo for a business called Humanistic. Edit

The Cormorant Unicase typeface comprises refined and towering letterforms that build on the logo's professional aesthetic. While the splash of red enlivens the design, denoting ideas of vitality and confidence, the lively figure surrounded by little stars complements a counseling service that helps patients unlock the best version of themselves.

Counseling logo for a business called Humanistic. Edit

The icon of hands holding a heart is a marketing gem, as it instantly conveys notions of empathy, support, and human connection. The dependable qualities of the blue tone make it a trustworthy color choice, which is perfectly complemented by the formal gray hue. The Caudex typeface appears strong and polished, giving the brand name confidence.

Counseling logo for a business called Humanistic. Edit

The icon's generous visual breathing room amplifies the impact of the icon, which features a modern reinterpretation of a figure to truly captivate your customers. The distinct characters of the SeoulHangang typeface lend the brand name some class and individuality, while the gold hue solidifies the logo's prestigious and elegant charm.

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Where can I download counseling logos for free?

Try using Zarla — a logo maker to generate, customize, and download counseling logos for free. To get started, simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or use our logo maker.

How do I create a good counseling logo design?

  1. Consider your target market and the message you want to communicate.
  2. Research competitors' logos and identify design elements that will help your logo stand apart.
  3. Use a logo maker to experiment with different colors, icons, and typefaces.
  4. Share some logo ideas with trusted peers and ask for honest feedback.
  5. Tweak and download the logo with the best feedback.

What are the colors for counseling logos?

The color palette you choose for your counseling logo will depend on the message you want to communicate. For example, those looking to convey energy, innovation, and excitement should choose vibrant colors like orange and purple, while those looking to convey professionalism should opt for more timeless colors, including blue, black, and green.

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