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Supper club logo for a business called Bella de Rosa. Edit

A golden orange tone gives this design a warm glow, conveying the sociability and the quality of your supper club. The mandala-style frame on the icon adds an elegant air, suiting the fine dining experience of the industry, while the retro Libre Franklin typeface adds to the sophisticated aesthetic and hints at the tradition behind your business.

Supper club logo for a business called Bella de Rosa. Edit

The leaves growing along the fork in this icon hint at a vegan or vegetarian supper club, an idea that is enhanced by the green color palette, which symbolizes nature and sustainability, bringing a fresh aesthetic to your brand. Meanwhile, the open and well-balanced letters of the Hind Madurai typeface convey a friendly welcome to all customers.

Supper club logo for a business called Bella de Rosa. Edit

The Montserrat typeface brings an urban flair to this design that suggests elegance and sophistication — perfect for a supper club. Tones of orange convey a sense of sociability and adventure, hinting that your offerings are an adventure for the taste buds. The glass of wine enhances the social vibe of the design, while the top shape hints at food.

Supper club logo for a business called Bella de Rosa. Edit

Yellow-orange glows against the dark background, creating an inviting atmosphere with an elegant flair. The stars above the icon hint at a business focused on delivering high-quality food — think three Michelin starred — while the beautiful white Marcellus SC typeface looks clear and elegant both in print and in online advertising.

Supper club logo for a business called Bella de Rosa. Edit

A warm reddish-brown color palette creates a contemporary aesthetic and conveys stability and security, ensuring customers that you take your service very seriously. The tuxedoed waiter highlights the idea of fine dining and quality food, while the geometric Poppins typeface emphasizes the stability of the design and indicates an open welcome.

Supper club logo for a business called Bella de Rosa. Edit

Vivid orange stands out, drawing attention to your brand and conveying the sociability of your supper club. It is complemented by the bouncy Baloo Bhai 2 typeface, which brings a warm sense of friendliness and affability to your logo design. Meanwhile, the four blocks in the icon create visual interest and convey your business's focus on seafood.

Supper club logo for a business called Bella de Rosa. Edit

The cutlery perched within the crescent moon creates the perfect icon for a supper club, referencing both the food and the dinner hour. The slightly rounded corners of the Rubik typeface complement the curve of the moon and suggest a variety of offerings with friendly service. Meanwhile, the peach tone is comforting and encourages conversation.

Supper club logo for a business called Bella de Rosa. Edit

The vintage Original Surfer typeface creates a vibrant, energetic aesthetic that evokes the fun of a summer holiday. It is complemented by the warm color palette, with yellow-orange symbolizing happiness and excitement, and vibrant pink hints that customers will love your food. Steam trailing from a coffee cup creates an inviting air.

Supper club logo for a business called Bella de Rosa. Edit

The vibrant colors of this logo will ensure your brand stands out from the competition and will draw everyone's notice to your business. The guitar in the icon suggests a supper club that offers live music — a definite draw. Meanwhile, the Alfa Slab One typeface brings a contemporary style to the logo that will shine on any promotional item.

Supper club logo for a business called Bella de Rosa. Edit

When you have a good typeface, your logo can shine without an icon. The casual Pacifico typeface flows across the logo, bringing to mind evenings spent chatting with friends and enjoying good food and drinks. Dark blue is an unusual choice for the food industry, and so will help your brand stand out. It adds elegance and style to your design.

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How do I create funny supper club logos?

  1. Think about the theme of your business and your target audience.
  2. Get inspired by existing supper club logos.
  3. Choose colors and typefaces that fit your brand.
  4. Consider different icons that offer a humorous angle.
  5. Use a logo maker to create unique designs.
  6. Show your favorite designs to your inner circle and ask for feedback.
  7. Tweak the top-ranked logo according the the feedback and download it..

Where can I get a supper club logo idea for free?

You can create, edit, and download supper club logos for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" below one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

What are old supper club logos?

You may choose to give your supper club logo a retro or vintage vibe to attract a certain style of clientele. Try warm colors, such as browns and dark oranges for a worn look, combined with an emblem or woodcarving style logo and an elegant handwritten typeface, such as Cookie to fit the old-school aesthetic.

What are some good supper club logo images?

Your supper club logo icon should reflect the style and focus of your business. Consider your business plan and what makes you unique: maybe you offer live music or specialize in a specific type of food. You may also choose to highlight the social aspect of a supper club with an icon of people, alcohol, or coffee.

Where can I find a supper club logo template?

Zarla offers a free, AI-powered logo maker that generates hundreds of logo templates in seconds from just a few input keywords. Each template is customizable and can be downloaded for free.

Where can I find simple supper club logo ideas?

  • Your business plan or brand message.
  • The style of your club.
  • The focus of your menu.
  • A unique draw.
  • Color theory.
  • Polling your potential customers.

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