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Tool logo for a business called Toolz Etc. Edit

Yellow is a vibrant hue that promotes caution and innovation, both of which are attributes you'll need if you want to be a competent handyman. The predominance of nails and hammers emphasizes your carpentry skills. The large letters of the Libre Franklin typeface help anchor the design.

Tool logo for a business called Toolz Etc. Edit

The tools inside of a housing structure evoke images of a well-stocked tool shed, promising customers that they'll be spoiled for choice when they visit your store. The green tone is versatile and reliable, fostering trust in your brand. Ceviche One is a quirky typeface that adds a touch of humor.

Tool logo for a business called Toolz Etc. Edit

This intriguing logo, which skillfully uses the illusion of a spotlight to promote your vast range of tools, puts modernism front and center. Black and white are modest colors that convey power and style. The futuristic appearance of the logo is enhanced by the technology-styled Audiowide typeface.

Tool logo for a business called Toolz Etc. Edit

Because tools come in many forms and sizes, this adaptable icon is ideal for a company that wishes to communicate diversity. The contrasting blue shades give the logo a dynamic edge that underlines its modern appeal. The slanted lettering of the Exo typeface is both contemporary and readable.

Tool logo for a business called Toolz Etc. Edit

If your product line focuses on forestry tools, this logo can be a good fit. The saw and axe in a circle add balance while still emphasizing your products. Red and blue denote strength and reliability, while the Finger Paint typeface is cleverly designed to look like letters carved in wood.

Tool logo for a business called Toolz Etc. Edit

The charm of this logo stems from its rich color scheme and large icon, which depicts a housing structure to highlight your home repair services. With its undertones of yellow and orange, the Gamboge tone catches the eye and spurs creativity. In white, the Proza Libre typeface is chic and modest.

Tool logo for a business called Toolz Etc. Edit

The wrench clutching the tablet is a visually appealing icon that can help you attract your target market faster. Perfect for a repair shop, the orange tone, which fosters ingenuity and optimism, emphasizes the icon's prominence. The Staatlitches typeface adds a dynamic edge with its spaced letters.

Tool logo for a business called Toolz Etc. Edit

A classically masculine logo symbolizing the toughness and longevity of good tools. The hand gripping the wrench is a compelling icon that conveys strength and authenticity, themes mirrored in the blue monochromatic color scheme. The logo is grounded by the thick stems of the DM Serif Text typeface.

Tool logo for a business called Toolz Etc. Edit

While the intriguing icon's prominence will make it stand out on promotional goods, the color red attracts attention and instills confidence. The dark backdrop contrasts wonderfully with the white Monda typeface, which was designed for desktop PCs, making it ideal for a computer repair service logo.

Tool logo for a business called Toolz Etc. Edit

Because a toolbox is a handyman's most valued item, its design is the ideal icon for a maintenance company. The toolbox's contrasting tones attract attention while accentuating the various tools, which promote adaptability and diversity. The KoHo typeface's curved characters add some originality.

Handyman Logos

10 fantastic logo recommendations for your handyman business.


Where can I find some great hand tool logos?

You can use Zarla to create free logos that feature hand tools. To help inspire ideas, browse through our comprehensive list of tool logo examples or navigate to our home page to start from scratch.

What are good tool logo images?

Depending on the message you wish to convey, tool logo images could be straightforward or descriptive. A simple icon of a wrench or hammer, for example, is an easily identifiable image that indicates authenticity and knowledge, whereas a range of tools communicates to consumers that you're proficient in a number of handyman or construction services.

Where can I find tool rental logos in PNG format?

You can create, edit, and download logos in PNG format with Zarla for free. To get started, simply click on "Edit" beneath our examples of PNG tool logos, or use our logo maker to design a logo of your own. Once you've created a logo, Zarla will automatically download the logo in PNG format.

What are some famous tool brand logos?

  • Makita.
  • Craftsman.
  • Positec.
  • Dremel.
  • Husky.
  • Porter Cable.
  • Irwin Tools.
  • DeWALT.

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