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Scooter logo for a business called Pro Wheels. Edit

The vivid orange and red color palette conveys warmth, excitement, and adventure, complementing the idea of renting a scooter for adventure trails and tours. The rounded frame in the icon hints at all-inclusive services and complements the warm aesthetic by resembling the sun. The rounded Rubik typeface enhances the bright, friendly characteristic.

Scooter logo for a business called Pro Wheels. Edit

This design is a great example of symmetry, with the two scooters facing each other creating a visually pleasing aesthetic. The techno style of the Exo typeface conveys a futuristic character that complements the stark, simple design of the icon, while the dark color palette enhances the modern minimalism and clean look of this logo.

Scooter logo for a business called Pro Wheels. Edit

The contemporary Monda typeface optimizes any logo for online advertising and across social media platforms, drawing attention to the brand name. Bright green indicates hope for the growth and health of your business while suggesting a tour through nature on scooters. Meanwhile, the scooter has a strong presence, highlighting the focus.

Scooter logo for a business called Pro Wheels. Edit

Bright red draws attention to the brand, creating a sense of urgency in customers to act now and buy or rent your scooters. The figure propelling themself along on a scooter suggests affection for tradition and the skill involved in riding a scooter, while the strong Barlow Semi Condensed typeface conveys brand professionalism.

Scooter logo for a business called Pro Wheels. Edit

The wings on either side of the scooter as seen from the front create an emblem design that adds a sense of tradition and professionalism to your brand. Cyan and green offer a soothing color palette of tranquil energy and vibrant growth, while the Play typeface complements the seriousness of the icon while still highlighting a friendly aesthetic.

Scooter logo for a business called Pro Wheels. Edit

The Ubuntu typeface encourages all customers to feel welcome and invited by your business, creating a friendly aesthetic. Dark cyan brings a lively and youthful energy to the design that, when combined with the icon of a motor scooter out for delivery, suggests a business that sells scooters specifically for the food delivery business.

Scooter logo for a business called Pro Wheels. Edit

The combination of purple and orange in this color palette suggests creativity, energy, and excitement — a great color palette for an adventure brand. The clean lines of the scooter add a modern, minimalist style to the logo that will stand the test of time, while the friendly Baloo Bhai 2 typeface works well with the bright color palette.

Scooter logo for a business called Pro Wheels. Edit

Bright red draws attention to your brand, helping it to stand out from the competition. The addition of orange enhances the vibrancy of the design with energy and excitement, while the sleek letters of the Aleo typeface create a contemporary brand aesthetic. The clean lines of the scooter complement this style and convey a modern brand.

Scooter logo for a business called Pro Wheels. Edit

Cyan offers a bright, youthful energy to your brand message, creating a family-friendly atmosphere. The urban scene behind the scooter suggests your business functions within the city limits, perhaps a city tour on scooters. meanwhile, the rounded Sen typeface adds a friendly yet sensible characteristic that will reassure parents.

Scooter logo for a business called Pro Wheels. Edit

A strong geometric design provides a stable base for this logo that suggests your business takes the safety and security of your customers seriously. The dark grayish-brown color palette enhances this idea, while the urban style of the Montserrat typeface is unique and highlights the dedication and care of your scooter business.

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How do I come up with a scooter logo design?

  1. Review your business plan and brand message for design ideas.
  2. Research your top competitors' designs for inspiration.
  3. Use a logo maker to come up with some design options.
  4. Show your designs to friends and family and ask for feedback.
  5. Use the feedback to tweak the top-ranked design and download it.

Where can I download funny scooter logos?

You can create, edit, and download funny scooter logos for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by going to our logo maker.

How do I design a scooter logo sticker?

Use Zarla's logo maker to design and download a scooter logo in PNG format. The PNG format can be downloaded with a transparent background so that it's easier to print your logo on a sticker.

Where can I find ideas for stunt scooter logos?

  • Review your business plan.
  • Consider why you're starting your business.
  • Ask potential customers for feedback.
  • Hold a design competition and ask potential customers to design a stunt icon.
  • Research your top competitors' logos for inspiration.
  • Research color theory and see how you can convey your brand message.

What are some good scooter logo images?

  • A foot-propelled or motor scooter.
  • A person riding a scooter.
  • A helmet.
  • Places where your scooter tours happen.
  • A mascot.

Why should my scooter logo be in PNG format?

Logos in PNG format are ideal for branding because they can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds, which means they can be used on any surface and any promotional item.

Is there a scooter logo font?

Yes, there are a number of scooter-related typefaces that you can buy or download, including Sketter, Scooter Experiment, KR Skooter, Stuntman, and Scooter.

Where can I get a scooter logo idea for free?

Zarla offers an AI-powered logo maker that generates logo templates that can be customized and downloaded for free.

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