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Retail logo for a business called Easy Store. Edit

The icon of a shopping cart with stripes suggests that your business values speed and efficiency — great traits for an online retail store to convey. The sea green color conveys a feeling of style, hinting that your products are on-trend. The neat Lato typeface complements the icon's shape.

Retail logo for a business called Easy Store. Edit

This design's minimalistic linework lets customers know that your tech store takes a no-frills approach to business. The pop of orange symbolizes vibrancy, while the black color hints at your brand's modern aesthetic. The clean lines of the Sansation typeface add a friendly appeal to the logo.

Retail logo for a business called Easy Store. Edit

This powerful logo uses a black backdrop to evoke a sense of authority, highlighting the authenticity of your food business or restaurant. The orange accents are a dynamic addition to the design and enhances the icon's curved linework. The narrow Antonio typeface reinforces the logo's modern look.

Retail logo for a business called Easy Store. Edit

The icon of a baby sun has a delightful appearance and conveys a feeling of joy, which is reflected in the logo's bright pink and purple color palette. The whimsical letterforms of the Chewy typeface enhance the design's youthful appeal, indicating a friendly children's toy shop or clothing store.

Retail logo for a business called Easy Store. Edit

This fashion-forward design uses a dark purple color to symbolize regality and mystery, creating an intriguing image that will entice customers to learn more about your luxury fashion brand. The grungy icon pairs well with the retro-inspired Monoton typeface, which will display beautifully online.

Retail logo for a business called Easy Store. Edit

If your grocery store or health brand sells a wide variety of fresh produce, this logo will capture your brand. The green and red color palette symbolizes warmth and freshness, hinting that you sell spicy, organic goods. The casual look of the Delius typeface adds an easy-going appeal to the design.

Retail logo for a business called Easy Store. Edit

This trendy logo is well-suited to a hipster shoe or fashion brand with a minimalistic aesthetic. The icon showcases the wide range of fashionable items you have on sale, while the gray color hints at power and elegance. The design is tied together by the refined characters of the Poppins typeface.

Retail logo for a business called Easy Store. Edit

The lotus flower is a traditional symbol of renewal, suggesting a retail business that provides rejuvenating products or services, such as a spa or a skincare brand. The shades of red give the logo a stylish look, while the sharp terminals of the Philosopher typeface offset the icon's organic shape.

Retail logo for a business called Easy Store. Edit

The icon's flowing linework is tasteful, accentuating the curved details of the Parisienne typeface. The design's dark background creates an image of mystery and beauty, hinting that your hair business is all about elegance. The pop of pink is chic and will appeal to a youthful audience.

Retail logo for a business called Easy Store. Edit

The impressive button and needle icon is indicative of a clothing, tailoring, or fabric business. The blue color symbolizes authenticity and highlights your brand's affinity for high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The stately Cardo typeface accentuates the logo's professional look.

Shopping Logos

10 fun logo suggestions for your shopping business.


A good retail logo typically consists of an icon that depicts the goods or services the business offers, such as fresh produce, clothing, or accessories. It also has an eye-catching typeface, such as Cardo or Poppins, to help the business name stand out. It's usually rounded off by a suitable color scheme that conveys the business's aesthetic.

  1. Think about what makes your retail business unique. Is it your aesthetics, products, or audience?
  2. Research existing logos from your industry to see which colors, icons, and fonts work well.
  3. Use a logo maker to produce some unique logo ideas.
  4. Experiment with the different design elements.
  5. Pick your favorite logo and download it.

Where can I find good retail business logos?

You can take a look at our collection of retail logos to spark your imagination. Alternatively, use Zarla to design and download a good retail logo for free.

What are some retail logo ideas?

Depending on the type of retail business you have, you'll want to ensure your logo captures the essence of your brand with a unique icon, color scheme, and font. For a playful look, use shades of pink and a typeface like Monoton to convey a sense of fun. For a more powerful design, opt for a large icon and strong typeface, such as Sen.

Where can I download a retail store logo design?

You can use Zarla to create, edit, and download a retail store logo design for free. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or go to our home page.

Where can I find an online retail logo in PNG format?

Using Zarla, you can design and download an online retail logo in PNG format for free. PNG logos are great for branding because they support transparent backgrounds.

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