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Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

Candles are used in many religions, such as Catholicism, Judaism, and Wicca. Gold is used in Christianity to symbolize the divine realm. The Cinzel typeface, which has its origins in ancient Roman writings, enhances the Christian tone of this logo with its reference to the home of Catholicism — an inspiring, Christian-themed brand message.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

The mandala is an iconic artwork in the Buddhist religion and is used as a meditation tool to reach spiritual enlightenment. The El Messiri typeface continues the Asian theme with letters that appear to be elegantly written by a bamboo pen, while dark blue invites clients to reflect on the mandala in your logo and gain wisdom and self-awareness.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

The geometric Sen typeface brings a sensible, yet friendly style to your brand and hints at a personal touch in your business dealings. Golden orange conveys positivity and a sociable atmosphere, suitable for a community business. This idea is continued with the tree icon, the roots, branches, and leaves — all of which symbolize community.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

Tones of red hint at a Christian theme, symbolizing sacrifice, Pentecost, and the Holy Spirit. This theme is continued through the icon of bread, which is used in many Christian religious ceremonies to represent the last supper. Meanwhile, the Arvo typeface stands out with its strong geometric features and optimizes the logo for online use.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

The Pattaya typeface brings an appealing casual, friendly atmosphere that will attract potential customers. The fish is a classic symbol of Christianity and was used in the past to identify Christians to each other when they were in hiding. The use of green highlights nature and well-being, emphasizing the varied religions inspiring this logo.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

This logo is inspired by nature-based religions, such as Hinduism and paganism, including Wicca. This inspiration can be seen clearly in the lightning bolt, a strong symbol of power and illumination, while the bright red color conveys fire and the vitality of the animal kingdom. The slanted Exo typeface complements the dynamic lightning flash.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

A yellow-green color palette gives this design a natural feel, complementing the idea of doing yoga and gaining harmony. One can see this harmony in the balance of the yoga tree pose rooted in this logo, while the Tibetan-influenced Jomolhari typeface, created for publishing Buddhist texts, complements the sense of harmony this logo exudes.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

The classic Cinzel typeface combines ancient writing styles with contemporary trends to create a unique, stylish logo design. The near-black color complements the modern design aesthetic, while the touch of green brings a sense of tranquility and harmony to the brand. The sun and feather bring the design back to the animal and natural worlds.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

The red-brown tones of sienna symbolize stability, reliability, and comfort, drawing customers to your brand. The dome icon resembles the Taj Mahal, a symbol of the spiritual journey and ascension to paradise. Meanwhile, the well-balanced and structured Pirata One typeface optimizes this design for online branding and marketing.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

This mandala-inspired design creates a peaceful atmosphere that encourages the sense of harmony and balance achieved through yoga. The point of the icon leads the eye to the Philosopher typeface, which complements the idea of introspection, thought, and meditation. Tones of blue convey a sense of the wisdom gained through this business.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

Candles are used often in many religions, and the flame in a shape of a leaf suggests a nature-based religion, such as Wicca, where candles are used in candle magic. Red-orange is a vibrant, earthy color that symbolizes health and vitality. The sweeping curves of the Playball typeface contrast the static icon with an athletic vibe.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

The Averia Serif Libre typeface has a vintage mechanical look, as if written by a typewriter, giving this design a traditional aesthetic. A piece of flatbread may be a reference to the bread used in Christian communion rites, while the golden tone reflects the color of perfectly ripened wheat waving in sunny fields, adding a natural air.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

Sea green is a calming color that conveys a brand message of luck and revitalization. The Tibetan script-style of the Jomolhari typeface brings that spiritual tone to the design that is complemented by the image of hands cradling what could be a person, adding a sense of care and compassion to the design that would suit any religion.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

The sun rising behind the young shoot brings a sense of hope for new beginnings as well as spiritual enlightenment. Yellow-green is a good fit for this theme, strengthening the natural appearance and adding a happy aesthetic to the design. The rounded Ubuntu typeface is open and welcoming, telling all customers they are welcome at your business.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

The tree of life is a powerful symbol of Judaism, representing divinity and man's spiritual path of ascent. The use of green reinforces this spiritual message by symbolizing growth, peace, and tranquility. Meanwhile, the Asap typeface, which has been optimized for screen use, ensures your logo will be clear and legible across all marketing media.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

The unique appearance of the Bree Serif typeface adds a charming character that will attract passersby. It is complemented by dark pink, showing the love and compassion that is the hallmark of religion. The hand holding the candle could be a symbolic reference to religion — being the guiding light to bring people out of the dark.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

An earthy brown color palette creates an atmosphere of warmth and security, exactly what a religion can make people feel. Loaves of bread hint at the idea of communion with your religious family and community. Meanwhile, the Anton typeface, optimized for screens, ensures your logo will look good when used in any advertising medium.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

In Islam, the crescent moon represents guidance through life, making this a great image for a counseling business that is inspired by the Islamic tradition. The traditional Cinzel typeface gives this business a sense of establishment and trustworthiness, while the sea green color palette provides a calm base that gives people hope.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

Bright orange looks great in a logo, drawing the eye to your design and creating an atmosphere of adventure, excitement, and community. The clean look of the Miriam Libre typeface gives the logo a modern style that is on trend and will ensure your logo lasts. The lotus flower seems to suggest an esoteric inspiration and conveying positivity.

Religious logo for a business called Spiritual. Edit

The figure in a yoga pose conveys an esoteric hope for inner peace and enlightenment, an idea strengthened by the addition of the sun. The green color palette adds to the harmony, peace, and tranquility of the design, while also complementing the natural aura. The curvy El Messiri typeface, resembling bamboo pen writing, enhances the esoteric vibe.

Spiritual Logos

20 sublime logo ideas for your spiritual business.


How do I make a logo for a religion?

  1. Think about the type of image and message you want to convey.
  2. Do some research and take inspiration from existing religious logos.
  3. Identify which colors, fonts, and icons best represent your religion.
  4. Experiment with a logo generator to create the right design for your brand.
  5. Share your top designs with potential customers and ask for their honest feedback.
  6. Choose the best logo.

Where can I find religious logo images?

Take a look at our list of religious logo ideas for inspiration. You can also use Zarla's logo maker, which is totally free.

How do I come up with religious logo ideas?

When designing a logo based on religion, it's common to feel a bit lost since there are multiple religious doctrines that can inspire us. From the most traditional ones such as Christianity or Buddhism, to astrology or esotericism, you can choose the one that best suits your business and research the top symbols and colors used to represent that religion.

Where can I download religious logos for free?

You can create, edit, and download free religious logos with Zarla. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or use our logo maker to get started.

Where can I find religious logos with names?

Use NameSnack, a free AI-based business name generator, to come up with a suitable business name for your religious business. Once you have a great name, use Zarla's free logo maker to design the perfect logo.

Should my religious logo be in PNG format?

A logo in PNG format is perfect for branding as it can be downloaded with a transparent background.

Are there any religious logo idea templates I can use?

Yes, Zarla's logo maker provides a variety of logo templates that can be customized and downloaded for free. We have created a collection of religious logo ideas using these templates for you to browse.

What are some unique religious logo ideas?

Your religious logo will depend on the religion you are inspired by. Images such as fish, bread, crosses, and light will work well for Christian religions, while nature imagery would work best for an esoteric religion. Suitable color palettes can also be found within the religious doctrine of your choice, while typefaces should match the basic idea.

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