How do I make a restaurant website from scratch?

If you have no design experience, you can use a website builder like Zarla to design your site for you. Zarla's AI website builder will design your restaurant site and write content for you in less than a minute. You can then customize the site by creating a free account and, when you are happy with your design, you can launch your site for a small monthly fee. Zarla will then host your site and our team of experts will help with any other changes and updates to the site.

Where can I see the best restaurant website examples?

We have curated a collection of nine restaurant websites with an overview of the designs for you to browse and use as inspiration when designing your restaurant website.

What is a restaurant website?

A restaurant website acts as a digital storefront to tell visitors to the site about the restaurant, allow them to make reservations or bookings, view the menu, and find information about events or large bookings.

What should be on the home page of a restaurant website?

Your home page should entice customers to visit your restaurant by providing a simple overview of your brand story, food, team, and philosophy. You should also have your contact information, a reservation link, and a link to your menu.

Which website builder is best for a restaurant?

When choosing a website builder for a restaurant site, you should look for a content management system (CMS) that suits your needs and pre-made templates that you can customize without any coding knowledge. Also try to find a builder that will incorporate reservation software on your site.

Are there any restaurant website templates?

Yes, many website builders offer templates that you can use when designing your restaurant website. Take a look at Zarla's AI website builder as an example.

What should my restaurant website design include?

  • The restaurant's story, history, philosophy, and team information.
  • Information about the type of food served.
  • The menu.
  • Reservation software.
  • Clear contact information.
  • Your restaurant's location.
  • Enticing images of the food and location.
  • Customer reviews and any awards received.

What features should a good restaurant website have?

Your website should include the basic information of menus, contact information, and reservation software, but also consider adding online ordering, photo galleries, and perhaps online ordering.

Should I have an FAQ page on my restaurant website?

An FAQ page is a useful resource to answer common customer queries, making it easier for them to find answers and engage with your brand.

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